RUMOR: Apple’s iPhone 5 with radical new case design to debut in August

“BGR has independently confirmed that the next-generation iPhone will not merely be an upgraded iPhone 4 as had been previously rumored,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR.

“We have been told by a reliable source to expect a radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone,” Geller reports. “According to our source, Apple may hold an event in the beginning or middle of August to announce the new iPhone, with availability to follow in the last week of August.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]


  1. As has been said before, 4S doesn’t make sense to call the 5th iPhone. The 3G was iPhone 2, so 3GS made sense for the 3rd one. It’ll be iPhone 5, and worthy of the title, surely. This IS Apple, after all.

    1. Agree, “4s” does not make sense since “4” was not “4G” or anything pertaining to cell-technology, but simply numbered version of the phone; so it will be iPhone 5 or iPhone 4G (if 4G will be supported).

      As to “radical new case design”, this is nonsensical rumour. First, iPhone 4 itself was radical case redesign, and there is no room was radical new case design after than (unless something ridiculous considered as phone in the shape of a pyramid or sphere).

      Also, iPhone 4’s design proved to be times more successful than iPhone’s original design, with sales rocketing as high as never before. In fact, iPhone 4 is the best selling model of a phone, not only smartphone, on the planet.

  2. How many folks use more than 2GB of data? I’m trying to decide whether to get an iPhone 4 now from VZW with unlimited data, or wait for the iPhone 5 with a likely 2GB data cap – decisions, decisions . . .

    1. I have the 2GB plan and it is more than enough for me. However I don’t stream much video.. so if you are a youtube fanatic you may want to watch your usage.

    2. This is a big consideration for me also. I have the grandfathered unlimited plan from ATT. However, the most I have EVER used is 750MB when I didn’t have wif for most of the months. I have never gone over 250MB except for that one month because I always have wifi around.

      However, I think things will change in the future. If ESPN could stream and other channels it would be invaluable to have unlimited for when I am out and about and want to watch some stuff on my phone. I am holding off switching because of the potential demands for data in the future, not because of how I use my phone now.

  3. Apple had 1.5 year to work on the iPhone 5. So it would have to be a radically new design to appease the customers. Can u imagine the outrage if they only added an A5 processor?

    1. The reason for the delay is they are making it one phone. It will be CDMA/GSM. A “world phone”. That created the delay. Don’t go crazy expecting much.

  4. That sucks. They just got done pushing this great stock down on late iPhone upgrades and now people will find that was just FUD and BS. Now they will have to come up with something else that is just as stupid.

    RIMM is crushed and Android smart phones are now infected by some malware app labeled GGTrack. And Google is going to have to pay royalties or something on that free OS that is in those Android crap.

    And the worry is that Apple may be shipping the next upgraded secure malware free iPhone a month or two later. Idiots!

  5. Can’t wait. As for Android and it’s NFC payment system,any more talk of malware on their phones and I cannot imagine folks too eager with that scenario.

  6. That’s good news. The iphone 4 design is very un-Apple… sharp edges, clunky, feeling heavy, un-ergonomic. Not for the first time, Apple has gone up a blind alley with this version… let’s hope they get back on track with the 5.

    1. Got to agree with you there, that has been my complaint since the beginning.

      The iPhone is a computer and a phone second, and that is painfully obvious when you hold it to your head and talk.

      I remember thinking “wow they absolutely gave little to no thought about how this thing would feel as a PHONE when they made it.”

      Totally focused on the OS and ‘computer’ side of it. Some of the basics got lost in translation I think.

      Same complaint I have with many of the Android phones out there.

      Its all the same… you have a rectangular slab with a screen. Its like holding a thin brick to your head.

  7. At the risk of being stoned to death, I hope the iPhone 5 has its antennas on the inside. I owned 3 iPhone 4s for a week but had to return them and hang on to my 3GS because … well, because… you know why.

    1. Have never had a problem with reception or dropped calls on my iPhone 4. My overall reception with the 4 is better than it was with the 3GS, which is consistent with objective tests.

      It is not always possible, but if I had problems with “death grip”, using the headset would be a serious option. However, I understand that not everyone likes that.

    2. From a technical design perspective an external antenna that is to say an antenna that is placed on the exterior of the phone’s casing is a superior design because radio signals do not have to pass through an intermediate medium which contributes to signal attenuation.

      Attenuation can be measured in a variety of ways, the first of which is relative signal strength as perceived by the radio. As the antenna feeds the signal into the radio a purer signal that is to say one that had a high SN ratio (signal to noise) will achieve the highest gain and therefore attain the highest throughput.

      If an intermediate medium is interposed between the transmitting antenna and receiver, you will need to boost the gain on the transmitter to achieve the same signal strength as seen by the receiver. Boosting signal levels by increasing gain will in some cases contribute to headaches due to microwave radiation when you put your phone next to your head as you speak.

      Apple’s iPhone 4 external antenna design is optimal for minimising attenuation.

      1. As an electronics engineer who has designed more than one radio, let me say you are absolutely right. But with one very important exception. When those external antennas are placed such that when held as I always hold my iPhones, my middle finger just naturally lands across the gap between 2 of the 3 antennas, and that causes my already weak signal (where I sit all day I get -113dbm signal strength with my 3GS) to drop to the point where I lose connectivity, then I ***DO*** experience a problem. I can talk all day here on my 3GS but would drop calls maybe 5 times a day with the iP4. And I never met a case that I liked better than my 3GS without one. So here I am with my 3GS waiting for a design that I can use.

  8. If the new iPhone will be redesigned it will only confirm that Apple got it totally wrong in the first place. Like with the buttonless iPod shuffle. I personally like the look and the feel of iPhone 4.

  9. In my crystal balls I see . . .

    A kick ass August for Apple! It’s gonna be yet another back-to-school bonanza and cashbox-Christmas for Apple. I predict!

    Sorry competitors, or so-called. 😉

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