RUMOR: Apple to unleash OS X Lion, new MacBook Air this Wednesday

“Apple as early as Wednesday will launch two highly anticipated products: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Airs,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider

“According to people with proven track records who would be in a position to know, the new product launches are set to occur later this week,” Hughes reports. “Specifically, one person said the products would be released on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern.”

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Hughes reports, “The latest details align with what AppleInsider was told earlier this month, when it reported that new MacBook Air models with backlit keyboards and Thunderbolt ports would launch the week of July 21.”

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  1. Just one hour before the market opens the morning after the quarterly report. Try pushing that down big boys! You shorts covering your mistake yet?

    Good move Apple. Mess with their short charts.

    1. Agree with your comment. Very proud to be an Apple shareholder. Go Apple teach these “shorties” a thing or two and have them drop dead in their tracks. Happy Monday to all.

    1. If you boys hurry up and edit your posts, maybe no one will know that you look kinda dumb acting like you know what you are saying.

      (This just posted after Apple announced that Lion will be out tomorrow, on a Wednesday, the day after the financial results – ha ha!)

  2. Has anyone else noticed that lately sources have gone from “our sources” to “people with proven track records who would be in a position to know” or “an incredibly solid source of ours”?

    They’re still unnamed sources, peddling rumors, no matter how much you sugar-coat them. But apparently people are desperate to show that their reports are news and not rumors.

  3. My ‘highly placed” sources says that Apple will release a new product or multiple products in the very near future, thus appeasing the masses who have been clamoring for an update to their existing products. My “super highly most trustworthy” sources says that it’ll be a weekday, sometime between the hours of the “butt crack of dawn” and “get some sleep you moron, you need to wake up to go to work” (which was me last night btw). My gut says when it happens, it happens. what happens, happens and since i have no bearing whatsoever on what Apple does, i’ll just wait until they’re ready to release whatever it is they’re going to.

  4. Wrong.

    Apple will release Lion between 7-19-2011 and 7-31-2011.

    Don’t tell anyone… My source trumps all others out there, and I don’t want him mad at me for leaking that info… So keep it between us.

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