New iOS 5 includes over 200 new features, including Notification Center, iMessage, Newsstand, Twitter integration

Apple today previewed iOS 5, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, and released a beta version to iOS Developer Program members. The iOS 5 beta release includes over 200 new features that will be available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users this fall. New iOS 5 features include: Notification Center, an innovative way to easily view and manage notifications in one place without interruption; iMessage, a new messaging service that lets you easily send text messages, photos and videos between all iOS devices; and Newsstand, a new way to purchase and organize your newspaper and magazine subscriptions. With the new PC Free feature, iOS 5 users can activate and set up their iOS device right out of the box and get software updates over the air with no computer required.

“iOS 5 has some great new features, such as Notification Center, iMessage and Newsstand and we can’t wait to see what our developers do with its 1,500 new APIs,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, in the press release. “Perhaps iOS 5’s paramount feature is that it’s built to seamlessly work with iCloud in the Post PC revolution that Apple is leading.”

With iOS 5 and iCloud, you just enter your Apple ID and password and iCloud will seamlessly integrate with your apps to automatically and wirelessly keep all of your mail, contacts, calendars, photos, apps, books, music and more, up-to-date across all your devices without ever having to connect to a computer.

Notification Center provides iOS 5 users with an innovative way to easily access all notifications―text messages, missed calls, calendar alerts, app alerts and more, all in one place, from anywhere in iOS 5. When they arrive, notifications appear briefly at the top of the screen without interrupting what you’re doing. With one swipe you can see all your notifications, and a simple tap will take you right to its app for more detail. Notifications also appear on the lock screen, with the ability to be taken to the notifying app with just one swipe.

Newsstand is a beautiful, easy-to-organize bookshelf displaying the covers of all your newspaper and magazine subscriptions in one place. A new section of the App Store™ features just subscription titles, and allows users to quickly find the most popular newspapers and magazines in the world. If subscribed to, new issues appear in the Newsstand and are updated automatically in the background so you always have the latest issue and the most recent cover art.

Safari is the world’s most popular mobile browser, and with iOS 5 it’s now even better. New features include Safari Reader, which gets all the clutter out of the way and sets the right font size on a web page, so you can easily scroll and read through a story; Reading List, so you can save articles to read later and they automatically show up on all your iOS devices; and Tabbed Browsing, which makes it easy to flip between multiple web pages on iPad.

iOS 5 includes built-in Twitter integration, so you can sign in once and then tweet directly from all your Twitter-enabled apps, including Photos, Camera, Safari, YouTube and Maps with a single tap. New APIs give third party developers the ability to take advantage of the single sign-on capability for their own iOS 5 apps.

iMessage in iOS 5 brings the functionality of iPhone messaging to all of your iOS devices―iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Built right into the Messages app, iMessage allows you to easily send text messages, photos, videos or contact information to a person or a group on other iOS 5 devices over Wi-Fi or 3G. iMessages are automatically pushed to all your iOS 5 devices, making it easy to maintain one conversation across your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iMessage also features delivery and read receipts, typing indication and secure end-to-end encryption.

The new Reminders app helps you manage your tasks; create and group related tasks together; and set time or location-based reminder alerts, priorities and due dates, so you can be reminded of a task as its deadline approaches, or when you arrive or depart a given location. Reminders can also be viewed in iCal and Outlook and are updated automatically.

New features in the Camera and Photos apps give you instant access to the camera right from the lock screen, and you can use the volume-up button to quickly snap a photo. Optional grid lines help line up your shot and a simple tap locks focus and exposure on one subject. The new Photos app lets you crop, rotate, enhance and remove red-eye, and organize your photos into albums right on your device to share them on the go.

With the new PC Free feature, iOS 5 users can activate and set up their iOS device right out of the box with no computer required, and iOS software updates are delivered over the air and installed with just a tap. Wi-Fi Sync in iOS 5 transfers and backs up your content securely over SSL and wirelessly syncs purchased content from your device to your iTunes library.

Additional new features in iOS 5 include:

• Game Center, now with the ability to add photos to your profile, purchase new games from within the Game Center app and easier ways to find friends and new games;

• Mail enhancements which include the ability to compose messages using draggable addresses, and a new formatting bar with bold, italics, underline and indention controls;

• AirPlay Mirroring to wirelessly display everything you do on your iPad 2 right on your HDTV through Apple TV®; and

• System-wide split keyboard to make it even easier to type on your iPad.

