Group plans June 4 protest of Apple Retail Stores over tax law

“US Uncut, an organization that fights companies that try to avoid taxes, is planning to target Apple retail stores on June 4, protesting the company’s support of the Win America Campaign,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“The group seeks to have Apple leave the WAC, which it claims is lobbying Congress for what would end up being a $4 billion tax cut for the company, as well as to cease other lobbying activities relating to ‘tax loopholes,'” Lowensohn reports.

“The WAC is supported by a number of other technology companies, including Microsoft, Google, and Adobe,” Lowensohn reports. “The group is currently lobbying for the Freedom to Invest Act of 2011, legislation introduced earlier this month that would temporarily lower taxes on American companies that sell goods and services abroad. That money could then be re-invested within the country, the drafters claim. Despite other companies’ involvement, Apple is the group’s main target for the ‘action day’ on June 4.”

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  1. Nutters. Apple pays about ~25% on their profits. Only in the US, do we tax foreign profits after they have ALREADY BEEN TAXED by a foreign country. Apple pays very little to lobby the gov’t, unlike other companies, so why are these numbnuts attacking Apple? Yep, it’s a way to get headlines.

    Companies that try to avoid taxes are companies like Google, which shuttles its income thru Ireland so it can pay about 1%, and Amazon who will move jobs from a State that wants to collect sales taxes.

      1. I agree with you John. I am also curious about something…if they are so strongly opposed against something, then would it stand to reason that they should also not use those products or services from that company? It seems that would be a conflict of interest on their part…~~protester standing outside an Apple Store~~”Yes, we are protesting against Apple…wait a second, is that the new MBP? I have to go check that out!”…Lol:)

      2. An investor is to philanthropy as a murderer is to a surgeon.

        Apple products are overpriced, investors are overpaid, and the people making the products are underpaid.
        Think different? Looks like the same old slave-system to me. Those who do the least gain the most.

  2. Regardless of what you think about this group or the proposed legislation, it always irks me to no end that these groups always choose to highlight Apple to their own selfish gain.

  3. Regardless of what you think about the superior quality of Apple’s products, it always irks me to no end when any company fosters government corruption and exacts special government favors to further its own selfish gain.

    1. If Apple is the worst example of corporate corruption you can think of, my friend, then you are a world-class idiot. Either that or blind as a bat. Apple wouldn’t make the list of the worst 100 companies. I dount that it would make the list of the worst 1000. Some people!

      1. I would assume by contributing substantial sums of money to influence lawmakers to enact customized legislation that financially benefits the company. It can be one of the best investments a company can make, sometimes returning 1000-fold benefits.

        The problem is that money owns the Government, not the people. Money largely owns the legal system, as well, but that is a topic for another day.

        I do not blame the corporations for doing so, since it is legal. In fact, it is actually the duty of the corporation to maximize value to the shareholder. The problem is the convoluted laws. Simplify the tax code and zero-base all write-offs/loopholes. Then treat tax breaks like Constitutional amendments in the sense that they should have to pass over a very high bar of scrutiny before being enacted.

  4. Some great and informed posts – shocking on the holiday weekend Friday!
    Indeed, corporations pay NO taxes in the US now. GE made 14 billion last year in profits, taxes paid in the US? 0$
    They incorporate in Switzerland @ 15%. They’d have to pay 35%+ here, so who can blame them?
    Cut the rates to a reasonable level. 10%. Then we’d GAIN BILLIONS here in the US, which = millions of jobs. What a bunch of hipster a-holes. Take your campaign and shove it up your iHoles™
    EditDelete Report

    1. “Corporations pay NO taxes in the US now.” ???? You seriously believe that. Sure, you can cherry pick a few notable multinational exceptions, but your statement is a bit exagerated. I run a corporation and can assure you that we pay taxes to the US gov. I pay tax on income, and then when I transfer that taxed profit into my ownership’s personal pocket, I pay income taxes on it a second time.

      I agree with your second point. When the government restructures the corporate tax laws to be competitive on a global basis, then US will see more income and less business flight.

  5. Why would we tax a corporation at all, ever? One thing the lefties can’t get through their pot muddled brains is that corporations don’t ever really pay the taxes. They just pass them on to their customers and hire fewer employees.

