Rush Limbaugh blasts Intuit: Why doesn’t Quicken work in Mac OS X Lion?

As is his wont, Mac-, iPhone-, and iPad-user Rush Limbaugh addressed an Apple Mac-related issue on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations.

Limbaugh said:

I had one computer left to upgrade to OS X Lion. So I did that, and… (interruption) What? I didn’t say that, that’s true. If you’re still using that stuff you deserve to have it wiped out. Like, for example, I use Quicken, which was made for Power PC chip, and the Quicken I have is from 2007. It doesn’t work anymore. You know, in previous versions of OS X they had this program called Rosetta that would translate Power PC programs up to these Intel chips, but they stopped doing that. This is it. Now, I knew in advance that it wasn’t gonna work so I’ve got Quicken on a separate computer that I’m [not] upgrading to Lion. That’s how I handled it. (interruption) Snerdley, are you still using Word Perfect as a…? Well, good. If you’re using stuff from 2004, it deserves to be wiped out! You need to upgrade.

I just got a note that some people say that there’s a program out there, if you use Quicken 2007 on your Mac. Of course, it won’t work with Lion, and Quicken’s not gonna fix it. They’ve got an upgrade called the Quicken Essentials but it’s not any good. The Quicken CEO’s on the Apple board. This makes no sense, but I’m not gonna upgrade so you gotta keep an old computer around at System 10.6 whatever to use Quicken. And they say, “Well, there’s a new app out there called iBank,” which I tried. I exported all my Quicken stuff to iBank and I imported it. The problem is that none of the memorized transactions arrived. Quicken’s got a lot, and the reporting — prepare a tax summary or whatever — that’s not nearly as good, and therefore not useful for me.

But I don’t want to run down iBank. I mean, if you just need a checkbook — write checks, keep track of stuff — you can do that, but if you use Quicken to really keep track everything tax-wise, iBank, I hadn’t found a way to make it work. For example, in Quicken when you’re writing a check, you gotta write a check to American Express, you type in a-m, it all fills in. You type a-m, it all fills — it’s a memorized transaction, all the addresses and so forth, and if there are multiple, you scroll through the, hit what you want. None of that transferred in the import, and then there are schedule transactions, every month certain bills get paid, income. That didn’t import.

So it’s got a great interface, and it does print checks and all that kind of stuff but — I tried it. Tried it. I’m not trying to run it down. It doesn’t do everything Quicken does — it kind of ticks me off here that I gotta keep a computer on the old system just to use Quicken. This Intuit people, you know, they’re one of these outfits that cares about Windows and Apple or Mac, but they’re on the Apple board.


MacDailyNews Note: Limbaugh is likely referring to Bill Campbell, Chairman of Apple’s Board of Directors, who previously served as Intuit’s president and CEO from 1994 to 1998 and as CEO from September 1999 until January 2000 and who obviously has zero pull with Intuit now or the lazy, incompetent bastages likely wouldn’t be screwing Quicken for Mac users today.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. and to add to MDN’s take.
      Rush is NOT the only one bashing Campbell. He was CEO at Intuit when they QUIT making stuff for the Mac…. and now he sits on Apple’s board.

  1. before the bash Rush crap starts….

    Intuit REALLY needs to make quicken/quickbooks for the Mac better. And quit tossing Mac to the trash.

    My mother uses Quickbooks for her business, we called Intuit to look into switching to the Mac version. cost for the licenses etc.

    the guy responded with “why?”

    not, helping a customer out… but questioning why the customer wants to switch to Mac from winblows.

    1. There are alternatives out there, MoneyDance, iBank and my choice See Finance. If you trade equities you’ll probably want to have a look at See Finance.

      Next time tax season rolls around, I’m gonna try Tax Cut first before trying another Intuit product.

  2. Rush is right on this one; while I appreciate having TurboTax for the mac, their half-assed implementation of Quicken on the mac, now abandoned, has always been a disappointment. I gave up Quicken some time ago due to the short-sheeting of features for the mac releases.

    This message applies to all software makers – ignore the mac, the biggest growing computing sector, at your own peril.

  3. Have to agree with Rush… this Quicken thing is extremely frustrating and makes no sense. I’ve been a Quicken user for almost 25 years… will likely give MoneyDance a try.

  4. Intuit has never been interested in maintaining a decent comparable Mac version of Quicken or Quickbooks. Seems to me whenever time get lean they rush out half baked versions of the tools and claim to be Mac developers. I hope people leave Quicken this time and never come back.

    Has anyone looked at MYOB/Account Edge as opposed to Quicken?

    1. @Thelonius Mac

      Yes. I ran my company on MYOB for a couple of years. But, made the switch back to Quickbooks because our accountant did not use MYOB. The problem is that every accountant is knowledgeable about Quickbooks and really nothing else. Also, Quickbooks has the Accountant Review Copy. I’m not sure if that is the correct name. But, it allows you to freeze your entries (i.e. you cannot make any changes to them…but you can see them for reference) through a specified date, send the info up to that date to your accountant for review and changes. When they send their corrected copy back, you simply upload it and any corrections are now included in your working version. The last time I looked, MYOB did not have this feature which is a show stopper for me. Other than those two issues (which are huge in my opinion), MYOB is actually a better program. The flexibility and features are excellent.

