Apple’s Mac is kicking Windows PC ass

“There’s really no other way to say this: The Mac is kicking ass,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD. “Not only is its growth outpacing that of the broader market, it’s doing it in virtually every segment from government to enterprise.”

Paczkowski reports, “March marked the 20th consecutive quarter that Mac shipment growth exceeded that of the PC market.”

“Mac shipments grew 27.7 percent in March, a period that saw a 1.2 percent decline in total PC shipments, according to IDC data reported by Needham analyst Charlie Wolf,” Paczkowski reports. “And that growth occurred in every single major regional market.”

IDC: Mac growth by market segment, March 2011

MacDailyNews Take: And, did those “PC” shipments also include Apple’s Mac numbers? If so, back out those Mac numbers to get the best possible angle of the ass–kicking.

“In Europe, Mac sales were up 10 percent year over year, while the PC market was down 17.5 percent; in Asia they were up 69.4 percent, while the PC market was up just 8.8 percent,” Paczkowski reports. “And in Japan, Macs were up 21.1 percent in a PC market that declined 16.1 percent.”

Much more, including charts, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]


    1. When the monopoly is no longer approved to continue but the gov… otherwise, MS just sits and wait it out while the automatic deposits keeps coming in.

  1. Apple should resurrect the Mac PC of Long and Hodgman commercials…

    Have multiple Hodgman’s with name tags like Sony, HP, Acer, Dell, et al.

    And Mac’s Justin Long goes around ripping off the PC brand name tags and kicks Hodgman in the tail because Mac is taking names and kicking butt! (all in good humor of course).

    1. “Have multiple Hodgman’s with name tags like Sony, HP, Acer, Dell, et al.”
      good idea. Dell has only 1 arm, Sony two heads, …
      then, the Hodgmans complain that potential buyers are confused about what to buy. Then, Justin Long should “help” by ripping of the brand labels, all revealing ugly gray (or beige?) “PC” underneath. now this is less confusing…

  2. Our local school district is implementing a 1 to 1 initiative this summer and all students in grades 9-12 will be getting MacBooks.

    This would have been unheard of a couple of years ago (we were 100 percent PC prior to this).

    At least where I live, consider the tipping point reached.

  3. Well, let’s see, they are easier to use, not prone to viruses or malware, work flawlessly with iOS devices, no surprise there. The majority of people want ease of use, not technological headaches that winblows requires.

  4. Thank you MacDailyNews for understanding the basic math in this! Every year Apple’s Macs take more of Windows market the more the Windows box makers sad share is lifted. These market share numbers need to be reported in market share. Who cares if Dell took away some of HP’s sales when they are fighting over smaller scraps every quarter and year!

    Soon they will have little to nothing to fight over!

  5. MDN posted an article yesterday by Charlie Wolf citing the same information and it stated that the overall decline did include Mac sales. Therefore, the PC decline was higher and it’s only because of Mac sales that the “overall decline” wasn’t lower than reported.

  6. Yeah, right.
    The ATM I used this morning, the checkout register at the store, all the embedded & desktop computers & servers at my hospital, the computers at almost every business you use, etc, are running Windows in some variant.

    The “Sync” that Ford installs in almost every car it makes and the telematics in BMWs, Benzes, Toyotas and on and on are running Windows.
    Somewhere between a Mac hosted site and your Mac are a chain of servers- many running Windows.

    Contact almost any institution- public or private- and you are connecting to windows. Buy gas at the corner station and it’s running Windows. It’s everywhere.

    I’m an Apple user from before the Mac and a shareholder for over 10 years, but the posit is complete and utter bullshit. Apple’s SW conforms to and outputs to formats that were written by, owned by or established as a standard by M$. Pages saves to word format, but Word does not save to Pages format.

    Until Apple gets off the dime and gets serious about marketing and supporting the enterprise market it will be nothing more than an end user device operating in a Microsoft dominated world- conforming to standards largely out of their control.

    Maybe not what should be- just the way things are.

    1. I’m sorry I don’t see your point. The article is not talking about the prevalence of the Windows platform vs the OS X platform but rather the sale of PCs to end users of which Macs are forming an increasingly major proportion due to growth that is outstripping the PC.

      As Apple makes most of its profits from hardware sales the corollary is that increasing Mac adoption will lead to higher quarterly revenue numbers for Apple. Also an expanding user base will attract developers to the platform focused on solutions for the professional market thereby reinforcing a virtuous cycle of Mac growth.

      Windows is software that is designed to run anywhere badly whereas Apple’s laser-like focus will always result in software that pleases you more to use. We are not arguing from a utility standpoint but from the standpoint of increasing Mac adoption due to the realisation of an increasing number of people that the Mac offers a real alternative to Windows and is elegant to use to boot.

