FCC takes steps toward implementing ‘Net Neutrality’ rules

“Remember those net neutrality rules the U.S. Federal Communications Commission passed back in December? The agency is taking steps toward finally implementing them, although the rules still won’t go into effect for months,” Grant Gross reports for IDG News Service.

“The FCC on Thursday took a procedural step toward publishing the controversial rules in the Federal Register, the official U.S. government publication for agency rules. The FCC, said a spokesman, planned to send a Paperwork Reduction Act notice to the Federal Register and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on Thursday, one of the final steps before the rules are published,” Gross reports. “Next week, the Federal Register is likely to publish the FCC’s estimates on the paperwork burden the net neutrality rules would create, the spokesman said. After a 30-day public comment period on the paperwork estimate, the OMB will have to approve the proposed rules.”

Gross reports, “After the OMB approves the rules, they will be published in the Federal Register. Sixty days after publication, they go into effect, meaning it could be nearly a year between the FCC’s vote to approve and the implementation of the rules… Some FCC critics have questioned why the agency has not yet published the rules in the Federal Register. Back in April, Representative Greg Walden, an Oregon Republican, questioned if the agency was delaying publication in order to derail an effort by House of Representatives Republicans to repeal the rules.

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“Republican FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell says he thinks that there is a ‘better than average chance’ that a court, likely the D.C. circuit, will stay the FCC’s network neutrality rules,” John Eggerton reports for Broadcasting & Cable. “That came in an appearance June 29 on Fox News’ online program Power Play with Chris Stirewalt.”

“House Republicans this week renewed their attempt to roll back the regs via an amendment to the 2012 appropriations bill defunding FCC implementation, a gambit they tried with the stop-gap spending bill last spring without success,” Eggerton reports. “The House also passed a resolution to invalidate the rules but that, too, was not getting any traction in the Democratically-controlled Senate. McDowell cited the appropriations move, but pointed out that was tough given the Senate makeup.”

Eggerton reports, “That led up to his observation that it would more likely be overturned in court once the ‘gumming-up’ by OMB over paperwork was through and the rules could be noticed and challenged.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. Americans for Prosperity is a conservative astroturf group that’s a big front for the Koch Bros. and a handful of other billionaires. Of course they don’t want net neutrality: they want to be able to charge obscene rates with no opposition. Wake up.

  1. This is the same “net neutrality” which was bribed by Verizon and Google to exclude wireless internet providers.

    Yes, the same Google which boldly declared itself as “Do not be evil” company and released letter about net neutrality being in danger back in 2006.

  2. Well, current (lack of) rules allow my FiOS internet service provider (Verizon) to throttle down Netflix traffic, so that I simply can’t watch HD movies in real time. I pay Verizon good money in order to have 25Mbps downlink pipe (that’s pretty fat for American standards). Unfortunately, even though Netflix needs only 4Mbps of reliable, consistent throughput, Verizon throttles down their traffic below 2Mbps, which is practically useless (takes 4 hours to download a regular movie before streaming can begin).

    Meanwhile Netflix is paying some very serious money to the guys like Akamai and similar content distribution people, in order to bypass Verizon’s public pipes and deliver their traffic directly to my own back door; all Verizon has do do is open that door and let that traffic into my room, via their own internal backbone, but no. Verizon is selling competing VOD (video on-demand) service, which nobody would buy if they could use Netflix. So, when they can’t compete on price (or quality of service), they will simply leverage their network to shut out a competitor. And no existing law makes this illegal, which is why Comcast, Time Warner, Optimum and other cable operators that are also ISPs are getting very, very enthusiastic about this ‘traffic shaping’ concept (to the detriment of people like Netflix and similar).

    So, again, the ‘net neutrality’ law, as it is written today, would effectively remedy my problem right away. Once again, how is it so bad that we have to kill it?

      1. No… It’s a ‘Democrat’ idea, not a ‘Democratic’ idea. There’s a very big difference.

        Forcing someone to provide you with exactly what you want is called tyranny. The ability to not buy something you don’t like is Democratic… which is exactly what the FCC (an un-Democratic, un- Constitutional agency) is hoping to change.

