Analyst: Apple iTunes Store may add $13 billion in FY 2013 revenue

“Apple’s iTunes [Store], including iBookstore and App Store, is expected to grow at a rate of about 39 percent over the next 3 years and may contribute about $13 billion in revenues in fiscal 2013, according to an analyst at Global Equities Research,” International Business Times reports.

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“Analyst Trip Chowdhry said his research indicates that more publishers are now supporting Apple’s iBook format called ePub versus Amazon’s Kindle format,” IBT reports. “‘Our research with students indicates that they would rather have books on iPad vs. Kindle,’ Chowdhry wrote in a note to clients.”

IBT reports, “Meanwhile, the application attach rate on iPad’s has steadily been increasing. Just six months back, it averaged about 15 apps, today it is in [excess] of 45.”

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  1. What I find impressive is the fact that airlines want to replace all their in flight paper with iPads. If the FAA approves all the other tablets are still locked out of the cockpit until they can prove the have the same quality as the iPad to the FAA’s satisfaction. I see no compelling reason for any carrier to even try to seek another tablet’s approval.

  2. I prefer the iPad Kindle app for the simple virtue that it remembers the low light night reading level I previously set it at whereas the Apple iBook reading app unfathomably does NOT. I also vastly prefer the Amazon book site over Apples as it seems so much easier to find things whereas the iBook Store seems to do it’s damnedest to HIDE things.

    And believe I would PREFER to like Apple’s solutions.

  3. Kids want books on iPad rather than Kindle for several reasons:
    1) Leverage on the parents to get an iPad (which can then be used for many things, including games and social networking)
    2) Responsive full color, video display
    3) Easy access to the internet for research, etc.

  4. While the iPad has plenty of attributes, I’m presuming kids want iPads, because of all the “other” things it can do, like play Angry Birds.

    As for ePub, I was wondering why the media and analysts took so long to figure out that ePub was open, and the Kindle format, proprietary. I guess if Apple doesn’t own it, then noone notices.

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