Conan blasts Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X (with video)

Apple recently released their new editing software Final Cut Pro X and Conan’s editors absolutely love it!

Direct link to video via Teamcoco here.

MacDailyNews Take: Funny video.

Now, while 99.99% of Conan’s audience wonder “WTF was that?!” might we suggest that a better use of time would have been for his “editors” to RTFM instead of mindlessly trashing something they’ve obviously not properly explored?

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but you can laugh at them as they stomp their paws and threaten to turn blue.

(Keep in mind that in previous lives we went from 3/4-inch to 1-inch A/B roll editing — not to mention MII, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, etc. — to Avid Media Composers to Final Cut Pro, so we know more than a little something about editing and learning new paradigms.)

The fact is that your old FCP is still there. Take some time and give FCP X a chance. Yes, currently there are issues with FCP X and, yes, they will be addressed – hopefully very quickly.

So, been there, done that. Whine, bitch and moan all you want, but we guarantee that the world will move forward regardless.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]

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    1. I think some of the complaints are legit! (Tape Workflow is STILL HUGE!) but some of them are bother-line asinine people don’t even know how to use the program yet but they complain about not being able to place and store projects in different places! wrong. So yes MDN (I can’t believe I’m actually defending MDN!!!) is right on calling some of these people out. These are not real editors they just want to fan outrage, the new application is going to take time to develop and I for 1 cannot wait (hurry up with multi-cam already apple!).

      1. I wasn’t aware it was MDN’s job to ‘call out’ Apple’s own users and customers when they don’t agree 110% that the latest batch of koolaid is revolutionary and will change the world overnight.

        lol. This place is f*cked up if you really think about for a moment.

        Just admit that all Apple does is perfect and any other opinion is a shortcoming of your own intellectual ineffectiveness and you’ll be OK here. HAHA.

          1. I’ve been viewing this site daily for the last 6 or 7 years. It is EXTREMELY rare that MDN rips Apple when they deserve to be ripped.

            Now, they offer some very mild criticism once in a great while, but I think you are the one who hasn’t been here long.

    2. Knee-jerk reactions always get the same reaction from MDN, no matter who the culprit is.

      People act like FP7 has suddenly stopped working. It has not.

      1. It may still work, but the FCP X installs “moves” it to a “special” location on your hard drive–and the suite has been pulled from the web site.

        Huh? Hmmm? Huh? Hummm? What?!?!

        1. What professional does a major mission-critical software install without first cloning their boot drive and archiving their software installers? Uh, not me. Heck, I won’t even let Software Update run when I’m in the middle of a job.

  1. Apple already stated that some of the crap users are whining about, were not ready yet. And it will be added later.

    People just like to bitch moan and complain.

    1. We didn’t cut RIM any slack for promising missing features will be added later to the Playbook, so why cut Apple slack for saying missing features in Final Cut Pro will be added later?

      1. “…why don’t they call it beta?”
        Because you don’t understand the term beta in reference to software. Beta software doesn’t work as intended, it has bugs and glitches that haven’t been worked out yet. FCPX works as intended it’s just not feature complete. There’s a difference.
        When they iPhone first came out, it was not feature complete, no cut/copy/paste, no MMS etc. It was not beta though, and neither is FCPX.

    2. At least Apple has taken the trouble to pursue a full 64-bit native rewrite. Are some key elements missing? Sounds like it. Are some key complainers missing some of the elements that already exist? Seems likely. They haven’t had a chance to adapt, yet.

      This is a little like the early versions of Mac OS X. I stayed on the classic OS until 10.2 – no big deal. I gave it a chance to mature until I was comfortable with the upgrade. As MrMcLargeHuge points out, FCP7 *still* exists. If it does the job and FCP X doesn’t, then provide constructive feedback to Apple and keep on working with FCP7.

      Apple has done many great things over the years. But the company does screw up once in a while. You have to take risks in order to succeed. Maybe this is one of those times that they fouled up. Or, perhaps, this is just a bit of a rocky start to a great new evolution of the product that will go far beyond your expectations. With Apple, you never know when the genius will manifest and new horizons open up.

      Go ahead and poke fun at Apple. Go ahead and lambast them, if you feel the need. But, in the end, you will likely find that Apple comes closest to providing what you really need and like.

