Apple’s COO Tim Cook spotted at China Mobile headquarters

“Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook is spotted at China Mobile headquarters this morning,” Chris Chang reports for M.I.C. Gadget.

“A Chinese reporter from First Financial Daily (one of the most prosperous financial papers in China) managed to take a picture of Tim Cook walking in the lobby of China Mobile’s HQ, and there are 7-8 people walking along with Cook,” Chang reports. “And Cook seemed to be happy.”

Chang reports, “With today’s update on Tim Cook visiting China Mobile, we think the cooperation between China Mobile and Apple will be HUGE. If Apple is going to use TD-LTE in the next iPhone you can bet your arse that every carrier in the world will be making sure their ‘4G’ will be TD-LTE too when it gets deployed.”

Read more in the full article, including a photo of the back of someone who could be Cook in China Mobile’s HQ, here.

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  1. That comment about every carrier using “TD-LTE” smacks of a little bit of Chinese “boosterism.” I can see why Apple would want a version of the iPhone that is TD-SCDMA compatible, but why would foreign carriers switch from their existing LTE systems to one that is Chinese-specific?

  2. I think most non Asian carriers will want to do anything but go for TD-LTE to protect their own assets. This is typical Asian bravado of the type you see continually from ASUS, HTC and Acer that’s more about building self confidence and impress in their own markets. One day they may well have some substance to add to their fertile imaginations.

  3. Spot on Paul. Absolutely no Carrier outside of China is interested in TD-LTE. Obviously the Chinese carriers haven’t learnt from what the Japanese carriers went through, they will soon enough.

  4. Definitely Tim Cook. navy blazer, khakis, slight hunch, that’s him.

    I think the TD-LTE comment was slightly misinterpreted. I don’t think anyone wants to use the TD implementation, ONLY. It’ll be TD-compatible.

    As for “Asian bravado”, you might as well say Chinese, seeing as Asus, HTC and Acer are all in Taiwan, which means they are Chinese.

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