The Register reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Lion: A great OS for Macs with trackpads

“My iMac now runs very happily under OS X Lion,” Alistair Dabbs reports for The Register. “It does not, however, run as well as it does on the MacBook Pro. This operating system was clearly devised with MacBooks in mind, hence all the clever multi-touch Magic Trackpad gestures that don’t work on a – duh! yesterday’s technology! – Magic Mouse.”

“Like many Mac enthusiasts upon discovering this, I considered ordering a £59 Magic Trackpad for my iMac… but of course that’s exactly what Apple wants me to do, so I refuse,” Dabbs reports.

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“OS X Lion is a decent upgrade for Macs but a great one for MacBooks. Everything from FileVault 2 – encrypt everything, not just your home folder – to FaceTime – video chat on the move – screams ‘mobile!’, while sedentary users look on and mutter ‘that’s nice,'” Dabbs reports. “But for £20.99, who’s complaining?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mac OS X Lion is a great OS for all Macs and, unlike the shortsighted and rather truculent Mr. Dabbs, desktop Mac users should seriously consider getting with the program and adding Apple’s US$69 Magic TrackPad to their computing arsenals. Multi-Touch™ is the future and Lion positively roars with trackpads – we can easily imagine that a not-too-distant future version of OS X will likely require one. As with Lion’s scrolling paradigm, you might as well start getting used to it now.

MacDailyNews Note: Scrolling hint: In OS X Lion, imagine a long sheet of paper and, just like in real life, pull it down to see the top, push it up to see the bottom.

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        1. Apple’s trackpad and wireless keyboard are incomplete with out the Bullettrain express.

          Bring the beauty of your MacBook to your iMac or MacPro.

    1. you notice that too?

      Apple changes the scrolling from the past 25-30 years… and MDN bashes ALL that don’t like it.

      I have ALWAYS hated trackpads, until i got my MBP 2 years ago. Thats when i realized that i hated trackpads cause they were super small…

      I love the trackpads, i love my Magic Trackpad with my iMac. (12 south magicbar to connect it to my wireless KB, only way to go)

      But apple F’d up scrolling. one check box, and almost all is well again. Swipe between pages got screwed up.. only works with Safari. Firefox chrome, etc dead. (can’t have 3 finger swipes AND 3 finger drag at same time)
      Install Better Touch tool, and ALL is well in my world again.

      and i can have a per app setting!

      1. EXCEPT that i would have to RELEARN IT EVERY DAY!

        my iMac is NOT the only computer i use.

        So yeah, bash us cause we don’t sit in a dark basement and ONLY touch our own sacred Apples!

        If my iMac/MBP were the ONLY computers i would EVER touch for the rest of my life….. I could *maybe* see your point.

        but I don’t.

        I can’t change the Government computers i touch, i can’t change the personal computers i use/fix.
        I can’t change every Kiosk with a mouse/trackpad out there.

        I can ONLY change mine.

        MDN should just drop the bashing of those that do not like the “change”. remove your “Just get used to it” and replace it with “you CAN change to either way”

        1. Odd, I use three or four different Mac, with different input device including trackpads (MBA and iMac), mice (Magic and Mighty) and trackballs. Oh, and a couple of iOS devices.

          I don’t have to “RELEARN IT [them] EVERY DAY”!

          Time to switch to non-caf perhaps?

          1. @SteveH (for whatever reason MDN’s posts in this article are getting screwed up)

            You FAIL. you didn’t read what i was saying.
            I DO have to RE LEARN it everyday if i were to stay with the Lion way.

            I use OTHER COMPUTERS. my iMac and MBP are 2 of the thousands of computers i have to interact with over a given week/month.

            I would have my Lion way, when at home…. and the rest of the world when i am NOT at home. Hence the relearn everyday part.

            if you never touch anything outside your own personal stuff, fine. change it however you want.

            I can’t change the rest of the world to copy Lion’s backwards ways…
            Open Launchpad and your iPad/iPhone and do the following:
            On launchpad, scroll to the next page of apps.
            On iOS do the same.

            Notice how they are the exact opposite in direction to achieve the same thing? (if you use a mouse instead of the trackpad, it is correct)
            Launchpad: Scroll to the right to see the next page to the right.
            iOS: Scroll to the right to see spotlight….. Left to mimic Launchpad.

        2. And some like ftb just want to complain cause they can.

          Listen up ftb, you don’t like it, we get it…. Stick with the old cause chief your not going to change it.

          Better yet, buy a windows or chrome PC and then you should be happy, by the number of posts you made in this thread, all you want to do is start arguments.

          Get with the program or stay with what you are comfortable with but don’t try to convince those that your way of thinking is the only way to go, you have failed.. It’s called progress.

          You have just proved your ” Trolling ” expertise.

          Good for you, bravo !!

          1. Whic is EXACTLY the point of those that are complaining about the scrolling.

            “Get with the program or stay with what you are comfortable with but don’t try to convince those that your way of thinking is the only way to go”

            Ala MDN’s Takes.

            those that are complaining are saying the same thing, we are GLAD that we can go back to how the REST of the world works. MDN, Apple and certain others are saying NO, Assimilate or die.

        3. So… Why did my comment get moved? (at least it didn’t get deleted this time MDN..)
          this WAS above in MDN’s response to me earlier (yes i took a screenshot)

          Just noticed… they DID delete both their post, and my post.. re posted theirs not in response to me, and moved my comment to be on it’s own. interesting MDN…

          1. MDN’s been removing quite a few innocuous posts lately. For what fucking reason I don’t know. Probably infringed on the Apple cock sucking policy.

    1. Yeah well, I remember when the GUI (Graphical User Interface) arrived for computers back in the 1980s and all the WHINERS who HATED IT and ONLY wanted to use the CLI (Character Line Interface). (0_o)

      Sorry but this is the FUTURE and it’s more USER-FRIENDLY. If you refuse to get used to it, you can still use the CLI if you want to. You can still use a mouse if you want to. 😯

      Sadly, the days of fracking PUNCH CARDS are over, so all you geezerly Luddites will have to do without. 😆

  1. “But for £20.99, who’s complaining?” — you are, Dabbs. You get a great deal on an OS X upgrade and then balk at purchasing a Magic Trackpad to take advantage of it because “…that’s exactly what Apple wants me to do, so I refuse”?!

    That sounds rather idiotic.

    1. Dabbs is the kind of cheapskate who after buying a new house refuses to put in light bulbs because they’re too expensive and besides I can get by on street lighting then complains when he falls down the stairs in the dark.

  2. …but of course that’s exactly what Apple wants me to do, so I refuse,” Dabbs reports.

    And I’m also going to pout, hold my breath and stamp my feet. So there!

  3. I bought a Magic Trackpad right after I upgraded to Lion. I would not go back to the mouse for web surfing or most other things. The mouse is a little more precise for Photoshop and easy enough to turn on when needed.

  4. I really like the trackpad but not for doing complex cutouts in photoshop using bezier curves 🙂 That’s why I’m still using my logitech mouse or wacom tablet. I would love the trackpad to be built into the keyboard though as it is a great thing.

  5. Nobody is mentioning that unless you load Java Runtime yourself (it is no longer automatically done) you can’t open Adobe Creative Suite in Lion? Nobody mentions that Lion won’t open PowerPC software because Rosetta has been dropped?
    Who cares about scrolling when you have to update software!

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