Verizon ends unlimited data plans for new customers today

“Verizon Wireless, the country’s largest carrier, plans to scrap its all-you-can-eat data plan for new smartphone subscribers beginning Thursday and replace it with a series of monthly packages that anticipate skyrocketing demand for mobile video, games and other services,” Shara Tibken reports for The Wall Street Journal.

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“The shift follows a similar move by rival AT&T Inc. last summer and all but brings an end to an era when the largest U.S. carriers drove heavy use of their networks by competing to offer plans with unlimited service for a fixed price,” Tibken reports. “No. 3 carrier Sprint Nextel Corp. still has an unlimited data plan.”

Tibken reports, “Starting Thursday, Verizon Wireless will offer two gigabytes of data for $30, five gigabytes for $50 and 10 gigabytes for $80. Customers will pay $10 for each additional gigabyte they use beyond their plan. AT&T offers a choice of two plans: 200 megabytes of data for $15 a month or two gigabytes for $25 a month.”

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  1. Imagine that….. The almighty Verizon realizes that iPhone users consume a TON of bandwidth due to the lowly iPhone. DUH! iPhone is a Fn’ computer dumbasses. Now they are going to bilk the unknowing new customers. BAH! F Verizon. Still have my Unlimited data plan on AT&T & loving it.

      1. Wasn’t AT&T’s “unlimited” plan more unlimited than Verizon’s to begin with? I thought Verizon’s was always capped at 5GB, while AT&T’s was kind of like American Express’ no credit limit. There’s no published limit, but when you cross it, they’ll be sure to tell you!

  2. I generally have no issue with data caps on wireless service, where there is only so much spectrum available for use. However, where things get sticky is, as the infrastructure improves, and 4G becomes the norm, will the data limits be upped alongside those developments? My gut tells me no, and that’s not good.

    1. From the telco’s perspective spectrum is not free. 4G will use up more spectrum so the thinking is they have to recoup the cost from someone, and that someone would be a new iPhone user. Personally I’m on WiFi as much as I can and screw the carriers by buying the cheapest possible data plan. F%#* the money grubbing bitches. 

  3. Hanging on to my AT&T unlimited plan is one of the best things I’ve done! Anemic, limited data plans suck A$$! I used my iPad 3G in data mode ONE DAY and exceeded the limit streaming Netflix! I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have unlimited data!

  4. My unlimited data (plus text) plan costs me $25; I get 300 voice minutes with it, too. Of course, that can only mean my carrier is Virgin Mobile, and it also means my phone is a (rather crappy) Android (LG Optimus).

    I must say, though between the choice of iPhone plus 250MB for over $60 per month (plus 0.1$ for EVERY text I send AND receive), and a cheap Android plus unlimited text and data for $25 per month (plus 300 minutes of voice), it is really difficult for me to choose the iPhone and not feel raped daily by the carrier…

    1. Being f^#� by Google/Android and being f%^*ed by the carriers, I chose to have my ass opened by the carriers for there are certain forms of torture that are more tolerable than others.

      But you can buy an unlocked iPhone now, so there’s no longer any excuse not to get one and be on Sprint/Virgin Mobile.

      1. The unlocked (i)phone would only work on GSM carriers, which in the US are T-Mobile and AT&T, and their no-contract plans are just as expensive as their subsidy plans. Thus, it makes little sense to buy an unlocked phone when the carrier is charging you the same amount per month, all the while pocketing the subsidy part for a phone they never gave you in the first place.

        There are a few “rogue” independent apps for Android that will let you block the “phone home” chatter your Google phone loves to make when you aren’t looking. It’s a hassle having to think about and deal with these issues, but is not such a high price to pay.

        One of the reasons I did decide to go with this Android phone (in addition to the pricing, and no-commitment deal) is to truly get to know the “other” platform, so that I can authoritatively say exactly how different it is from iOS (I’ve had an iPod touch for over a year now). After a few months with Android, it is clear to me in how many ways the platform is inferior to iOS.

    1. And we enjoy paying for all of the wasted bandwidth from web sites that are overly graphics-intensive and pushing ads left and right. Ad blocking will be critical to rationing your data cap – I wonder how Google and others will like that?

    2. I’m getting rid of my iPhone and going back to owning just a phone. In the almost 4 years that I’ve had an iPhone, I’ve rarely used it for anything other than a phone. Really doesn’t make sense to dish out all the extra money for something I seldom, if ever use.

  5. Got 2 unlimited plans.
    1- AT&T for iPhone.
    2- Verizon legacy from Alltel- unlimited and without contract. MiFi 3G to WiFi Hotspot for my iPad.

    Color me a skeptic on all the cloud BS- Apple’s included. Aside from the data caps, do you really feel secure with all kinds of private data flying all over the internet and all of it residing in one place (Apple’s Servers, for instance) just enticing hackers to come and get it?

    As someone who banks, pays bills, invests, etc online:
    No Thank You.

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