U.S. government approves first tablet for federal workers: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

“Blackberry’s PlayBook electronic tablet has been approved for use in all US federal government agencies, becoming the first tablet to get certified, developer Research in Motion said,” Scott Olson reports for AFP News.

“The Waterloo, Canada-based RIM said its PlayBook, which has an 18-centimeter (seven-inch) high definition screen, received Federal Information Processing Standard certification, which is delivered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology,” Olson reports. “Under the Federal Information Security Management Act, which was passed shortly after the September 11 attacks, all computer tools used by the federal government must meet federal certification standards.”

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Olson reports, “RIM’s most famous product, the Blackberry, is already well-established in the US government. President Barack Obama is a big fan, and uses a version modified to meet his security requirements.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Should the U.S. government and U.S. president be using and therefore tacitly endorsing antiquated and incomplete non-U.S. products especially when such products are obviously inferior to those made by Apple Inc., a U.S. company?

Feeling good about government is like looking on the bright side of any catastrophe. When you quit looking on the bright side, the catastrophe is still there. – P. J. O’Rourke

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  1. “President Barack Obama is a big fan, and uses a version modified to meet his security requirements.”

    So he has one that is probably custom developed to fix the security issues it currently has in the masses… maybe his only connects through a US server and not through Canada… would be pretty stupid to have the presidents phone being routed through another country and then back here…. sounds super safe to me… not

    1. Our current government is not only an embarrassment, but seems to make the wrong decision every time.

      The fact that Blackberry PlayBook got approved is just another example out of hundreds, if not thousands of wrong decisions.

      1. MDN published this for flame bait. The president has an iPad. He’s been photographed carrying it. Others in the administration use them too.

        In addition, it was widely reported last year that the U.S. Army sponsored a contest for iPhone (and Android) apps, which exposes the keening and wailing in this article’s comments as nonsense.

        Example: here’s a link http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/10/tracking-the-bad-guys-yeah-theres-an-app-for-that/ to a Wired story about the military using iPads to display maps.

        1. Just because the president “uses” an iPad, doesn’t mean it’s “approved for federal workers”. He may use it to read news or some non-business purpose. And yes, the Army sponsored a contest. That doesn’t mean the devices are approved and also, that’s a phone and not a tablet which the article is about. The article you link to says the devices were shown at a confab, but not specifically in use by the military yet.

        1. …also by our conservative party. In the end Canadians got screwed.
          Look our dollar is worth more than the US dollar (currently $1.05 and yet I still had to pay 29 bucks for Lion just like everyone else.

    1. Haha. Right. Just because they forgot it at a bar during the testing period, and came back 6 weeks later to find it untouched and intact DOES NOT mean it’s more secure!

    1. FYI: Canadians are “American”, so are folks from Central and South America. If you ever drive across the border into Canada and the border guard asks you your citizenship, do not say, “American”, rather say, “US citizen”; that is, unless you have oodles of time and want them to pick your car to be searched. lol!

      And by the way, to get any product/service “approved” for US Government purchase takes a whole bunch of lawyers and federal regulation know-it-all types to be qualified to jump through the melange of ridiculous hoops to meet the tree trunk tomes of regulations that our tax dollars are used to create. Think Apple will expend energy and time on that bs? Heck, no. RIM did it because they’re desperate and have a whole bunch of people with free time.

      1. I’m from South America and I have no issues calling “American” to the Americans.

        There are the United States of America, the United States of Brasil and the United States of Mexico. So, all should also be “US Citizens”.

        But I call people from the U.S. of Brasil brazilians. From the US of Mexico, Mexicans.

        And from the US of America… well… AMERICANS!!

  2. Apparently the current debt problems have not cured Washington of wasteful spending…

    Why not approve superior products designed domestically for government use? (Especially when there is no price incentive to buy the Canadian function-lacking, app-lacking dumpster diver!)

  3. The Obamanable on Crackberry… Guess the iPhone is too much tech for him, and he is afraid of the Internet, according to his own words, it will destroy democracy.

    Now we know why America is broken.

      1. Elect a president who understands how the U.S. economy works and what makes the U.S. great and give him or her a congress that will work with him or her to get our financial house in order.

        Government is not your mommy. Government is not a panacea. Government is a necessary evil. Keep it as small as possible.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. We placed someone into the most important leadership role in the country who had no leadership, management, or government experience. He doesn’t understand economics. He doesn’t comprehend budgeting. He doesn’t know how to lead. He is hostage to his far left advisors who are far from mainstream.

          Americans (US Americans) must get tough on our elected officials. We need to insist on term limits, and vote swiftly to remove those more believe more in reelection than making tough decisions. Whether it’s the Tea Party, or some other grass roots uprising, we must take our country back from the career politicians.

          1. The Grade 2 dropout Palin and her ilk care no more about you than Bush did. Small variations in a system that mind-bogglingly rewards those at the top while others starve in the same city is utterly screwed, whatever small variations those at the top may introduce. Sure – people should be rewarded for hard work, brilliance and taking risks (with their own money) — but a system where the top 1% hold almost all the wealth of a country? No. And the frothing hatred of anyone who suggests anything other than this system of pathological greed is no more than shooting yourselves in your feet.

        2. Sadly, @First 2010, Then 2012:
          There is not one Republican in sight who has a sane brain in their head. I have given up on them and now fittingly call them the:


          Could the Tea Party be any more Tard Party? Could the Neo-Con-Jobs be any better butt lickers of the Corporate Oligarchy and wealthy? I don’t think so. Feed the rich; Kill the poor.

          And what do we have on the other side of the 1 dimensional political spectrum? The wimpy and alternatively deranged DemoCraps. I’m supposed to vote for this BS?

          Welcome the America. We’re totally screwed. 😯

      2. The Home Depot’s Marcus has expressed similar sentiments, as have a few others. The only ones still publicly “in the tank” are those crony capitalists like GE’s Imelt whose company stands to earn billions from “green” investments, cap-and-trade, and the like. Most are remaining silent though, knowing how dependent they are on government business and how vulnerable they are to the whims of selective enforcement. Look at what Obama’s NLRB has done to Boeing over its South Carolina aircraft plant.

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