Apple’s ITC complaint against Samsung: 5 technical, 2 design patents against 6 smartphones, 2 tablets

“Bloomberg was first to report [yesterday] on Apple’s ITC complaint against Samsung,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “It was filed yesterday, and it wasn’t clear to which products it related as the ITC only stated ‘Electronic Digital Media Devices’ as the accused category of products. The complaint just entered the public record and I can now describe and analyze its content.”

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Mueller reports, “The gist of the new ITC complaint is that Apple asserts five utility patents (technical patents) and two design patents against a host of Android-based products.”

• Six Samsung smartphones
– Galaxy S 4G
– Fascinate
– Transform
– Captivate
– Intercept
– Infuse 4G
• Two Samsung tablets
– Galaxy Tab
– Galaxy Tab 10.1

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Samsung is lucky this is all Apple is suing them for. I just tried one of their new Chromebooks on a Virgin flight the other day and Samsung has completely copied the MacBook keyboard as well. These Koreans have no shame. Apple should stop doing ANY business with these clowns as soon as they possibly can.

    1. BTW- Chromebook sucks. It’s a “web only” device but reminded me of the frustrating web of yesteryear where not everything worked. Just try dealing with attachments/downloads/plugins/upgrades, etc… nightmare

  2. Apple whines and runs to court whenever they think somebody has copied something from them (ie, Microsoft and Samsung), yet they have no qualms about ripping off things from others like Android’s OS and Lockscreen from Cydia.

    1. To be fair, one has to look at things from both sides. However, you have skewed the perspective quite a bit when you juxtapose the “slavish copying” of Samsung with adopting bits and pieces of Android, or a single function app. That said, I would prefer that Apple work with 3rd party developers and pay them for important advancements in iOS and Mac OS X that are rolled into subsequent OS releases in some form.

    2. Apple has never copied anything from Google, it’s the other way around clown troll!Apple has the patents to iOS before Google even thought there was an OS with that kind of UI and functionality! Now go back to mommy’s basement and do some studying before you post stupid comments like that and make a fool of yourself…

  3. Lets put it this way. You invented a cologne that drives women crazy and hot for men. Suddenly your a googleionair. Then Samdung copies your product and now men are buying it cuz its way cheaper and in a plastic bottle.

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