Why is Apple winning? See white iPhone debacle

“When Apple released the white iPhone 4 in April, a lot of people were scratching their heads. Others simply snickered. The product suffered a 10-month delay and a string of broken promises from Apple that it was ‘coming soon,'” Jason Hiner writes for ZDNet. “That’s not like Apple, which is usually as efficient as a blood-thirsty dictator.”

“At the time the white iPhone arrived, most in the tech industry were expecting the next iPhone to be released just a couple months later in June/July, since that’s been Apple’s pattern for the past four years,” Hiner writes. “In retrospect, the launch of the white iPhone in April along with the launch of the Verizon iPhone in January should have been clear signs that pattern wasn’t going to continue this year. The current expectation is thatthe next iPhone will arrive this fall, potentially sporting Verizon LTE 4G connectivity.”

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Hiner writes, “The change in release schedule has certainly given the white iPhone 4 a longer shelf life. But, the significance of this product has nothing to do with the fact that it will likely be on the market for just 5-6 months. It’s about the power of ‘No.’ …Apple said ‘No’ to the product repeatedly, swallowed its pride, and endured ridicule over the delay. Apple waited until it got it right…”

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        1. I guess that patent was a BIG part of why Apple waited so long to go after all the copy cats. It’s about time! It’s hard to sit back and watch all these Android phones rip off Apple’s iOS software and nothing happens….Let’s hope Google pays for all their non-inventive, rip-off ways of growing their business

  1. Apple is winning ? what a Joke…
    Microsoft beat apple at desktop computer…
    and soon, Microsoft beat Apple at mobile os with WP7 Mango also on tablet PC with Windows 8…

    1. Thanks.
      I needed a laugh this morning.

      Scroll back a few days to see the article posted about the windows devs horrified at the windows 8 preview.

      Windblows phones are a joke. Mango is as well.
      Gonna take over? They actually have to sell to be in the running…

    2. When it comes to tablets Microsoft has proved itself to be the biggest failure after nine years of repeatedly trying to push the tablet platform and they got soundly smacked by Apple’s iPad in nine months. Why? Because they’re so stubborn trying to foist some bloated and antiquated desktop OS on a slim handheld device. A bunch of damn fools at Microsoft.

    3. I would guess you’re American, and possibly not from a major conurbation. I would suggest that one day soon you leave your mom’s basement and go somewhere like New York or London and spend some time travelling on the Metro or Underground, taking a real close look at the devises that people are using. I can promise you this; on the London Underground at least, you will have to spend a very long time travelling before you spot any recent WinMob phone. You might see one or two Android phones for every seven or eight iPhones or Touches.

      1. Yes, we Americans are quiet familiar with computing devices, even in very rural areas there are good selections of iPhone/iPod and other latest gizmo accessories at kiosks in 24/7 truck stops… typically well before new devices are even on sale in the rest of the world. Obviously you’re not aware of all the gadgetry available to the RV industry here either. Our reddest neck hicks might only have 3 teeth (perhaps a tie with the English) but they’ve also got a laser powered BBQs mounted on their trucks. Might be worth pointing out that almost all computer tech is designed in the US, traveling the London’s Underground is about as relevant to Silicon Valley as walking the Serengeti. In fact iCloud will be hosted from the Confederate South.

        Americans can make fun of our country cousins for being a little backward, but from foreigners its laughable and they should have a little more sense to remember their place in all this… after deepest Alabama.

          1. OK, let’s all play the half-assed wiki game…

            Now by Jon Ive, you mean 20 year US resident, working for a 35 year old US company, designing their hardware cases? Might even surprise you to know that people have been ditching their home countries and coming to America for centuries to develop their innovations.

            Now by ARM, do you mean the joint venture started by Silicon Valley USA’s Apple and VLSI, that’s now using Acorn’s tech?

            Like the Battle of New Orleans all over again.

    4. Bing this..

      Apple is worth $100 billion more than Microsoft. If your parents owned a share of MSFT 1 year ago, today it’s worth $2 more, if they owned a share of AAPL it’s worth almost $90 more.

      This is probably because they make better software–that people want to use rather than have to use. And Mac sales are growing fast while PC sales are flat or shrinking. This is probably because a lot of people are buying iPads instead of a new PC.

      However MSFT still leads Android in Malware, enjoy that while it lasts

    1. The sad thing is that the market beating Ballmer is taking is like watching a small child get beat up and you wince at the low low level of competence there versus the Steve Jobs cosmic market force and it actually gets painful to watch. Painful to see Ballmers foolish, whimpering and inadequate take on things. These guys don’t know what hit ’em once things started getting more on a level playing field. And Job bided his time and played the game until he could sneak up on them unawares with his wares. Now it’s Apple’s game to call and the body count and bloodbaths are mounting up one by one…

      Competition however is good (with the complete hardware/software infrastructure as Apple has built) but only competent competition. Don’t see much of that around though. Only Microsoft has the resources to do that, and, well, Ballmer’s in charge. Need I say more?

  2. In retrospect, the launch of the white iPhone in April along with the launch of the Verizon iPhone in January should have been clear signs that pattern wasn’t going to continue this year.

    Which is what a lot of us were saying at the time.

    1. Exactly. I imagine Apple realized long ago they could use something to extend the iPhone 4’s lifespan and delayed the white version a little (or a lot) longer than needed for production/quality reasons.

  3. underpowered junk toys iPhone4 ? haha, even iPhone cannot file transfer via bluetooth to another phone… and iPhone is still single core phone that always lagged performance XD

          1. Yes, I’ve tried the Galaxy Tab and the Xoom tablet at several different retailers. Neither worked properly at any location. But yet somehow iPads work all the time no matter where you find them.

            Thanks for trying to rile up the regular crowd. Sometimes it gets a little serious in here.

  4. Wow good read but if only this article would also apple to another apple products, time machine.
    It is hot and as a backup works seamlessly but NOT adequate.
    To place all your data into one drive is simply crazy

    1. It must be the day of the fake trolls who want to spend all day reading the inflamed responses to their attempts to get people all riled up. Enjoy the trolls, folks, and don’t take them seriously.

      1. You can make fun of Jobs.
        You can make fun of Ballmer.
        You can make fun of Ive.

        but you may not use our lord Chuck Norris’ name without retribution and besmirching!

    1. Weird. Annoying but laughable. Maybe ballmer et al have hired a bunch of trolls as a FUD strategy. executed as clumsily as their usual marketing and product intros.

    2. Hmm, not sure. They are likely riled up over the recent patent to kill their chosen platform?

      Still – I treat the posts as jokes along the way of a ZT. However they could be much more humorous if they properly employed English (or “American English”…no comments from the Brits, OK?). We must applaud ZT for correct usage, giving his humorous, and wrong, point of view.

      Enjoy the rest of the troll posters, you ‘regulars’. The next few days should be very amusing!

  5. yeah, apple is a crapware and jokes at operating system industry. they sell linux for money, what a craps…
    apple should learn more with richard stallman and linus torvalds

  6. apple is winning ? what a premature declaration.. nokia is still on the biggest player at phone market. This time, they will kick apple to sea with Symbian Anna and Windows Phone 7 Mango phone this year. So, for apple cults, get happy as long as you can, before nokia kick you all

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