Tech writer David Pogue, wife, charged in Westport domestic dispute (updated)

“David Pogue, the New York Times technology columnist and CBS News correspondent, and his wife have been charged with disorderly conduct following a domestic dispute Monday at their Westport home that police said turned physical,” The Westport News reports.

“Pogue, 48, and his wife, Jenifer, 47, were issued the summonses following the incident at their home on Woody Lane about 10:30 p.m. Monday, police said. Few details of the incident were immediately available,” The Westport News reports. “They appeared on the charges Tuesday in Norwalk Superior Court.”

The Westport News reports, “Case files in court say that Pogue and his wife were issued partial protective orders prohibiting them from assaulting, harassing or stalking each other. They are scheduled to return to court June 22.”

Read more in the full article here.

UPDATE: 4:24pm EDT: The Associated Press reports, “Wayne Keeney, Jennifer Pogue’s attorney, said the couple apparently had a ‘boisterous argument’ and the police were called. He said no one was injured. Mark Sherman, David Pogue’s attorney, said the arrests arose from a brief confrontation between the couple, who are divorcing. He said he expects his client to be cleared of the charge.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Amani” for the heads up.]


    1. erm, so are you one? And because you are one, you assert that Pogue is one, too?

      Otherwise I don’t get it. I’m not one so I couldn’t know one if he gave me a wedgie.

    1. Most don’t. Most who are violent inside the family don’t do it anywhere else. And people usually comment, “But he seemed so nice” or “He’s such a pillar of the community”.

      Not talking about Pogue now… We don’t know what went down here, and they BOTH have protective orders against the other. Just on the general topic — A rather sickening point — I’d always like to encourage men who are violent inside the family to take it down to the local biker bar or to a police officer. Oh, you don’t want to? Can you say, “I’m a slimy coward and a chickenshit bully”? I knew you could.

      I used to work in the field. One woman said, “Sometimes he just loses control and then he’s SOOO sorry.” I said, “Would he lose control if I could stand there invisibly, with a baseball bat ready to smash him in the teeth if he so much as lifted his hand?” She said, “Of course he wouldn’t.” I said, “Well – he’s not losing control then, is he?” Her eyes widened, “No he’s not.” (She left him.)

      1. Seamus,
        Your message to the battered woman regarding “losing control” may be the most profound thing I’ve read in a comments page. I hope it speaks to someone who needs to hear it. Thank You.

      2. Your comment could apply to many kinds of ‘ll behavior, from domestic violence to flat out hard core crime. Would a robber take me on with my Glock 9mm pointing at him?

        I agree with your basic premise that too many people feel no disincentive for negative behavior or acts.

        1. I think the message is a man can “control himself” hwne he knows he’s outmatched. Hitting woman is a coward’s act. THAT’s what a woman should take away from his message

    2. Who says he was the aggressive assaulter?…

      He seems more the type of guy who’d be bitch slapped by his wife then take a pound of flesh out on her, is all…

  1. I’m very sad to read this. I know David Pogue and I find this situation to be beyond belief. I wish both both he and his wife well. I also hope this doesn’t become the obsessed gossip rant of the week.

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