Google confirms FTC antitrust probe

“A Google SEC filing quietly submitted late Thursday has confirmed an FTC antitrust investigation,” Electronista reports.

“The brief notice said it had received a subpoena for a look into the company’s behavior,” Electronista reports. “Little was mentioned about the focus other than that it would touch on ‘search and advertising.'”

Electronista reports, “The investigation is likely to center on whether Google is using its leading share to unfairly steer search results and advertising.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Google is behaving exactly like Microsaft by using its dominance to leverage, bully, buy over and overawed its competitors. It is killing true innovation and hard work and is also destroying the innovative spirit of competition by empowering parasites and lazy copycats to go the shortcut route – just like what Microsaft used to do. Look at HP, Dell and many fine companies: they were once-upon-a-time great companies but now they are merely bottom-dwellers. Google and Microsaft have weakened the competitive spirit of America.

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