      1. Apple is playing in a world run by and dominated by Windows and theformats and standards they have set or adopted. We all see how many FireWire jacks are installed on PCs- right. Submit a text document in Pages format for upload and see how many dies accept it.
        My main point is Apple needs to put the cash pile to work in the enterprise and embedded markets. There is a ton of money to be made. Not playing in those markets equals money left on the table.

        1. To attack the Windows market by a frontal assault can only have one outcome: death by exhaustion or commercial suicide. That’s Ballmer’s strategic weakness – not being able to resist a market and jumping into it to compete as hard as possible even if it means throwing mountains of cash away.

          Steve Jobs understands Sun Tzu. Know your weakness and your opponent’s strengths and play to your strength not your opponent’s.

        2. You’re crying Wolf for every headline you read. Pause for breath will you?
          The Hon Hai fire will have negligible effect on iPad yields.
          To be so inundated with orders that you cannot cope is every seller’s dream. What are you panicking about?
          Every quarter, in increasingly confident steps, Apple is dismantling the Microsoft profit machine – Windows and soon Office with it. Who cares about Microsoft’s huge interest in peanut platforms like embedded Windows devices? The real money areas are where Apple is scoring. You seem to like sweating the small stuff.
          Apple does where its products are concerned but never in its market strategies.

    2. There’s minimal money in corporate or embedded devices compared to consumer sales. Apple does not focus on those yet since margins dare much lower.

    3. This article is referring to GROWTH — much of what you are citing refers to mature technologies that are on the verge of being swallowed whole by the inexorable growth of iOS…

    4. Agreed. This Apple growth indicates very little. Wall Street believes that Apple’s growth is extremely limited and will lose out to Android on the mobile front and to Windows on the desktop. Apple is struggling to meet current demand for products so what good is explosive growth to Apple if they don’t have the facilities to grow at high rates.

      Doesn’t anyone see how Apple is struggling just to meet simple iPad 2 demand for consumers? It’s a fiasco. Apple won’t be able to supply iPads for schools and businesses with such weak production. One small fire will cripple iPad production for a whole quarter. Do you see the way Android partners are churning out products at a furious rate? The same goes for WinPC partners. Apple can’t do anything about meeting demand for any of their products. They’d have to start building some cheap crap and cut quality to keep up and Apple isn’t going to do that. The whole Apple system just isn’t meant for high production rates. I think that’s a good thing, and that’s why I temper these high-growth market share stories with common sense.

      Steve Jobs and Apple don’t even care about the enterprise so what’s the point. Wall Street likes greedy and aggressive companies and Apple doesn’t quite fit that profile and that’s why they’re being marked for failure. Apple will have to continue to plod along at their casual pace. It’s just like BMW or Porsche won’t be able to produce vehicles as fast as Kia can. Get used to it.

      1. Oh baloney. My earlier comment was meant for you, but it applies to RDF to a lesser extent too.
        Will you take a step back and look at the last ten years?
        The Enterprise has to come to Apple, and it will.
        What no one seems to recognise is that the largest and most successful Tech company in the world runs on what? Not Windows. Mac OSX Server.
        D’ya geddit?
        Enterprise see.
        Enterprise do.
        Apple is dismantling the server market by stealth. Wait and Watch. What’s about to happen to OSX Server licensing?

        1. I bet money they rely heavily on Linux and Oracle, which would make sense considering those are the two heavy weights for distributed computing and massive databases.

          Unless you really think the NC data center is stacked with isle upon isle of mac mini servers? lol.

          I’m sure they have OS X Server running in some capacity, they probably even have it running virtually on a rack. Running the entire show? Highly doubtful.

          Kinda hard to come to Apple for enterprise class hardware and support when they um, stopped making enterprise hardware too.

    5. The point is, these are percentages, which are irrelevant. Show me actual numbers. If Apple sold 4 million machines last year, and 60 million Windoze boxes were sold, now this year they sold 4.2 million, don’t you see the irrelevance? It is heartening, but the actual volume is still too low to count. Get it?

      1. well, if you add 4.69 million iPads to 3.76 macs- that’s 8.45 million macs last quarter. That’s a lot of macs, not to mention that the iPhone is technically a computer and they sold 18 million of those, not counting the touch. That’s a lot of apps and instances of the Mac operating system- I would tend to call that a tipping point.

  7. Maybe not indicative of a tipping point, but over the last six months, more and more of my Windows & Linux using co-workers (physicians, nurses, and engineers) are seeking out my advice on Mac purchases.

    The common thread? They already have an iPhone and/or iPad as their initial Apple device. Maybe there really is something to this halo effect thingy…

  8. You could see the wave building by a basic look around town and at schools while the iPod to iPad era evolved.

    Increasingly anyone who wanted to see and work with the best of what is possible started using Apple products.

