Super 8 app turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad 2 into a vintage film camera – free for a limited time

Paramount Digital Entertainment, Bad Robot and QMx present the Super 8 app for iOS devices. The app is free for a limited time.

The Super 8 app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

Super 8 is the ultimate Super 8 camera emulator for your video-capable iDevice. Using Super 8, you can make your own vintage movies and add lens, filter and shake effects, arrange clips and scenes the way you want them; you can even add your own credits. When you’re done, send your Super 8 movie off to be developed. Your masterpiece will appear in your personal movie library where, with the tap of a finger, you can view your movie in the built-in Super 8 projector room, export it to a computer or email it to friends. Super 8 offers seven lens effects, three animated filters, a scratch-and-dirt overlay and frame shake effect that you can mix-and-match to create a wide variety of looks for your movies.

Super 8 Features

– Scratch-and-Dirt Overlay
– Add/Change Filter Effects
– Switch Between Front and Reverse Camera Views (iPhone 4 only)
– Analog Time Elapsed Counter
– Turn On Camera Light (iPhone 4 only)
– Turn On Frame Shake Effect (set accelerometer or tap activation in app prefs)

– Change Lenses Between:
• Color
• Chromatic
• Black & White
• Sepia
• X-Ray
• Negative
• Infrared

– Arrange or Delete Scenes (clips)
– Add or Delete an Authentic Super 8 Film Leader
– Edit Film Title
– Add Credits
– Develop Your Film

– Select Movie to Play
– Change Movie Titles
– Delete Movies from Library

– Pull Down Screen to Start Movie
– Reverse, Pause/Play and Forward Playback Controls
– Share (email movies or save them to a computer via iTunes)

– Access Your Camera
– Open Your Movie Library
– Super 8™ Instruction Manual
– Found Footage: playback your movies to see if they reveal missing frames from the S8 Editing Room film! Be the first to collect all the frames to unlock a new clip at!

More info and download link (free for limited time) via Apple’s iTunes App Store: Super 8 app.


    1. This is not an ad.

      We do not run ads as articles.

      This is simply an app that we tried, found interesting, and wanted to let you know about – especially since it’s free for a limited time.

      1. I figured, and much appreciate the info-great app by the way. My comment was just in reply to another reader that said this was an AD. Just wanted to let them know that MDN is better than that:) Keep the recommendations coming!!!

  1. Is there an app that’ll turn your iPhone into a vintage Nokia feature phone or is that only available as a download exclusively on the WP7 program store?

  2. Get this app! It is SO darned cool. I am having way too much fun with Super 8, and you will too.

    Thanks to MDN for posting the news release – it’s good info (a news release is not an ad, I response to a comment above).

    And kudos to JJ Abrams for helping to make thus app free. I can’t wait to see Super 8 the movie. The trailers looks awesome.

  3. Interesting that we’ve come so far in the field of photography and video, and now many people are buying apps to make their photos and videos look old and not so perfect. Those of us who actually had to use the inferior products may not see the appeal.

  4. my daughter and husband just made a movie for a school assignment with this app (because we were having technical difficulties with our real equipment) Check out the movie on You Tube (in 2 parts) “Happy Birthday Slapstick”

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