ASCI: Low Facebook satisfaction opens door for Google+; Bing closes in on Google; tops online news

The social media market is primed for a new player that allows users to connect with friends, according to the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report, produced in partnership with customer experience analytics firm ForeSee Results. Despite a small improvement this year, Facebook (+3% to 66) is the lowest-scoring site, not only in the social media category, but of all measured companies in this report. The survey was conducted last month, before the widespread introduction of Facebook’s biggest competitor, Google+, but Facebook’s low score indicates that Google+ could easily pounce and gain market share if they can provide a superior customer experience.

“We don’t know yet how Google+ will fare, but what we do know is that Google is one of the highest-scoring companies in the ACSI and Facebook is one of the lowest,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results, in the press release. “An existing dominance of market share like Facebook has is no longer a safety net for a company that is not providing a superior customer experience.”

Facebook is just one story emerging from today’s report. The ACSI E-Business Report covers three categories of e-business: social media, portals and search engines, and online news. This is the twelfth annual report of its kind, allowing companies and analysts to track the performance of these organizations over time by a critical metric: customer satisfaction.

Social Media
Wikipedia (+1% to 78) takes the top spot, while YouTube (+1% to 74) comes in a distant second. Myspace drops from this year’s Index because there were not enough users to create a statistically significant sample. Overall, social media is one of the lowest-scoring industries measured by the ACSI—only airlines, newspapers, and subscription television services score lower.

ASCI July 2011 Social Sites

Search Engines and Portals
Google leads the search engine and portals category (up 4% to 83), but Bing follows closely, jumping an impressive 7% in one year to 82. Anything over 80 is generally considered an excellent score. Bing has grown in market share over the last year and makes up roughly 17% of the search engine market, up from 9% last year.

ASCI July 2011 Search Sites

“While Google+ is the challenger to Facebook’s established dominance in the social media sphere, in the search engine wars, Google is king and Bing is hoping to be a contender,” added Freed. “Last year, Google’s customer satisfaction score was three points higher than Bing’s. This year, that gap narrows to one point. Bing is showing it can challenge Google in terms of revenue, market share, and the customer experience.”

News Websites (82) has a strong lead on the news and information category and is five points ahead of the next highest-scoring site, (+3% to 77). (69) debuts at the bottom of the industry. Satisfaction with drops 4% this year to 73. The study was conducted during the same time the site began to implement their metered paywall, but it remains to be seen whether satisfaction will rebound as customers adjust to the new business model.

ASCI July 2011 News Sites

“E-business is still relatively immature in many ways, often more interested in technology than in satisfying customers,” said Claes Fornell, founder of the ACSI and author of The Satisfied Customer, in the press release. “As competition gets tougher, this is likely to change, and the successful companies are going to have powerful cause-and-effect customer satisfaction measurement systems. The losers will be the companies that underestimate the power of a dissatisfied customer and fail to upgrade their current measurement systems.”

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Source: The American Customer Satisfaction Index


    1. … the Google news site. As does my wife. As do many of the people I know. It isn’t like they are not aware of Google, they rank high in Search Engines and in Social. Perhaps they are not mentioned in “News” because they don’t invent the majority of their content? The Fox voters have an axe to grind … I believe. I could be wrong.

    2. Obama’s approval rating this month is 46% with 48% of voters disapproving of him. Independents split against him by a 44/49 margin, and 16% of Democrats are unhappy with the job he’s doing while only 10% of Republicans give him good marks.

      Obama’s numbers are worse than they appear to be on the surface. The vast majority of the undecideds in all of these match ups disapprove of the job Obama’s doing but aren’t committing to a candidate yet while they wait to see how the Republican field shakes out. For instance if you allocate the undecides based on their approval/disapprove of Obama, Romney would lead 52-48.

      “There’s a very good chance Barack Obama would lose if he had to stand for reelection today,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “This is his worst poll standing in a long time and he really needs the economy to start turning around.”

      Click to access PPP_Release_National_720925.pdf


    1. Fox is not a news site, it is entertainment for the evolution-challenged, the greediest of capitalists, and bigots, sexists, and right-wing religious fanatics of all races, colors, and creeds. And if it is popular, well, Microsoft is still no. 1 and “popular music” is usually the worst crap out there.

