RUMOR: Apple to unleash OS X Lion next week, new MacBook Air soon after

“Apple late Wednesday evening began advising members of its retail segment of several preparatory measures ahead of an expected launch of its Mac OS X Lion operating system next week, which other partners say will be followed closely by the launch of much-anticipated refreshes to the company’s MacBook Air notebook family,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Meanwhile, people with ties to Apple’s other operating segments are supporting claims that Apple will make Mac OS X Lion available to the general public sometime next week,” Jade reports. “They add that long-awaited refreshes to the MacBook Air line will follow the launch closely, possibly the following week.”

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Jade reports, “Apple last month placed orders for the production of a total of 380,000 Sandy Bridge-based 11.6 and 13.3-inch MacBook Airs that it has been stockpiling ahead of this month’s launch. The new models are also expected to include Thunderbolt ports and possibly high-speed 400MBps flash memory.”

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  1. I still think it more likely to see Lion and new hardware at the same time, later in the month. Any changes retailers would need to make would be for the hardware only since Lion is download only.

    1. Before the shareholder phone call meeting…

      I believe this is taking place on the 19th of this month.. They tend to like to have things like refreshed product lines to talk about at this sort of thing..

      I’m expecting new air, mini and pro updates… And maybe the end of the MacBook :((

  2. Last week, everyone was screaming “GM” means it is the final version that will be released. Actually, there are usually “GM candidates” before reaching the final version. This is normal, and the media should not jump to incorrect conclusions.

    I think Lion will be released during the last few days of July. Apple will want it as perfect as possible; the worst thing that can happen is the impression of poor attention-to-detail. Mac OS X is not Windows.

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