40% of European smartphone buyers plan to next buy an Apple iPhone

“Yankee Group is set to release its European Mobile User Study next month and the research firm has just provided a quick glimpse into its early findings,” Todd Haselton reports for BGR.

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“Reportedly, 40% of European smartphone buyers plan to purchase an iPhone as their next device,” Haselton reports. “19% plan to purchase an Android powered device, 17% have their eye on a BlackBerry, and 15% plan to buy a Nokia smartphone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We pity 19% of European smartphone buyers, question the sanity of 17%, and stare in abject horror at 15%. God only knows on what fscktastic crap the remaining 9% are “planning” to waste their money.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Such a small sampling means absolutely nothing. I’m sure if they took the poll in Australia, over 60% would probably say they were buying iPhones. If they took the sampling in Scotland, there would be around 5% saying they were buying iPhones.

    Sorry to say, but Apple is still the short-seller’s choice despite this feeble attempt to boost projected iPhone sales in Europe. WS has already decided that Apple iPhone sales will fall woefully short of Android smartphone sales in 2011 and 2012 and are setting the Apple Short-Sell machine in motion for tomorrow. There’s nothing like the smell of Apple short-sell on a Friday to end the week with a thud.

    Nothing personal. Apple begs to be shorted and shorters are willing to oblige.

    1. Hope you’re wrong. Futures are looking up but it’s Friday and you know how the market likes to disappoint on Fridays? AAPL. Is due for a run before earnings. But it could be a little way off? I think AAPL will surprise you today. I say up about 7.0.

    2. Actually, it’s a pretty good-sized sample. Where did you read it was a small sample?

      “The new study polls 5,000 consumers and 2,250 employees and IT decision-makers across five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K.”

      You presume that the iPhone is in some race with Android, and that only one company will eventually dominate. Unlike PCs, where Microsoft’s onerous contract terms with OEMs prevented them offering alternative OSes, the smartphone market is wide open with lots of unsettled territory for new claimants.

      As for your weekly short, it may work, until it doesn’t, and then all those small gains you make, whether it’s as an option writer, banking on MaxPain theory, or as a shortseller will vanish in a blink of an eye. Good luck.

    3. If Android is such a great idea, why is Google down almost 25% since the middle of January, when, over the same time period, Apple is down less than 3%?

    4. If you were actually a WiseInvestor, then you would follow the money, not the unit sales. Many companies with modest, but highly profitable marketshare are prized by investors.

      Android is not an entity, it consists of Google s/w and a number of hardware vendors. You cannot invest in “Android” except as a sector. Even if Android does continue to grow, Apple is still likely to maintain sizeable iOS unit sales and reap substantial profits for many years. The Apple iOS and Mac OS ecosystems appear to be merging and thriving. The future of the fragmented Android approach is not so clear, and as many vendors will likely fail as succeed.

      Apple continues to be highly successful, despite what recent AAPL stock price fluctuations might indicate. Wall Street has been wrong *many* times in the past. You are reading *far* too much into a relatively short period of stock data.

    5. if you were a wise investor, you would be a smart investor.
      Obviously you’re neither.
      iPhones and Apple are making wise investors rich
      Mr wise, does the word Duh? Mean anything to you?

    1. Among my many European friends many are using iPhones. Some on the 3GS but most have upgraded to the 4. Many are waiting for the 5. I would say that from my own experience out of all my European friends at least 8/10 are on iPhones. But then my sample could be skewed as these are working professionals with jobs. Android could dominate in Greece for all I know. Being jobless & owning an Android seem to go hand in hand.

      1. Dead wrong about Greece bud… I’m living in Greece and 8 out of 10 phones are iPhones with most of them 3GSs and i4s…
        Android is popular only between Geeks and people that have nothing to do than playing with their phones and mod them all day…

  2. I’ve been staying in Northern Italy. The region is quite prosperous, and while everyone seems to be talking on mobile phones, I see very few smartphones. In the major airports of course, it’s all iPhones and iPads. I looked in a store window. Windows OS phones ranged from the low to high 300s (€). The one Android they had was €550, and the iPhone was €639! Still, the smartphones I do see in the trattorias and on the street are almost all iPhones. No Androids in the wild at all.

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