Adobe shutters ‘InMarket’ and ‘AIR Marketplace’ online app stores

Adobe has issued the following press release, verbatim:

Thank you for using Adobe InMarket. After reviewing our efforts and based on feedback from developers, we have decided that we will deliver the most value by helping developers author and publish their apps on multiple platforms. Given this focus, we have decided to discontinue development and support of Adobe InMarket. We are going to continue to provide support for publishing to different app stores through our tooling. The recent Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Professional CS5.5 provide support for publishing to multiple mobile platforms including Android and Apple iOS devices.

Given this shift, we are not accepting any new applications through Adobe InMarket. If you have published applications on Intel AppUp center, Intel should send you login credentials to the Intel AppUp developer program by August 31, 2011. This should let you manage your applications and view data associated with your applications published on Intel AppUp.

After August 31, 2011, you will not be able to login to the Adobe InMarket portal. Please download any analytics before this date including revenue reports you wish to keep for your use as all data associated with InMarket will be inaccessible to you after this date.

Concurrent with this change to InMarket, we are also closing Adobe AIR Marketplace. When we established Adobe AIR Marketplace three years ago, there were few distribution opportunities for AIR developers. There are now several app stores on desktops, mobile devices and tablets that service AIR developers including Apple App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World, Intel AppUp center, Samsung Apps, and Toshiba App Place. We encourage you to use these newer popular app stores to distribute your applications.

As before, Adobe will continue to provide the best technologies and solutions so that developers and publishers can create, distribute and monetize content.

Source: Adobe Systems Incorporated

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  1. “There are now several app stores … that service AIR developers including Apple App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World, Intel AppUp center, Samsung Apps, and Toshiba App Place.”

    Of the 6 “App” stores listed in the preceding paragraph, I count 5 that would not surprise me by soon announcing their own closures.

  2. Adobe is quickly losing it’s user base. The only reason they still have a user base is only because they purchased Macromedia, otherwise, Adobe would have crumbled faster than at the rate it’s happening. I have never seen so much negative sentiment against them, but even users of there software, that have been with them since the late 80’s now are voicing dissatisfaction. Adobe used to care about there customers, now they only care about money. They should take a page from Apple, if you care about your customer, then you don’t really have to worry so much about money.

    1. Actually, all they SHOULD care about is money. All Apple cares about is money. Apple has decided that the best way to get your money is to provide excellent products and superior service … but it’s still all about the money.

      Same goal. Adobe just tries a different method.

  3. As a former adobe employee I understan many problems that many of you speak of. To say they are losing customers is a joke. Let’s not forget the purchase of OMNITURE for 1.8 billion dollars. The recent purchase of Day technologies and several others will solidify them for some time. Omniture’s revenue alone is a billion dollars. They are the dominant force in web and social analytics. There are Many fronts where most of you have no idea .. I left adobe after five years. I am sure to post many more items now and in the future but you guys are the biggest haters I’ve seen. Judging adobe soley on flash is akin to judging IBM on one product. I a willing to bet that most of you can not name half of the Adobe revenue producing products.

  4. I prefer to judge adobe on the cumbersome way CS5 is put together. It has so many stupid sub programs that run all the time and eat your hard drive space and use up processor energy. Why must everything adobe does be bloated?

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