RUMOR: Apple’s OS X Lion to launch July 6th at 9am PDT

“We’ve just received word from our source in the San Francisco Bay Area that Apple is planning to release Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on Wednesday, July 6th at 9:00 am Pacific Time,” E. Werner Reschke reports for T-GAAP.

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“One particular item of interest about this news is that with OS X Lion being an online-release-only, Apple can wait until the 11th hour to release new OS,” Reschke writes. “They don’t have to first lock it down, then press it onto DVDs, then box it, then ship to their hundreds of stores and through distribution in order to meet a certain publicly announced launch date.”

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      1. Maybe one of you two will install it right away and let the rest of us know how to extract the installer from the download, so we can create bootable backup media and also avoid lengthy downloads for multiple legal machines and partitions.

        1. Just searching and found this:

          No idea if it works or not but looks good.

          DVD version:

          Again, I don’t have a dev copy so I don’t know if it works or even if it will work with the gold release.

          You’d think they’d include something to make this more user friendly. I can see downloading it once but if you have multiple machines it would be nice to not have to wait on the download for each one.

    1. This is just a rumor from a “source.” I think it will be toward the end of the month. Don’t we usually hear about a string of near-final developer builds before a final release?

      It is possible that it will be “released” (pre-installed) on some new Mac models (the ones that are supposedly waiting until Lion is ready) before a general release for all the rest of the supported Macs. This would get those Macs on sale; it would be easier to finalize testing on a few of the newest models, before being ready to support Macs that go back to as early as 2006.

      Like the article says, Apple can wait until July 31st to make it “golden,” put it on the Mac App Store, and not be “late.”

      1. I’m with you really. I want it Tuesday… i Doubt it will be though.

        I think you are correct, there will be “final developer builds” we hear about. Maybe the source has one part right.. maybe Tuesday apple will release the last build to developers.

      2. The current beta is not even complete. Features are turned off that were working before and Apple lists work-arounds for several other things. No way they’re going to issue another beta now and pump out the gold master after this holiday weekend. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

  1. And I already had that day off 🙂
    Good timing apple!

    I’ll prob only put it on my MBP first, make sure there are no issues before I put it on the iMac.

    Can’t wait.

  2. I hope they’ve made a few updates from DP4. I find that FTP transfers in general (and some web transfers) are not reliable, stalling for no apparent reason. This has happened enough times to know it’s not a rare occurrence, and using my 10.6 iMac on the same network, there are no issues whatsoever.

    My main concern is compatibility, particularly with third party plug ins and apps. I’ve found DP4 to be relatively flaky in behaviour, even with apps like Chrome, or Postbox, or Pages. A number of times the OS has seemingly crashed, sending me back directly to the login screen. Conveniently, 10.7 reopens your apps/docs when you log in

  3. Interesting – I hadn’t thought about the implications of disc releases on past release dates. Pressing gold masters to disc, packaging the discs, and then shipping them out would add a *lot* of delay time to the release process. Whereas with Lion, they can just unleash it online once it’s ready.

    I’m not 100% convinced the July 6th date is accurate, but I do appreciate this observation from the article.

      1. Because the Mac App Store allows you to install the apps you purchase there on ALL your authorized macs…
        If you buy Lion for $30, you can install it on all your Macs with one purchase.

        I assume the limit is 5, since you can only authorize 5 machines on your iTunes account. (could be wrong though, just guessing)
        I have no problems installing the stuff i bought on both my iMac and my MBP.

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