Apple’s OS X Lion hands on with FaceTime, AirDrop, and iChat

“In OS X 10.7 Lion, FaceTime is now fully integrated. Previously it was available only as a downloadable beta for Snow Leopard and available from the Mac App Store,” Rob Maxwell reports for InformationWeek.

“FaceTime is a videochat client that allows you to make calls to other Macs running FaceTime, as well as iOS devices with front-facing cameras. That means the iPad 2, iPhone 4 or iPod touch,” Maxwell reports. “It keeps a list of recent calls, including missed calls, just like the iPhone 4 does.”

Full article, with screenshots, here.

“OS X 10.7 Lion features AirDrop, a way to wirelessly share files. But it isn’t immediately clear what the limits are in terms of location and distance,” David W. Martin reports for InformationWeek. “We’ve haven’t tested it extensively yet, but early indications show you need to be pretty much in the same room as the person you’re trading files with.”

Full article, with screenshots, here.

“iChat in OS X Lion brings a lot to Apple’s messaging client. In addition to support for Jabber, Google Talk, AIM, and, Lion adds connectivity to Yahoo! Chat,” Rob Maxwell reports for InformationWeek. “iChat Theater allows sharing of files, webpages and iPhoto content within a video chat. Or just share the whole screen.”

Full article, with screenshots, here.


  1. What is so special about integration of iChat. Everybody can freely use Skype for the same pourpuse. And not only restricted on Apple devices, but across all platforms. Really, what is so special about FaceTime?

    1. The biggest difference between skype and FaceTime. Is that to my knowledge you cant log in to skype with an apple id. The apple id makes FaceTime easier. No new account. Everybody has one. People hate setting up new accounts/ new passwords. Or at least I do. The apple id one of the best things going for apple

      1. It has also been my experience that Facetime produces a higher quality image and sound than iChat or Skype.

        The Facetime framework has been made available to 3rd party developers who wish to incorporate it. Let’s hope they do.

      2. The main difference is that FaceTime doesn’t have to be ‘on’ in order for it to work. Once you register your email address or username with it, it will activate if you get a call. With Skype, it has to be on and running all the time for you to be able to get a call. (at least it does on OS x, iOS version I don’t know about)

    2. With Skype you have to fire up a program and login on PC or launch an app on a phone. FaceTime has the capability to be always on and just ring through like a phone call.

      iChat is a cross platform AOL instant messenger and Google talk client.

  2. OK, thanks for all opinions.
    Couple things though…
    – I hate setting up new accounts also. However, there are people, who don’t have Apple device. Here in Europe still majority of people is using Windows. So no FaceTime. However, if you have majority of people around you using Apple, no problem.
    – Marty – with skype you can do the same. I will be on my iPad, iPhone and you on mac or pc and no problem.
    – regarding launching apps, there’s no problem – for me skype is start up program on pc launch, not sure if you will have to launch FaceTime on mac. On iPhone, it can run on backroung.

    All and all, the beauty is, that everyone is different and for some this news is really great and for others not so much.

    1. “Here in Europe…”
      yes, cutting edge stuff coming from Europe, we should just follow these guys and not adopt FaceTime because Europe all uses those wonderful pc’s

  3. face time is about video calls not instant messaging as is iCHAT — integration would be bloated software – something not what is useful for a portable device

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