      1. MYOB has undergone a few transformations in the last couple of years and is now a better product. The company is now named Acclivity, and the main product is now known as AccountEdge. Recent changes to the product include minor interface tweaks that make subtle improvements to ease of use. The best changes, though, have been to support, which is now excellent. Support plans are now reasonably priced and include product upgrades and tax table updates, phone support has been excellent, and even email inquiries have been answered within a few hours.

        FYI, Acclivity does provide a free copy of Account Edge to your CPA at your request. I know you can freeze entries prior to a set date. I’m not sure how integrating one’s CPA’s changes works, as I’ve always just done it myself. If this is a “show stopper”, you might ask Acclivity about it – it may be implemented now.

        I’ve been using AccountEdge for my small business for two years now, and I’m pleased with it. It’s always been reliable, and now with great support, I don’t have to pay my ex-accountant $150/hour for answers to simple questions.

    2. I agree. Intuit never kept up on the Mac side in the last 15 or so years.

      MYOB (now AccountEdge) is an excellent system, and provides a full audit trail, but it’s more of an accounting system for a business, and a much better choice than QuickBooks, rather than a replacement for Quicken.

      I wish AccountEdge would write a Quicken-like program for the individual. They’d clean up.

  5. Though I might not agree with him all the time, I do enjoy listening to his radio show. It’s very entertaining. And now that I know he’s a Mac user it makes it that much better!

  6. Tried MoneyDance, it couldn’t deal with my Schwab portfolio. So, I have moved Quicken 2006 onto a G4 powerbook I had in the closet and will have to use this until Quicken, iBank or Moneydance offers an improved version or a version that will run on 10.7. iBank provides pretty limited funcationality for $60, but seems more stable than MoneyDance. For day to day accounts, I’m running Quicken and iBank in parallel until the end of the iBank trial period, then I’ll decide whether to keep going with iBank on my main machine and a seldom used Quicken version on the old laptop.

  7. This is just more fallout from Apple’s ill considered abandonment of Rosetta. It’s not just Quicken, but thousands of dollars worth of applications that are broken by this not to mention applications like Deck which sadly, have no prospect of ever being updated

    1. This isn’t a Rosetta issue really..

      Intuit abandoned apple before, and they are doing it again.
      You can blame the lack of Rosetta on this, but intuit is the ones being the anti-apple here.

      Maybe rush calling them out will spark some more calls to intuit. Can’t hurt…

    2. Rosetta was a hack to get legacy PPC code to run on Intel Macs, back in 2005. It’s 2011 now. Time to let the legacy stuff go. It’s not like Intuit hasn’t known for six years that this day was coming. If they can’t produce an updated product in six years, what good are they? Seriously. Even Adobe isn’t quite that bad.

    3. Try to get yourself an education. Apple announce YEARS AGO that Rosetta was only a temporary solution giving them developers years to upgrade their products to the new systems. This is purely Intuit’s fault. They are LAME and don’t deserve any of your money.

    1. Oh Ted, STOP it!!!

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      Joe the Plumber

      1. So, you’re saying Bill Clinton is a “right wing wacko” now?

        You lost any credibility when you got partisan. Calling people “wacko” takes the cake.

        It is no wonder evil men run america, all they have to do is blame it on the other guys!

        1. Are you saying Bill Clinton is gay? Because that is what Ted’s Lover was talking about, the GAY scandals. Try reading sometimes, it helps with comprehension.
          Oh, and Mr. HIV+, same goes for you.

  8. Rush Limbaugh can certainly keep one of his Macs on 10.6.8, so that he has Rosetta to use with Quicken.

    In fact, I came up with a very workable system (at least for me). I have an old Power Mac G5. It is now handling various tasks on my home network… It has a 2TB hard drive in the second bay, and it acts as file server “data dump.” It is connected to the HDTV in the living room, and I watch Internet content on the big screen (using my iPhone as remote control). I have it connected to the audio system (for input and output); I use iTunes to play music and I also record analog music recordings (vinyl and tape), to digitize using GarageBand.

    Now it has new task. I’ve installed all PowerPC apps that I (and other members of household) still want to use. By using the built-in Screen Sharing (Remote Access) feature, I can make the Power Mac G5’s screen come up as a window on my Intel iMac’s screen (now running Lion). The network connection is fast, and the Power Mac G5 is still decently fast, so it works very smoothly. And best of all, the old PowerPC app is running natively on the Power Mac G5, not using Rosetta. The only drawback is sound; there is no sound over the network connection. But something like Quicken does not need sound.

