Pogue reviews HP TouchPad: ‘Doesn’t come close’ to Apple’s iPad

“H.P. has some nerve coming out with a tablet now — especially because the biggest distinguishing component is its operating system. It’s WebOS, a variation of the software that runs the Palm cellphones (the Pre, Pixi and so on) — but it’s new to tablets,” David Pogue reports for The New York Times.

“Which means, of course, that there aren’t many apps for it yet. How many is ‘not many?’ Well, 300,” Pogue reports. “(H.P. points out, however, that there are even fewer for Android tablets, even after several months: only 232.)”

MacDailyNews Take: Two wrongs do not make an iPad.

“Now, from a hardware-checklist perspective, the TouchPad doesn’t get off to a good start,” Pogue writes. “It’s the same size as the iPad, but it’s 40 percent thicker (.75 inches thick) and 20 percent heavier (1.6 pounds) — a bitter spec to swallow in a gadget you hold upright all day long.”

“It supposedly has a blazing-fast chip inside, but you wouldn’t know it,” Pogue writes. “When you rotate the screen, it takes the screen two seconds to match — an eternity in tablet time. Apps can take a long time to open; the built-in chat app, for example, takes seven seconds to appear. Animations are sometimes jerky, reactions to your finger swipes sometimes uncertain.”

Pogue reports, “WebOS also plays Flash videos on the Web, though sometimes jerkily. Android tablets can do that but, the iPad can’t. (‘We’re not afraid of the Web,’ cracks a TouchPad product manager.)”

MacDailyNews Take: You will be after you get done reading TouchPad reviews, moron.

Hey, you shoved Adobe’s antiquated Flash in there (even though your fake iPad can’t deal with it reliably), so where’s the floppy drive, Luddite?

Pogue reports, “In this 1.0 incarnation, the TouchPad doesn’t come close to being as complete or mature as the iPad or the best Android tablets; you’d be shortchanging yourself by buying one right now…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, people don’t want half-assed prototypes, they want iPads.

“In the tablet world we’re going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus.” – Eric Cador, HP Senior Vice President, Personal Systems Group – Europe, Middle East and Africa, May 23, 2011

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Which is why Bezos will never release the number of Kindles sold. Nor will amazon release a tablet. It will be vaporware to manage the stock price and prevent it from falling while some folks can maximize the amount they can make as they exercise their options (of course sales were all pre-determined by a schedule).

      1. Just tried it out at Best Buy. Seems like a nice unit with lots of good features. Ipad works great too. I like the mini usb port so I can hook it up to the BB. I’ve always had good experiences with HP and it’s support staff over the years. I also like the “card” method of controling applications and the ability to “flick” the app away when it’s no longer needed.

  1. iPhone 4:Palm Pre as IPad:?

    a) HP DoucheBag
    b) any tablet not starting with an “i”
    c) the answer is obvious to everybody but HP
    d) all of the above

    Because of the raging success of WebOS on the Palm Pre, HP wanted to duplicate the its success on a tablet? People are out of work and morons continue to run multi-billion dollar tech cos.? No justice.

  2. What happened to all the feminite hygiene jokes when referring to things called “pad”? Isn’t HP afraid of the media backlash?

    “the iPad can’t.” more like the iPad won’t.

  3. Running Flash is barely a selling feature, but it’s definitely not if it can’t do it properly, in fact it just lessens the device across the board. I don’t understand why these other companies think that poor flash performance will somehow help them compete with Apple.

    IF their devices were as good in terms of hardware, had similar apps, battery life, price etc, PLUS ran flash then yes it would be a bonus, but none of them do they just seem willing to sacrifice themselves for no reason at all.

  4. MDN, thanks foR the unbiased review once again! You sure aren’t a 1 trick pony. Webos is a competitor to watch for especially because they are in talks regarding licensing out the os. Webos is actually a great os , better than android and would dilute the market even more. Apple needs to be careful in moving there attention away from the pro market and trying to be the biggest player ie: making cheaper iPhones etc….. Don’t compete with china or you’ll get squashed focus on the pro market and the people who want quality and can afford it…. But then again that would lower MDN’s viewing audience!

    1. What in the world?!? Apple has no need to focus on the pro market. In fact, Apple’s strategy is EXACTLY opposite the pro market: sell great solutions to consumers (which, BTW, are far more potential sales than the pro market), but make products which can also be used in the pro market. Consumers like their iPhones, iPads, MacBook Airs, etc., and demand they be permitted to use them at work, etc.

      Apple was never a pro market company and therefore can’t move away from that market.

      BTW, concentrating on “pro” markets sure helped RIM, Adobe, etc. in the past few years, didn’t it?

      1. what are you 4?? Years before you trend whores jump on apple pro focus did if fact exsist. Most graphic artists and video production houses ran Mac. Adobe did very well from these user and so did apple and the high prices. A few years from now apple will be exactly where they were 5 years ago selling iPods to 14 year olds and the pro market which you say never existed will be elsewhere. By watering down things like final cut the may happen sooner. You can’t be blamed when all you’ve seen is the rise don’t become a investment advisor with small breadth of insight.

    1. Your statement would be valid IF HP had released version 1.0 before or around when the iPad 1 was released. However, HP is 15+ months late to the tablet game, and this is the best they have? You’re telling me the couldn’t produce at least a thinner, lighter tablet in 12 months of design time?

      1. This thing was already in the can before the iPad 2 came out. They were designing in the shadows of the iPad 1 and from what it sounds failed to even measure up since it’s heavier and thicker than the iPad 1.

  5. some people naturally assume that apple staffers like Jon rubinstein moving somewhere like HP can ALWAYS work miracles. Look at the excitement of Ron Johnson’s move to JC Penney.

    But perhaps it’s Apple’s environment (under S. Jobs) that allows great talent to flourish. Remember Jony Ive couldn’t even sell a design for a flush toilet to a client (the guy – supposedly an a*s ripped the design to impress his managers) before Apple and Jobs.

    Could Picasso have become an icon if he was born and stuck in a cod fishing village in the artic instead of living in thriving art world of Paris where he had rich patrons and friends like Matisse? Sure Picasso would have become the best whale bone carver on the island but would he have become P-I-C-A-S-S-O and make art history? (what I’m saying is that environment , in our case Apple, counts)

    I have a stinky suspicion that the entrenched corporate minded HP managers with turf to protect probably didn’t exactly welcome Rubinstein the ‘guy from the fruit company’ with open arms. Look at Microsoft where the powerful Office and Windows desktop managers crippled Windows mobile for years (win ce, Kin, Zune, Danger, Pink etc didn’t have full support) — now Windows DESKTOP instead of Win Mobile is going into tablets…

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