      But why not keep Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, and democrat-bashing separate from MDN? It’s a lose-lose situation for most of us- unless the goal is to emulate Dvorak’s shameless hit-mongering or drive away Apple fans who lean more to the left. It’s really stupid and unnecessary to do so- what’s the payoff? No one’s going to convert anyone here- just stifle this nonsense.

      1. Wow, getting the facts really hurts. If the rest of the public got the facts instead of blaming others, maybe we would have a population that would make wiser decisions. Thankfully we have an OBJECTIVE news source instead of others on the LEFT.

        1. you fail because in your brain it’s 1=2. The fabled enemy of “their side” has a position that means “your side” has a better position so you give up logic, intelligence, and critical thinking and sink with your ship to spite some enemy created by people in power that control your mind.

          congrats patsy.

      2. yeah right. you liberals try to pretend that you’re not the communists that you are. we don’t buy it. we don’t like you. we will stop you. we actually hate you. the silent majority is for individual responsibility, freedom, capitalism, the constitution of the US, happiness, private property, keeping the vast majority of your hard earned money, ultra small government, strong military, keeping the definition of marriage what it is – between a man and a woman. There are more but any true american knows what they are. You communists won’t ever stop until you have absolute power and control over everything imaginable. You’re crazy, sick, people.

        1. Wow! Hey Ed, I hear that wearing a hat made out of tin foil will help keep those liberals from controlling everything. That way they won’t be able to get to you! They can’t silence the truth!!! It’s up to you to fight them, YOU MUST TELL EVERYONE!!! “THEY’RE COMING TO GET YOU… WHY WON’T YOU PEOPLE LISTEN!!! ONCE THE COMMUNIST OVERLORDS TAKE OVER. THEY’RE GOING TO MAKE US MARRY GAY PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE, WAKE UP!!! THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!! OUT TO GET US!!! MUST FIGHT!!! COMMUNIST!! GAYS!!! GOVERNMENT!!! MUSLIMS!!! SECURE THE BORDERS!!! I’M NOT THE ONE WHOSE CRAZY, YOUR CRAZY!!! CRAAAAAZZYYY!! AAAHHH!!!!”

          1. Keep telling yourselves that you sheeple democrat-statists. It’s exactly what is happening. Every heard of a great book called The Law written by Frederic Bastiat?? Spectacular starting point for you brain dead liberals.

            1. Would that be the same Bastiat that gave us the “The Broken-Window Fallacy” named after his flawed logic?

              Willy, have you ever heard of that great book Elementary Logic by Willard Van Orman Quine? It’s a spectacular starting point for you to start developing some capacity for independent critical thinking.

  1. Did anyone hear the spin they put on the Murdoch scandal? They had one of the ‘experts’ on saying that the story is being over-blown and it’s just like Citibank and the other companies that got hacked (right, except this story is about someone – i.e. the news – actually doing the hacking, not about getting hacked). The expert said that the bigger issue that everyone is avoiding is internet security. It was awesome to hear. They stopped short of calling it a liberal witch hunt, but it was close.

    1. The Murdoch thing is just being blown out of proportion IMO.

      No, I’m not saying it was ok to “hack” the voicemails…

      But to say Murdoch knew/ordered it? Unless some proof comes out, I highly doubt any will, I think shutting down the paper and those that are directly involved being arrested is about as far as it will go.

      The “hacking” of the voicemail is kind of a joke honestly… All they did was try the DEFAULT passcodes… Which in the UK are 0000 or 1234. No joke they are…

      Is it wrong? Yes… Not defending that.
      But I don’t think murdoch had direct input in the “hacking” I bet it was just stupid reporters trying to one-up the reporter in the cubicle down the hall.

      1. He may not have given a direct order, but he had to be aware that it was a common practice at NOW et al, so his tacit consent allowed them to do it. Also he is directly responsible creating the for the culture that lead to it.
        If an army platoon, from the Lieutenant down to the NCOs and grunts were to be caught in a scandal on the level of this one, you can be damn sure that the General commanding the battalion would be replaced. Remember Capt. Owen Honors who was removed from command of the USS Enterprise (the real one) because of a series of questionable videos that were made on his watch.