  6. If companies make money in the states then should pay taxes here. Cut that loophole and
    Tax revenue will increase.
    On the flip side you should be taxed twice for income earned outside.

  7. Guess US Uncircumcised is “pulling a Greenpeace”: targeting a minor offender with major marketability. Try looking up “Google” and “double irish” if you want to see who these asshats should be protesting.

  8. Please do some research people. American corporations have a record $1.6 trillion in cash on hand. If they are spending it, it is on takeovers and stock buybacks. They are not spending it on expansion, hiring or other things that would help the economy.

    Clearly they need to be taxed at higher rates to get the money flowing back in the economy. High speed rail and rapid transit would be a good start. So would education. Lets invest in the future.

    1. “Clearly they need to be taxed at higher rates to get the money flowing back in the economy. ”

      That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in the comments on MDN, and you’ve got some serious competition.


    2. will refrain from name-calling, but why is it the people who want the government to dump more money into education are the the ones who are brainwashed into a narrow bias and can’t think for themselves? if you really thought for yourself, you might learn something new. real smart people know they can learn something new every day. people who think they are smart and think they already know everything are the most dangerous people we have. especially if they vote.

      the US uncut movement is not against tax breaks per se. they are against anything that might impact their access to free government $ to fund high speed rail, education, and non-fossil based energy. so tax break takes money out of their pockets, or so their narrow/linear thinking minds are brainwashed to think.

      the economy is multi-threaded and non-linear. it is more art than science. enriching rich people is the only sustainable way to grow the economy and make the lives of the impoverished a little better. you cannot just raise taxes until all poor people are rich. it does not work that way, although when you peel the onion, it is hard to understand what the liberals are thinking.

      richard, why are corporations not spend their capital on expansion? it’s because it exposes them to higher taxes. they are loading their guns for when the expansion environment is more friendly. that’s what liberals don’t understand about rich people. they are already rich, they can sit. setting a tax trap for them is dellusional. these people have the gene to make money. they do not know how else to act. a smart government harnesses that rather than suppresses it. liberals only have the gene to take someone else’s money and spend it on instant gratification. in order to keep the gratification sustained, you have to repeat this over and over. that’s why just taxing rich people this one time is such a joke. what will we do next year?

      kind of like buying a macbook pro i7 on credit when you have no job, thinking that you will be able to get someone who is working 2 jobs to make your payments.

      1. Wow, you are such an open minded, creative thinker, I love how you follow your own advice of logically considering all alternatives, as long as they allow the rich to get richer and the poor to sod off and die. You are so fantastically independent and open minded! I worship your enormous intellect, and will never question your conclusions, arrived at as they are through only the most freethinking, unbrainwashed consideration.

  9. I’m all for any person or organization taking any and all tax breaks they can get, at any time. Every dollar that stays in private hands is a dollar not spent on bloody mayhem.

    I don’t know who these “US Uncut” assholes are, but fuck them, and anyone who agrees with them.


    1. “I don’t know who these “US Uncut” assholes are, but fuck them, and anyone who agrees with them.”

      That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in the comments on MDN, and you’ve got some serious competition.

    1. Could it be “Gator Aid” up there in JAX you’re offering?
      They could pay a visit here down at our Apple Store in Palm Beach Gardens we’d give them a little of the same.

  10. An organization called “U.S. Uncut” sounds like a bunch of pricks.

    Here is the situation: When the Congress enacted a moratorium on Internet taxes on Internet sales, they trampled on States Rights, a cornerstone of our republic. It was okay temporarily, during the infancy of e-commerce on the Internet, but now it is time to allow the States to enforce their laws.

  11. I agree with all of you. No friggin taxes on anybody. Everything for free, put it on the credit card. Let those 5 year old idiots coming up pay for it all. Party one folks, them dumb kids will not know what hit them. 13 trillion and lets just double down. Them stupid kids can shove it. HAHA on them.

  12. Apple’s always the high profile target. Just ask Greenpeace. They’ll tell you it gets them more attention for their cause if they attack Apple. that’s what they told me.

  13. Apple’s always the high profile target. Just ask Greenpeace. They’ll tell you it gets them more attention for their cause if they attack Apple. that’s what they told me.

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