    1. Predrag,
      I always read your posts because of the thought and balance you usually put into them.
      This is yet another one well stated.

    2. So put on your big boy pants and use a different service. If Verizon is shit, you vote with your money and business in a FREE market. Or take them to court if you’ve been ripped off.

      Instead what you want is some government baby sitter to absolve you from making poor shopping decisions. Unfortunately this means everyone else pays to provide you with diaper changes. You want additional goverent regulation because of a stupid movie rental service? Idiotic. Time for pay by the byte internet providers, which is the only change net neutrality will sow. Then you’ll be back here whining about that.

        1. Have you tried Somalia? They’ve got all the lack of rules you could want, and they really like guns. You might like it. In the meantime, please leave America American for the rest of us, okay?

      1. So…what do you do if Verizon, Comcast, Cox, Warner, and the rest all collude to set prices and bar services, so that no matter which you “choose,” you get the same exact limitations and lack of initiative for improvement? Who’s got your back them?

  3. Well our government is “bribed” both inside and our of the hollowed halls. However, I was under the impression it is somewhat neutral now. Reality forces me to acknowledge their is never a true center where all things are equal; with that, how will this help and hurt us from the current “net”.

  4. One thing fascinates me about America (and Americans). It is the nation that takes probably greatest pride in their democratic system of government, especially in the process of democratically electing representatives of the people. The fascinating part is how it is also the nation where roughly half of its adult population has fundamental distrust of the very same representatives (and the government they create) that is deeper than in practically ANY totalitarian government anywhere in the world.

    So, if you were the ones sending your most democratically elected representatives to Washington (or your state capitols, as the case may be), why do you hate that representative of yours so much? Or to put it another way, if you dislike him (her) so much, WHY in the world did you elect him???

    1. “…if you dislike him (her) so much, WHY in the world did you elect him???”

      Due to a broken system, the lesser of two evils most of the time, unfortunately.

      Not necessarily for American consumption, so read at your own peril, but rather JUST for this poster’s inquisitiveness…

      What else causes “dislike”?…

      Career politicians! Term Limits is what is sorely needed.

      This government needs “youth” (not age necessarily), but “vigor” and “idealistic” representative elected officials, not those that are corrupted absolutely by absolute power putting themselves first, party second and country last and where “work experience” is not necessarily a good thing.

      Maybe when elected officials stop calling the people un-American, astroturphers, Nazis, because they dissent. Maybe if our elected officials wouldn’t parade a one sided vote of a unpopular bill in front of those dissenters to rub it into their face as they take it to be signed into law, maybe then we might have more civility and less “dicks” that are our representatives from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on down.

      Maybe if politicians paid their taxes or didn’t have $80,000.00 in cash in the freezer in their kitchen. THEIR FREEZER! How much cash do you have in your freezer? Nothing in mine but some outdated fish sticks, and I could use 80 grand in this magnificent economy!

      How about wasting taxpayer money on a Bridge to Nowhere and then have your Senator throw a hissy fit and threatens to resign if he doesn’t get money for his bridge?!… (Don’t less the door hit your ass on the way out, is what I would have said).

      But shenanigans of that sort is what creates the distrust and dislike. Such as when Barbara Boxer democrat from California berated a Army General because he called her ma’am during a hearing. I’m sure something instilled in the general since the beginning of his military career to show a female respect and something Boxer, who knows shit little about the ways of the military and not much more regarding anything else, would know. SHEEEEEE wanted to be called Senator because she “worked so hard”?! Excuse me?! You use other peoples money to run your campaign and pay your bills to get elected to an office where your income is voted on by yourself but paid by ‘We the People’ so you can enact laws that reduces our freedom and that cost us money as taxpayers and where, as a politician yourself, feel the need to be exempt from?! I’ll give you a title. How’s “Piece of Shit!” sound? Because that is what I affectionately call all political representatives. Get used to it Bitch Boxer!