        1. >1% of his entire business and a tabloid at that. I doubt he really cared what they did. And maybe that’s a problem in and of itself, but I seriously doubt he had any idea what was going on.

          It’s like when people sue schools for not stopping bullying because they are unable to babysit every student 100% of the time. Yes, the administration is ultimately responsible, but they had little hope of ever actually catching it in action.

          It seems to me the responsible people have been caught. Two (I believe), are in jail and some top police have resigned. If I were English, I’d be so much more upset about the corruption of the police. I expect tabloids to do shady things, not the police department.

      2. Saying that he didn’t know is no longer a defense. We learned that plausible deniability is no longer a defense after enron. We changed some things after the enron scandel. Murdoch is at fault.

        1. And by your logic, all news gathering organizations should have their corporate bosses prosecuted when there is illegal activity.

          I’m sure when the NYT and the major networks see this precedent set, they will go back to their usual ‘protector of the little man’ mantra when they are involved in cases like this.

          Many here are doing nothing more than directing their hate at a person rather than their anger at an event. So goes the passion of the uber-left.

        2. So when does Obama go on trial for that failed gun running fiasco “Fast and Furious”, that Obama says he knew nothing about?! Obama is at fault AND a border agent was killed at the release of those guns. What’s that make the charge for Obama?… Murder in the third degree?

          1. That’s not the only serious thing he should be tried for. The list is too long to believe. Where did Maobama get his CT social security from???? Look it up. Phony Social Security card.

  2. Apple needs to redefine this market.

    I’m not talking about Ping either.

    Ping is worthless the way that it is.

    My wife and I both use the same iTunes account (as most couples do), and we listen to polar opposit music.

    A social network account needs to be separate from your iTunes account.

    1. Because they’re shills for Rightists? Is it asking so much to just get NEWS? I can’t even read a story about customer satisfaction ratings for online services without some dipwad bringing Republicans and Democrats into this? Maybe if our own Congress (both sides) would actually DO something instead of the constant name-calling and finger-pointing we’d all be so busy planning comfy retirements and enjoying good health that we wouldn’t even need social media.

    2. you fail because in your brain it’s 1=2. The fabled enemy of “their side” has a position that means “your side” has a better position so you give up logic, intelligence, and critical thinking and sink with your ship to spite some enemy created by people in power that control your mind.

      congrats patsy.

  3. The only way reporting can be fair and balanced is when it supports the leftist point of view. In other words, you either echo ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Huffington Post, etc. and so on, or your reporting is just crap. This is very clear. FOX needs to get their poop together and tow the line. Fricking right wing scum.

    1. Blah blah blah.

      Just because something isn’t blatantly right-wing doesn’t mean it’s leftist.

      Fox News devotees wouldn’t know in-depth, level-headed balanced journalism if it bit them in the ass.

    2. Several years ago I quit watching the major news networks. FoxNews was blatantly slanted, and the other news networks seemed more interested in reporting crap that no one really cared about.

      All I watch now is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He has taken to beating up on both the left and the right pretty equally (since there is so much these days both sides should get beaten up over).

      Its a sad state of affairs when a self-proclaimed “fake news program” provides more fair and balanced reporting than the network whose tagline is “fair and balanced”…

      Jon for President in 2012! 😉

      1. Yes, The Daily Show is probably the most intelligent, balanced source of news on television, which is probably why Fox felt like it had to launch a smear campaign against John Stewart.

    1. I believe that FaceBook is largely disliked because of the constant privacy issues, and Zuckerberg is just such an easy figure to hate. Ironically I can’t think of a more scary place to put personal information than Google though.

      1. Agreed – the only company more that’s more scary to give your personal information to than Facebook is Google. Twitter is the only major “social” service out there I’d trust to sign up with.

  4. Stupid right wing media constantly harping on the national debt, the global financial crisis, the state of the economy, etc. I don’t want to hear that crap! Bunch of racists is what they are.

    I want to know how great Michele Obama’s arms look in that new $5000 sleeveless skirt!

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