The iOS 5 beta software and SDK are available immediately for iOS Developer Program members at iOS 5 will be available as a free software update for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch (fourth generation) and iPod touch (third generation) this fall. Some features may not be available on all products.

Source: Apple Inc.


  1. All these great things and AAPL is down more that $5. I cannot understand how this always happens. What did people expect? I am blown away by all these great enhancements to Mac, iOS and MobileMe. I think I will buy some more AAPL. It has to go up.

    1. It’s just people taking their profits from the recent bump. It doesn’t have anything to do with what was in or not in the announcement. Day traders suck!

  2. This is a huge, multi-layered software announcement and Wall Street doesn’t get any of this. Like small children they gurgle for shiny objects.

    1. No, Apple has still not “caught up to Google”. For example, Apple has still not implemented the feature everyone wants the most: ADS! ADS! and more ADS!

      Google’s got ’em beat on that.

  3. No word of new iPhone…

    Also, they didn’t say anything about the unused portion of previously paid-for Mobile Me.

    I wonder if we will get a credit for iTunes Match now that Mobile Me will be free (as it always should have been–and was promised to be “free for life” when it was iTools).

    I have come full circle. I activated my email address with iTools, and I have had it ever since.

    I noticed that Stevw didn’t make the mistake this time of saying, “free for life.”

  4. So in essence they copied the notifications from Android, the PC-less setup from every other smartphone out there, access to camera from the lock screen from wp7, BBM from BlackBerry, and wireless sync from the Zune which I recall isheep called a redundant feature, so all these “innovations” make this the most advanced smartphone, but when other oses integrate a dock or a grid of icons they are stealing apples hard work right you guys are all full of shit

    1. How do you know Apple copied from them? Could it be possible Apple has all these features developed internally long time ago, but not release them for public? Apple may withhold them for marketing reason to entice user to upgrade, or for fine tuning to make them better, or something else. Yes, Apple may also copy from them, but then show the evidence you have.

      1. All of those features (with the exception of maybe BBM) are “Half Baked” one-sey POS. Apples implementation will be rock solid Totally integrated into their ecosystem and “Just Works”!

    2. Apple is the innovator, while MS and Google are derivative, unoriginal copycats. Nevertheless, you have the perfect to use their crappy products to go along with your crappy life.

      Choke on it, maggot!

    3. So, in essence, Android copied everything about their look, feel, and gestures from Apple (since all prototypes of Android were Blackberry-wannabees). Before one gets upset about what Apple may have finally copied from Android, how about admitting that Android copied almost everything else?

    4. I just had a “flash-back”. It was kind of like that documentary where the Nazi’s won the second world war and the world was ruled under dictatorship. Only this time it wasn’t the Nazi’s that had won, it as that Steve Jobs never came back to Apple and it went bankrupt. Then around 2010 of my flashback we were still using those Nokia like Phones with keys still sharing three alphabet letters to a key. People ere still texting horribly crippled words rather than typing real English. It was just terrible…..terrible I tell you. Then all of a sudden I snapped out of it and found that the world was fine…just fine technology wise, although it was still in mess with war’s and political corruption.

    5. you can piss all you want :

      but facts released today:
      “Mobile installed base: iOS 44%, Android 28%, RIM 19%, Other 9%

      with the new features and more carriers expect iOS to keep chewing into the others market share.

  5. Unlike pc free on other phones it won’t brick an iPhone. I seem to remember that little droid incident bridling many phones.
    Plus if you listen he said you can be pc free. If you still want to be tied to pc you can be. It’s mainly for those who buy iPads and such but don’t have computers at home.

    Yes some features may be familiar in windows or droid but unlike them when I use it on my iOS device it will work great. And I am using a system that works great and the same across my iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

    1. Are you kidding me!!!

      1. Weeks (Yes weeks) to upload music to Google cloud….Minutes to match in iCloud.

      2. Lion functionality was demoed nearly 8 months ago, MS is busy copying it as we speak and making it sound as if they are first to all the things that Lion does.

      1. Lion:
        1/ AutoSave + Versions -> ForeverSave
        2/ AirDrop -> DropCopy or any Dropbox based software
        3/ Gestures -> Jitouch, Multiclutch,
        4/ Launchpad -> Any visual app launcher could do the trick
        5/ FullScreen -> SiMBL plugins (SizeWel, Megazoomer)
        6/ Mail -> Outlook, Thunderbird, Sparow
        7/ Mission Control -> Fine that’s pretty new UI
        8/ Resume -> Same, but I am worried about the RAM consumption of that feature.
        9/ Mac App Store -> Ubuntu.

