Apple’s iOS 5 allows for multiple simultaneous app downloads over Wi-Fi and 3G

“We installed iOS 5 on a couple of our iOS devices, and have been combing through it to find all the new features,” Trevor Sheridan reports for Apple’N’Apps.

“Today, we stumbled upon an interesting new feature that allows you to download new apps simultaneously,” Sheridan reports. “Now, when you download new apps from the App Store, there is no longer any apps waiting.”

Sheridan reports, “The simultaneous downloads feature works over 3G as well as WiFi. The 20 MB cellular limit is still in place, but you can download multiple under 20 MB apps.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I expect the next news item from this bunch of upstanding reporters will be how iOS 5 allows you to download apps while the iPad owner is busy in the toilet doing a number one.

  2. you know the ONE thing i want them to change with the App Store on the iPhone mainly…

    When you have updates to apps. Place the damn Size of the app in the description.
    So when you are on 3G… you know if you can update the app or not.

    It has always bugged me to see an update to an app, one that i knew had a bug and i have been waiting for it to get fixed… Show up as an update, I’m happy. I go to update it.. and can’t. it’s over 20 MB. but I don’t know that till after i start the download… and then get back to a WiFi area, and find it’s a huge 20.1 mb download….. Bastards.
    At least on iPad you can open each app and see the full app page and see the update size. the iPhone version just shows you the update notes. Example: Evernote has an update for me right now (3 days ago… but i rarely use evernote anymore so i really don’t care) on iPad, touch the evernote box. takes me to the evernote page on the app store, and the Install button says Update. Directly below that i can see it’s 11.7 Mb.
    iPhone… touch it. says “bug fixes” no other info…

    or a selective update ability. I want to update 3 of my 4 apps, and not have to babysit them process. Maybe that 4th is a 500mb download, and the other 3 are under 20mb.


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