    I’m thinking about downgrading it from Leopard to Tiger. Screen Sharing should still work, and I will then be able to put even older Mac OS 9 apps on it, and run them using Classic mode. Then, it will be the ultimate “legacy” machine. 🙂

    1. I have a couple old machines (that I hacked to run Leopard) that I’m now considering taking back to Tiger for the same reason. Every once and a while I run across a file that will only open/run in OS9.

      It’s not that I enjoy OS9… It’s just sometimes useful.

    1. You do have proof of him being a “bigot” and I’m not talking about blog trash or NYT trash that how does the leftist wackos say, ‘don’t get the facts straight!’

        1. Hey morons…. research ‘Barack the Magic Negro’. Limbaugh is noting more than a modern-day snake oil salesman who preys on the ignorant and those who fail to FACT CHECK.

          1. You sir are the moron.

            Go ahead research the “song”

            Read the lyrics….. Oh wait, the part that says “the la times called him that”

            He didn’t write the song, Paul shanklin did.
            The lyrics are PULLED from the la times story that was written about Obama. There is only a few lines in the song that shanklin actually wrote..

            But that don’t matter to you. Facts be damned.

            Here ya go, I did your work for you.

            Note the date, it predates the shanklin tune.

            Yet another un informed rush basher.

            1. Maybe they are referring to the hysteria over Rush pointing out that Donovon McNabb was overrated and promoted heavily just because of his skin color. A setiment I agree with. He is not an elite QB. He stinks, chokes frequently and cries like a baby. At any rate, if a white man cannot comment on a black man without being called racist, we are moving backwards. Dialog has two sides..

            2. Oh…. and that makes it okay for the blowhard to play the song over and over again?? Obviously, you don’t know the definition of the word ‘bigot’. No surprise… Limbaugh fans are some of the most misinformed individuals in this country.

            3. @Bill.

              do you know WHY he plays the song?

              it’s NOT attacking Obama or making fun of HIM….

              if you actually HEARD the song, LISTENED to the lyrics…. it makes fun of Al Sharpton, AND the LA TIMES…… NOT Obama……. (You do know it’s Sharpon’s voice that is used for the song, cause at the time Sharpton was BASHING Obama publicly, oh wait… you can’t read or listen to facts..)

              Did you even read the article or did you just see the headline and decide to change your argument to “bigot”

              not very bright are you?

              “A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own”

              Hmmm… you just described yourself…

  9. Hopefully there will be a way to keep using Quicken (and other PowerPC apps), if Apple would allow virtualization of Snow Leopard on a Lion system, via Parallels or Fusion. Right now Apple won’t allow it and therefore Fusion won’t allow it either. If Apple changes their policy we can have our essential PowerPC apps and Lion too.

    Apple, do you hear me?

    1. Why do you need virtualization? Can’t you BootCamp it?

      I use a second Mac Pro drive on Snow Leopard and pay bills every other day or so. Switching drives is not ideal, but tolerable.

      I will joyfully switch SW vendor if I find a non-Intuit program to do the job, but I haven’t yet.

      1. I agree with putting SL on a partition or second drive. That’s what I did for the stuff that would not run on Lion. Happily, there are not many for me. But, for Quicken, all it would take is a reboot into SL. That is not hard. How often do you use Quicken anyway? Even daily would be doable.

        1. Both you and Lochias miss Wingy’s point. Virtualize so you don’t *have* to reboot into SL or Bootcamp.

          I restart my Mac maybe once a month, or when there’s an OS update. It sleeps when I don’t use it, not shut down. To restart into another OS just to enter in numbers for a few minutes is silly.

          1. @mossman

            Looking back at Wingsy, you are right. I jumped ahead.

            On that note, I used Quickbooks using VMWare Fusion for a while. But, there are quirks I ran into with it that made it less than tolerabel for me. Networking with it was a real “strain” and Intuit can’t help you. They do not support virtual OS. So, I was never able to figure out how to do it.

            I also think the point of all of this is to point out the inconsistency in having someone on Apple’s board that is not a friend of Apple. Trying to get a contrarian view maybe? But, Intuit is a lame ass company. I am surprised that no one has really knock them out of the saddle yet. MYOB could do it if they had the ability to port QB to MYOB and they allowed for an Accountant’s Copy of your files. If they had that, I would insist that our accounting firm use MYOB. As it stands, there is too strong of an argument against MYOB.

          2. I took at least one of Wingsy’s points to be:

            “Hopefully there will be a way to keep using Quicken (and other PowerPC apps)”

            Since I have done that, I thought it appropriate to mention it. I agree that BootCamp (or a separate drive or Mac is not an ideal solution — not as good as we had before Lion came out, but, in my case, it does what I need: allow Quicken to pay my bills.

            Actually, a bigger problem may be that Wachovia Bank, in migrating into Wells Fargo, repudiates Wachovia bill payments after August 5. At least with Apple, it has been stated from the beginning that Rosetta was a temporary bridge.

    2. Who cares if Apple allows it or not? I used VirtualBox (free) and used its option to create an OS X Server VM and then installed (the non server edition of ) Leopard on it. Works. I’m assuming Sno Leo would be the same. I could care less if Apple allows it or not.

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