        Look at the physical button for the camera app, Apple took that away from the Camera + app they removed from the App Store a few months ago.

        1. Are you trying to appear dumb on purpose?

          In order to get the features you listed (the ones introduced in Lion) on other systems, you need multitude of third-party applications, add-ons, plug-ins, etc, all with disparate (and inconsistent) UIs, and look & feel.

          Practically every recent revolutionary Apple device (or service) has been already done in some way by someone else before; yet every time Apple did them, they finally made sense and became usable.

          Other may do things first, but Apple does them right.

          1. I am just saying that what Apple is labeling as innovation is closer to reinterpretation. They add some interesting ideas in the past about how to handle UI (Dock, Modal mode in the first versions of Mac OS X), but lately they are mostly redoing what others have been doing before.

            I am not saying that the third party softwares are doing it better, Apple interpretation are often more optimized and integrated. One thing that can explain that is the access to OSX private APIs.

            As for your statement “yet every time Apple did them, they finally made sense and became usable”, I do not agree. MobileMe was a mess, Ping was a mess, Rokkr was a mess, Puck Mouse was mess, etc. They did make very good devices and services such as Mac OS X, iPod, etc. But they are not making everything gold, and like every other companies out there, they copy and fail.

            1. Practically every invention/development is a reinterpretation of something that has gone before. After all, Edison is only spoke of as the inventor of the light bulb because Swan hadn’t thought it patentable because of all the versions of it that went before, but that simply didn’t work that well. The TV was only the putting together of existing technology that had been around for many years, the car and steam engine technically invented by Trevithick, the list goes on. You simply end up going round in circles trying to make such points when the level of innovation is clear to an objective viewer.

      2. And for the iTunes Match, I want to see how good it’s going to perform with unknown songs. Saying that after seeing how badly iTunes find album arts.

    2. I haven’t been able to watch the Keynote yet, i will shortly.
      From just looking at the picture.. I had that EXACT same look on my iPhone with LockInfo (jailbroken of course)
      if anything Android copied LockInfo/Others.

      What i want to know is, can i see that notification screen on the lockscreen? or at least a lighter version..

      Know excuse me while i go answer my own question and watch the Keynote 😉

      1. ok, just finished the Notification part of the keynote.

        I have now officially decided i have zero need to ever jailbreak again. ever.

        The notification system i used, Lockinfo mainly, was my *last* reason i wanted to jailbreak. Notification system in iOS5 will be good enough for me to never care about jailbreaking again.
        it’s not 100% what i was used to with lockinfo and the like, but pretty damn close.
        If you ever used Lockinfo you know the swipedown screen is almost exactly what lockinfo was.. complete with weather and stocks. and the lockscreen info is close enough to work for me.

        Can’t wait for Lion and iOS 5 now…

  6. I am greatly disappointed in this update:

    1) No cure for cancer!
    2) No cure for baldness!
    3) Doesn’t solve world hunger!
    4) Doesn’t show live feed of Jessica Alba’s shower!
    5) Doesn’t show me stock reports from one year into the future!

    NO SALE!!!

    And the lack of my single purchase (because I am so self-absorbed) will undoubtedly send shockwaves through the Apple campus from now till forever.

    1. Yeah I was also disappointed with the lack of Jessica Alba’s shower. I hate that they hold back these features for future versions.

      All kidding aside, its about freakin time I can organize my photos on my iPad !

  7. What happens to iDisk? I use that all the time to send large videos to clients. I have yet to see any mention of that other than MobileMe will be discontinued after June 2012.

    1. I hear you there. Same thing I thought of. I make large files for clients to download and password protect it; all in seconds. Then email a link. I hope this is still around with iCloud….

    2. i see that 5gb of storage is free.
      “iCloud Storage seamlessly stores all documents created using iCloud Storage APIs, and automatically pushes them to all your devices. When you change a document on any device, iCloud automatically pushes the changes to all your devices. Apple’s Pages®, Numbers® and Keynote® apps already take advantage of iCloud Storage. Users get up to 5GB of free storage for their mail, documents and backup—which is more amazing since the storage for music, apps and books purchased from Apple, and the storage required by Photo Stream doesn’t count towards this 5GB total. Users will be able to buy even more storage, with details announced when iCloud ships this fall.”

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