      1. Sorry. But they deserve to be ripped here. Both Apple and MDN. I don’t believe for second that anyone at MDN has ever worked in a professional production environment. Just because they mention tape formats and a few old cameras doesn’t mean sh#& to me. If they had they would be signing a different tune.
        I frequently do very large shows with 8 or more cameras in very large venues. The lack of multicam alone precludes me from using what appears to be a product aimed at the “prosumer” instead of the actual pro. Good luck with that Apple. Sure there are far more prosumers than pros off of whom they can make money but this doesn’t bode well for their toehold in professional media.

        Pros expected another major update. What we got is something that appears to not be worth the time to “upgrade”. Maybe when they fix all of the problems they’ve created for real pros then the real pros will adopt it. Until then they will either stick with FCP7 or go another way.

        1. Whoop-dee-doo. If you are a pro, then your gig was spec’d with the gear needed for the job. Face it, you might be an 8 camera show, but you’re a niche player in a niche ‘pro’ world. That means you should be familiar using big boy patience and very used to this standard operating procedure. Hardly ever is a busy working pro environment ready for a new ANYTHING on day 1, much less week 1 or month 1 of its release.

          Further… every tech grunt has his work machine with work software, and his play machine for playing and new toys. Like I’d be kinda surprised if you were surfing here on the work machine, would kinda put a dent in your pro claim. So assuming you’re all Mary-Ann and no Ginger, you know exactly where to install FCPX for the required incubation. Translation: your ‘professional’ critique and disdain above, is kinda out of sync with the air of superiority your ‘professional’ claims are trying to cultivate.

          I could be wrong, but you sound more like you just wanted some new toys and an easy upgrade. But face it, pro video is the dismal armpit of the professional creative software world and desperately needs a shave and deodorant. Its all clunky and stupid, not to put too fine a point on it… but pro video has fallen even further down the ugly tree than pro audio! Methed-out road trash are picking scabs off each other in sleazy motels outside El Paso… while still rocking better software than anything you guys have in pro video.

          Its also highly amusing to watch dorks trying to accumulate wizard points by proclaiming this new perceived heresy as iMovie Pro. Why are you all always whining about iMovie to the rest of us? I kinda thought you knew, that we ALL think iMovie is the only video app that doesn’t look like crappy PC security camera software from 1994. Is it threatening to hip-up and simplify the magical dungeon technology of your nerd caves? If Apple actually made iMovie Pro, then we wouldn’t need loud shrieking creatures with claws deformed by archaic 3-button mice and ‘Centipede’ rollerball wheels, to perform their bewildering, seemingly nonsensical magic into cryptic dinosaur UIs and filing systems.

          Here’s a fun game for all your non-video pros, count up all the different distinct video players you’ve had to encounter, and the special codecs required to just play a lousy 30 second clips from a link some idiot emailed you. Then see how many you can count before you want to slap a video professional. My best was up to .asf, but I almost got to divx!

    3. I have worked with FCP in one form or another for the past 20 years. Do I think it is perfewct? NO!!! Does it have flaws?? YES!!!!! Is there anything better out there…in my opinion NO!!!! So if we can’t laugh at what we are the consumers of then some of us need to get a sense of humor and relax!

  2. @MDN,

    Imagine if when you went to Digital Betacam that there was no way whatsoever to import video from any other format besides VHS.

    That’s a WTF analogy of FCPX not being able to import projects from any version of Final Cut, even though it can import from iMovie.

    This is a HUGE problem for real pros (especially studios) that have project templates that they’d need to either recreate or wait in hopes that Apple will add the ability to import.

    Likewise, you can upload to YouTube/Friend/Facester, but you can’t export with specific settings unless you go through Compressor (sold separately).

    Final Cut Pro X has some features that I love. And the speed is really incredible. I’m migrating to it now, but I can see how many real pros will have to wait.

    Apple should have released this as Final Cut X and announced that Pro would be coming soon and follow in the same model.

    1. Did Apple come over and delete your old FCP from your hard drive?

      Both FCP and FCP X exist during the transition and solutions to will arise to address editors’ needs.

