Microsoft to restrict number of tablet assemblers that can use Windows

“Microsoft Corp. plans to restrict the number of computer-hardware makers that initially can make tablets using its Windows operating system, requiring five select chip makers to pair up with one development partner each, people familiar with the matter said,” Shara Tibken and Lorraine Luk report for Dow Jones Newswires.

“The software company selected Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Nvidia Corp., Qualcomm Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc. to choose one hardware maker apiece to develop tablet and clamshell devices based on Microsoft’s mobile platform, the people said,” Tibken and Luk report. “A Microsoft representative said the company is still in the development process on the next version of Windows.”

MacDailyNews Take: Take your time. No rush.

Tibken and Luk report, “Acer Inc. Corporate President Jim Wong said Wednesday during the Computex trade show in Taiwan that he is concerned about Microsoft’s restrictions. ‘The industry does not belong to Microsoft, and it does not belong to Intel,’ Wong said. ‘It belongs to all participants. They cannot make the decision for all of us. That is the problem.'”

MacDailyNews Take: If you don’t like it, use another operating system or make your own. Windows is an anachronism.

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  1. Restrict the number of assemblers… Sounds more like,
    “Dang, we only have xx number of assemblers who want to install our Windows? Guess we better come up with a spin… OH I KNOW… we will call it a ‘restriction’ in the number of assemblers. Sounds much better than no one wants us.”

    I am guessing that is how the board room sounded this week.

  2. Yet another new low in Micro$oft stupidity. “We want to limit manufacturers’ choices so that there will be fewer options.” Gee, that sounds like a winning strategy. Not. 🙂

    “Micro$oft: doing everything we can to make Apple a universal success.” I like their new motto, I like it a lot.

  3. It would be better to develop your own OS, software, computers and devices, on line distribution server farms, local stores, establish standards and patents and maybe even design and develop some specialized chips. If a company did that, they would have control of the products, services, prices and profits.

  4. Ms is thinking that less hatdwarr varietieswill lead to a better “wintablet”.

    To me if MS wants to make a solid tablet to take.on the ipad the only chance would be this:

    Take a page from the 360 development book.
    Design the hardware inhouse
    Spin off some devs to an isolated location and have.them build a new tablet OS from the kernel up just like they did on the 360.
    Do not let the windows devs.dictate the.product.

    Thats the only way imho.

    1. This is exactly what MS is thinking. Since they don’t make tablet hardware, the next best thing is to select specific vendors and restrict the variations of hardware configurations that will be produced, thereby establishing a “standard.” Previous “partners” will be angry; and what if selected partners don’t produce a product that meets the “standard?”

  5. > The industry does not belong to Microsoft, and it does not belong to Intel

    The “industry,” at least tablet computer segment, apparently belongs to Apple.

  6. “’The industry does not belong to Microsoft, and it does not belong to Intel’, said Acer Inc. Corporate President Jim Wong.”

    Wrong Wong.

    The industry belongs to Apple.

  7. Microsoft picking winners and losers?

    There is one lawsuit Microsoft will lose billions over.

    Ballmer is doing a great job. May he live a long life as Microsoft CEO.

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