    Who picks it up first? Consumers flocked to the iPod. Programmers, page layout & viedo guys started using MacBook Pros. And then everyone saw Steve Jobs show his SIMPLE implementation of the iPhone: the computer in your pocket & the average person could recognize what was coming in portable interface ease of use.

  9. Apple is in title and has deserved this succes. After the return of Steve Jobs. The rescue ± 180 000 000 $ payment by Bill Gates 1997 has been the base for Apple’s resurrection with the first iMac’s.
    M$ accepted the claim that Windows has been “inspired by..” Apple Macintosh. And M$ could use a competitor !

  10. Like others have mentioned, these percentages are pretty much meaningless. When you look at total units sold comparing Apple’s Macs for instance to Windows boxes, it’s no contest. Despite all this bullshit in the press, Windows 7 has massive marketshare and is one the best selling OSes MS has ever had. And it, too, shows growth. I think MS has like 70%+ marketshare in the PC space. Apple has maybe 8% marketshare for OS X in only certain markets.

    These numbers fluctuate a bit for both parties, but MS has remained very resilient. So no… a tipping point for OS X and Windows is very far off, if ever.

    1. The significance of the article is not whether the percentages are based on a smaller user base and therefore any large movement, though small numerically, will have a large effect on the result but that small accumulations of growth exceeding that of Windows will over time result in major consequences to enlarging the user base.

      Let me illustrate. There are 64 squares on the chessboard. If you start with only 2 grains of rice in the first square by the time you reach the 64th square you will have 1.8 trillion grains of rice. That’s the power of exponential growth, not whether the user base starts off small.

      1. I should say that if you double the grains of rice for every square you go along on the chessboard then you will get 1.8 trillion grains at the end.

  11. some of the naysayers are forgetting one thing- Apple is not selling just 4 million macs/ quarter or year. I’m typing this on my iPad, which I also use for marine navigation, light digital photography, etc. In other words, everything I used my laptop for. Windows tablets? Count as a PC. Net books? Count as a PC. Apple sells 40 million iPads in a year? That conts as an “iOS” devise. Point? The iPad is a Mac. The iphone is also a mac- a handheld computer that is more powerful and has more memory than iMacs of 7 years ago- it just happens to make phone calls. Apple is kicking the crap out of the entire PC sector.

  12. Apple is a very small company when it comes to computers… less than 10%… of course YOY growth will be amazing since it only sits at 10% of the market… you can’t compare it to Windows! Windows can’t go any higher as it owns about 90%!

    Windows 7 sold over 250 million copies of the OS. I believe all of Mac OS from 10.1 to 10.6 they sold only 50 million. Stark difference my friends… If you compare Apple to Apple, Microsoft has sold over 1 BILLION OS’s to date!

    1. And yet my little Padawan, Microsoft’s revenue, profits and market capitalisation are less than Apple’s. Hmmm…wonder why?

      Could it be because that selling gazzillions copies of Windows makes Microsoft less money than selling what? 10 Macs a year according to you or could the truth be that these Windows licenses are purchased in advance by OEMs whether a sale is made to the customer or not.

      And what about iPads eating into the sales of netbooks? Does Microsoft make tons of money on every unsold copy of Windows?

      Keep your Windows ant factory, I’d rather dine in caviar.

      1. This is absurd. You people make oit like MS doesn’t make any money. Last quarter their profit was ~$5 billion, almost the same as Apple. We keep seeing the same articles about Mac growth year after year, but with growth from Windows and flucuations with Mac share, nothing changes: Mac stays the same.

        1. The Mac stays the same!?

          Mac marketshare has been growing exponentially. Did you even read the article? Have you erected a wall of denial that reality cannot penetrate? What’s your problem?

          The fact is this: Apple used to be irrelevent back in the late 1990’s while Microsoft was a powerhouse. Now, Apple has become the powerhouse while Microsoft is collapsing into a state of irrelevence a la IBM during the dawn of the PC era.

          Their profit last quarter was 5 billion, ALMOST the same as Apple… For a company the size of Microsoft, that practically rules the world in terms of marketshare, it’s an apocalyptic disaster to make less money than a competitor with relatively small marketshare like Apple. Even worse, their market share has been taking off like a rocket lately while PC sales have been slumping.

          That trend – Macs up, PCs down, Apple up, MS down – is the salient point.

          Talking about how much money MS still makes and how much marketshare PCs still own misses it completely. That’s like saying it’s not a problem that you’re being eaten alive by piranhas because they’ve only made it up to your knees so far.

  13. A 27.7% increase in 4.5% market share is 1.25% growth.
    A 1.2% decline in 95.5% market share is a 1.15% loss.

    It’s a meaningful shift but I don’t have vertigo just yet.

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