      1. @MDN,

        “Did Apple come over and delete your old FCP from your hard drive?”

        Yes, as a matter of fact they did.

        Keep in mind, I said that I was migrating. I’m happy with FCPX despite the obvious major flaws from a Pro perspective.

        While FCP is still useable, the ability to use it moving forward is unknown and it’s no longer sold, so that’s not an answer. It’s a common excuse for whenever a developer releases a bad upgrade “just keep using the old”, that’s great, but then you’re still looking at the new product and asking, “why did you do this?” Worse, with Apple, you’re stuck not knowing anything about what will happen the very next day.

        Again, it’s an issue in a studio environment where you’d be looking at adding workstations and stuck with incompatibilities between new workstations with FCPX and old ones with FCP.

        I’m happy with many things about FCPX, as much of it works great for me and it’s a great price, but Apple *did* drop the ball on some of this, and if “keep using the old until the pro stuff is implemented” is the answer, then Apple rushed this to market in a way that I’d expect Microsoft to do.

        I can respect that it was time for a complete overhaul, and as such this is a version 1.0 product, which accounts for a variety of bugs, but providing compatibility should’ve been one of the top requirements.

        Forget the pro-technical aspect, just from a marketing perspective, think of this:

        Anyone with FCP today can look at upgrading to FCPX or migrating to another vendor. FCP is very long in the tooth and users have been holding on for quite some time. However now, there’s nothing to tie them into “upgrading”. Buying FCPX gives no advantages that a normal upgrade would give. Your projects don’t transfer. Your knowledge and experience don’t transfer. Your workflow doesn’t transfer. Less tangible things like the approach and method doesn’t transfer. Ironically, switching vendors may result in more compatibility than “upgrading” to FCPX for many pros.

      2. Why do people ask stuff like this? People who use this software daily in their work flows while collaborating with others are saying that the product fails to offer what they need and what they expect. It’s true, apparently. Many features are missing. Why attack people who are pointing out that a product needs improvement. This is Apple software, not in inerrant word of God. They are perfectly in their right to complain about this software. Many of the concerns are legitimate. Apple can’t just arbitrarily say that Video is dead. They don’t get credit for making a statement that eventually they will add back multicam support. The software should be judged for it’s currently shipped state. It truly is idiotic to default to storing the video like iMovie would do it. It is idiotic not to support importing old projects.

        Yes, nobody took away their old version. But they are commenting on the suitability and use of the new version. It doesn’t yet pass muster for many of them. Dropping features because they’ve been around for a long time makes absolutely no sense. MDN, climb off people’s backs and come back to Earth.

        Frankly MDN’s fanboy defense of Apple is misguided. They put out a product that is not ready to replace the previous version in many professional editors’ workflows.

  3. Yes right. The PROS do not know how to use the new app!!!

    HAHA, ridiculous, PROS made this video on Conan!

    No matter what you may think the PROS are not impressed and will move on IF Apple does not fix this real fast!

  4. FCP was badly in need of an overhaul; e.g. not having to wait for “rendering to complete” is huge for workflow efficiency.

    Yet it seems Apple could have matured the software more during its beta phase rather than release it with some strong deficiencies, or at the very least done a better job of PR due diligence with the professional editing community.

    MacWorld has this to say about some of the “shortcomings”

    1. The MW article mentions: “editing a clip after using the “Open in Timeline” command in Final Cut Pro X will modify the source file”.
      Now that defines hobby quality edit software and is the ultimate show stopper right there! You do not alter source material while editing.

  5. Sorry, MDN, but you’re wrong. It’s not a pro app anymore. And again, that’s fine, it’s theirs and they can do whatever they want with it. But no one (and no one knows better than pro editors, the people who edit for a living) can credibly call FCP X, A) an improvement and B) a professional application.

    1. Bullshit. Final Cut Pro X is a professional-level application for a ridiculously low price. The missing pieces will come from Apple and third-parties. Ground-up version one apps never come fully-baked. Final Cut Pro X is an amazing professional application. The people who are complaining don’t like change and can’t accept that the paradigm has just shifted.

    1. Again, funny video. We just don’t like seeing what is really an amazing piece of software trashed mainly because it changes the editing world and pushes it forward.

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