Wedbush cuts RIM on dim outlooks for PlayBook tablets, BlackBerry phones

“Wedbush Securities analyst Scott Sutherland, who this morning raised his outlook for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and iPad sales, this morning went the opposite way with Research in Motion (RIMM), cutting his price target to $49 from $55, while reiterating a Neutral rating on RIMM shares, on diminished expectations for the PlayBook tablet computer and a lackluster outlook for the BlackBerry,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

MacDailyNews Take: RIM’s dim, so RIM dims.

“Sutherland writes that based on his ‘checks,’ the PlayBook may sell only 450,000 units in the quarter ending this month (fiscal Q1), causing him to cut his revenue estimate to $5.1 billion from $5.2 billion, and cut his EPS by a penny to $1.36, still above the consensus $1.33,” Ray reports. “For the full fiscal year ending next February, he now expects just 2.3 million PlayBooks to be sold, down from a prior estimate of 3 million.”

Ray reports, “The PlayBook is probably outselling Motorola Mobility’s (MMI) ‘Xoom’ tablet, he thinks, but the small screen size and ‘lack of appeal will limit consumer adoption,’ he thinks.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Garbage tablet sales figures for both Motorola and DCW Research In Motion. We pity the end users who get stuck with these soon-to-be-orphaned, half-assed slabs o’ crap. Companies that treat their customers as gullible, disposable guinea pigs deserve to go belly up.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Who the hell would buy the Xoom and PlayBook? My estimate? Excluding employee purchases and the like, my estimate is substantially lower … like nearly ZERO! Kin you dig it?

    1. Conveniently, no MDN story on how the new malware installs WITHOUT an admin password. People here just need to keep their heads in the sand and keep repeating that SJ is God.

      1. You clearly must be a Windows user. Any person smart enough to use a Mac knows not to download such things. Particularly when it tries to get you to download antivirus software. I do admit some newbies do not know enough to uncheck the download “safe” files option. But even if you download MacGuard or whatever it is called now, it is not big deal. Not like the hundreds of Windows VIRUSs out there, just a dumb trojan.

  2. Perhaps a name change to Research in Immotion should be in order. The CEO twins mindset seems to be still stuck in the Nineties. Get a clue or buy one, RIM. Nobody wants to buy handsets infested with plastic parts with a screen you have to squint at to see anything.

    A 7″ Playbook that doesn’t have native email is less than a worthless piece of shit in a corporate setting. Maybe they thought that sending mail by carrier pidgeon is still in vogue.

  3. 450,000?
    did they add a few Zero’s?

    4,500 i can believe. and with a few K already returned due to faulty setup’s…

    I was at Office Depot the other day, they had a Playbook on display to play with. I would have played with it…. but it was broke. lol
    It wouldn’t turn on. It had power, the power button started to turn it on… then it just died. over and over again.

  4. RIM seems to think that the average consumer out there…

    A) knows what Flash is and thinks it’s important


    B) will think that using one of Queen’s lesser known hits from 30 years ago in their commercials will make them seem hip.

    Alas, they are wrong on both counts.

    1. a. exactly. I love the Verizon tablet commercial with the parent bringing the kid in. “does it do flash?”
      “yep, you can watch pron and ads all day long. well, at least 18 minutes before the battery dies”

      b. they play Queen in the ads?
      outside like 2 songs, i have no clue what queen did. and i grew up during queen’s era…

  5. There is no way RIM is going to “sell” almost half a million PlayBooks this quarter. They may have manufactured that many, and they may eventually sell, once the fire sale cuts the price down low enough, but NOT this quarter.

    > while reiterating a Neutral rating on RIMM shares

    A “neutral” rating (like the “hold” rating) is a cop out. The analyst is too chicken to make a commitment either way, so it’s a “maybe.” Come on…! You’re supposed to be an “financial advisor,” so DECIDE if it’s worth buying/keeping. If it’s not, surely there is some other stock that IS worth buying/keeping; tell be about that stock instead of wasting my time telling me RIM is “neutral.”

  6. At least RIMM takes the integrated hardware/software approach.

    The HPQ is the tablet company to watch. They are the only company with the size, reach, and software (WebOS) to give AAPL a run for their money.

    Windows and Android are margin killers.

    1. Problem is, HP doesn’t have the infrastructure to compliment their product, i.e. An equivalent to iTunes and the App Store. Amazon does. B&N does. Microsoft does, though they’re messing that up so spectacularly that it doesn’t count.

  7. A friend of my wife just posted today that the xoom was on sale somewhere today. I responded that she isn’t doing her friends any favors, and that they should pony up and pay for the best; then they can NOT buy again in a year, they can NOT be frustrated, and they can NOT miss the boat on the current edge Of technology. I got back the standard poor-person rhetoric… “not everyone can afford expensive Apple products” blah blah blah

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