      These are just some of the reasons I am so cynical of ALL elected officials. Yeah, you heard me John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Boehner And don’t get me started about those with their head up the Jackass’s ass scum that is the “press”…

      Finally, I’m tired of our “representatives” abrogating their duties to debate and vote on policies. Instead they create commissions and blue ribbon panels, filled by un-elected former politicians now back in the camera’s spotlight, so current politicians get to avoid responsibility as an elected official. I’m tired of laws becoming law the way they are today by decree of a lawsuit settled by the Supreme Court or by regulations enacted by a department such as the EPA or FCC, mainly because their bills could not be passed into law in any other way!

      U-S-A!, U-S-A!, U-S-A!, U-S-A!, U-S-A! Hey it is the Fourth of July holiday weekend after all. Unlike that thoughtless big pig Alec Baldwin who said he would leave the country since Bush was elected and the piece of shit never did, I’m not leaving this country either! Ever!! Sorry to our elected POS, you got a long time to put up with me! HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH…

    2. Predrag, are you serious? Where have you been since 2008? Just take a look at the occupant in the WH. It should give you the answer to your fascination with American politics.

      “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!” “The sea levels will go down.. Blah Blah Blah.” -Obama ’08

      And here we are with the worst economy in our history. The largest deficit ever, record unemployment, high gas and food prices, people losing homes, loss of your right to choose your own health plan, etc. The list goes on.

      We’ve got enough stupid people in the US that fall for the con every election cycle. The only ones benefiting are the liars we elect. It’s really simple, we have 60 million + sheeple. I mean, look at those crowds cheering for this Pres. Are they happy with the sorry state of affairs? You have to wonder about their mental state of mind.

      Hopefully the Obamabots, and there many who frequent this site I might say, will wake up.

  5. We don’t hate OUR representative, we hate and distrust everyone else’s representatives. Always just a little more than half elect the president leaving the other almost half to hate and distrust him.

  6. Predrag,

    You ask a very good question about American trust and mistrust of their elected representative. Here are some answers.

    1) Americans love THEIR OWN representatives, but hate all the rest. That is because their own representatives can get pork barrel money to pad the pockets of their constituents. But when the guy in the next state does it, it is wasting government money.

    2) Politicians are drawn from a certain mindset of people. I have heard it said that an honest person could never win a political race. Politicians are for the most part are vain, egocentric, and very social, because they want mass approval. Therefore, they will do any deal that boosts their influence or ego, or popularity. This is called corruption. It extends from Weiner to Pelosi to Clinton.

    With all this corruption, then, why is America the greatest nation for all the good reasons? The answer is simple. Our founding fathers set up a very good system of checks and balances, including freedom of the press, control of the military by the politicians, and an independent court system. These are the things that make America great.

    The people are no better, on average, than anywhere else, they just have the power to right the ship when a corrupt politician, businessman, governor, (fill in the blank) goes off the deep end. Most countries don’t have this corrective power.

    The saying is “America is not perfect, it is just better than all the rest”.

    1. This American DOES NOT LOVE his elected officials. Part of it comes in living in an area where, at one level one party dominates, while at another level the other party dominates.

      Republicans – stupidly criminal

      Democrats – criminally stupid

      One’s as bad as the other.

    1. Actually, it’s in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  7. “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual – or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” –Samuel Adams

  8. @Now, Now… and BenG

    Feel your pain and agree with your posts…

    So sad to tell you, 0bama will never “go gentle into that good night.” The lowest level (Hell notwithstanding) has not been conceived to which he will not stoop to hang on to the power he so effortlessly acquired.

    1. Him, and most of his predecessors, from all parties.

      (For our foreign friends, American politics was not always Republican and Democrats. Other parties have existed and been the party of the President. Mostly in the early 1800s.)

      @John – “0bama” instead of “Obama” is juvenile. It is not cute. If you do not like him, you will have the opportunity to do something about it next year. That is assuming you are in the minority of American adults who actually vote. Until then, he is the President and deserves our respect. Our unwavering support, no; our unwavering respect, yes. Not respecting the President is like using the American flag for a door mat.

  9. So…..will these proposed new rules get me access to broadband? If so I’m all for it!!!! I need access to broadband, all of us who can’t get broadband need access!!! If big business is not going to invest in the infrastructure on a nationwide scale then the rules need to be in place to compel it.

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