Apple plans retail stores for Sarasota, Florence, Omaha, and massive Madrid flagship

“Plans for four more Apple Stores are progressing in the US and in Europe,” MacNN reports.

“In Sarasota, Florida, management at the Westfield Southgate mall has acknowledged being in talks for an Apple location,” MacNN reports. “In Omaha, Nebraska, sources claim that Apple has agree to open up a store in a renovated and repurposed Crossroads Mall.”

MacNN reports, “Across the ocean in Italy, Apple has settled on the suburban I Gigli mall as a location in Florence. The store will take over a former Mondadori shop on the ground level. City officials in Madrid, Spain have meanwhile confirmed Apple as occupying all seven floors of 1 Puerta del Sol in the city’s main plaza.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Well, I’ve always used my local store here in Miami and when something goes bad with your mac they’ll send you there for repairs. So in another word, Apple still works with the small guys locally.

    2. I used to work at Computer Advantage back when they had a print shop for Ringling students, etc. The Apple Store is great, but you know you’ll get great personal service at a family-owned place. CA should advertise their service department above all. That way, even if people buy from the Apple Store at Southgate, they know to bring it to CA for service.

      I knew they’d come to SRQ sooner or latter.

      1. When I first moved to SRQ there was the little Apple affiliate on Fruitville just east of McIntosh — Megaport? Took my old system there a few times when it was feeling sick.

        1. I have used Megaport, the guy was nice, however I think he likes doing in home service. Computer Advantage is a great place, very nice sales people and the repair shop is top notch. I hope that they can survive. They have a good location next to the school. Have you tried Media on Main? It is where Sarasota Books and News was. It is a nice place to relax they still have some of the bookstore, and a great crepe cafe in the back.

          I think that Apple will be a good fit for Southgate. You can have you car washed by the best wile shopping for the best computer. The store that will be hurt the most is the BB down the street.

    1. Living in Florida I first thought you were talking a bout Jimmy Buffet. With the way Warren spends his money Jimmy would buy more at an Apple Store. However in Sarasota it would be AC/DC shopping.

    1. Maybe it has something to do with “In Omaha, Nebraska, sources claim that Apple has agree to open up a store in a renovated and repurposed Crossroads Mall.”

      It seems midwestmac (below) has the right attitude.

  1. I bought an iPhone4 at the Madrid Apple store last year and I couldn’t believe where it was located. I told the genius that the Apple store needed to be much larger and located in the central part of Madrid. Glad to see they are now getting some prime real estate.

  2. Macca is right — Crossroads Mall doesn’t make much sense. Of the four major malls in Omaha (Crossroads, Westroads, Oakview and Village Pointe), Apple is already in the most premium location (Village Pointe).

    I could see Oak View as it is located on a second main artery of the city, but Crossroads and Village Pointe are like 10 minutes apart.

    Plus, Nebraska Furniture Mart is only a few blocks from Crossroads and it has a pretty nice Apple store within in (way beyond what you’d find at a Best Buy).

    One theory is that maybe Crossroads is some pretty cheap real estate and Apple is going to build something huge. If so, it’d be a great boon to that area of the city.

    Hell, whatever they do I’m shopping there!

  3. Finalmente Firenze!! Now Apple, Pizza and Pasta in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My favorite. That store will do a booming business in that location without a doubt.

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