Netflix increases prices, changes DVD and streaming plans

“Say goodbye to that free, unlimited Netflix streaming with your DVD rental plan,” Chloe Albanesius reports for PC Magazine. “The company on Tuesday announced new pricing plans that separate options for DVD rentals and Watch Instantly streaming.”

“Going forward, access to unlimited Netflix streaming will cost $7.99 per month, as will its unlimited, one DVD at a time plan,” Albanesius reports. “Together, one DVD and unlimited streaming will cost $15.98 per month.”

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Albanesius reports, “For new members, these prices are effective immediately. Existing customers will see the price changes starting September 1.
The plans also apply to other DVD rental options. Unlimited streaming plus two DVDs at a time will cost $19.98 per month, three DVDs plus streaming will be $23.98, and four DVDs plus streaming will be $29.98 per month. With no streaming, two DVDs out at a time will be $11.99 per month. Currently, the unlimited streaming plus one DVD at a time plan costs $9.99 per month.”

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  1. So I cancelled my service. I like it, I use it and there’s a good chance in a month or two I’ll renew my subscription (they don’t need to know that)… but I cancelled and let them know it was because fo the pricing changes. I figure I can sacrifice a month or two of Netflix use and would hope that if people are upset about it they can quasi-protest it as well.

    1. Reality Check: Did you really think that an all you can eat plan for under $10 could last forever? I’m only surprised it took Netflix this long to raise prices.

      1. Yeah, I get it. I’m not one to cancel services over price increases or service changes… this is actually the first time I’ve done that with anything. I had (and still have) really high hopes for Netflix as a company. I like what they do, I like what their CEO says and I’m, for the most part, happy with their service. From what I’ve read (several articles arguing for and against), it just seems like an oddly high increase. As I mentioned, my quasi-protest is unlikely to amount to anything – mostly because I’ll probably end up getting the service again in the future. Just thought it was A way of ‘sending a message’ that I’m unhappy with the increase… not angry, just unhappy.

        1. agreed.
          this isn’t the first time Netflix has increased rates Sucker.

          I DO LIKE the streaming part.. I never would have watched the ENTIRE Stargate series (all 3) OR Battlestar Galactica (new one) if it were not for Netflix.

          Oh hell…. ALMOST forgot.. Lost!
          I never watched Lost on air.. I quit after the first episode when it aired. I saw it was on Netflix one day (Mom has been bugging me every season to watch it..) And decided to watch the first season… Watched ALL seasons on netflix. Watched the last season live on TV.

          Wouldn’t/Couldn’t do that if i did not have Netflix.

          Combining the two services, and doubling the price.. Sorry, dropping the DVD part.
          If they just raised my package $1-$2 again.. i’d probably say “whatever” like i did the last two times… Except I did drop the Blu Ray part after they raised it. (after 3 months)

          1. Observer is right.

            That is a hefty rate increase. I don’t have Netflix but an increase that high justifies a prompt termination of any service.

            GM, are you a dope or perhaps you like wasting money? Don’t be bashing people’s comments like some immature child.

            1. I’m gay. I use Netflix to watch gay porn. I’ll pay any price to keep my Netflix so it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m not a dope though. You are Mees.

  2. They are doing this cause their studio contracts are expiring soon. instead of paying them in the low millions, they’re going to get slammed for billions.

    I’m glad I canceled. Sell your stock now!

  3. They are getting Mirimax, that deal happened some time ago, they must be adding a better selection. We just don’t see it yet. I’ll bet it will still be pretty cool when all said and done 😉

  4. Cancelled my subscription last night.
    My original plan was $7.99, recently it increased to $9.99, now they want $15.98
    I don’t use it enough to make it worth while, maybe 3 movies a month.
    I’ll get my movies via iTunes on my AppleTV

  5. This is actually great news for Apple. It will shift a lot of Netflix users over to the iTunes Store for renting films.

    Personally, I dumped my DVD rental as a result of this customer gouging move, keeping the streaming, which is mainly what I use in any case. If I want to rent any recent big films, off to the iTunes Store I go. Bite me Netflix.

  6. I will either cancel my DVD delivery and keep the streaming, or cancel the whole thing. I can see upping the total proce from $9.99 to $11.99, but $15.98 is way out of line for what you’re getting.

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