Most people buy Apple’s most expensive iPad 2

“When it comes to the iPad, you’re either a cheapskate or a sheik,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “That’s the message coming out of new data published by Context, which says that most people either buy the cheapest iPad or the most expensive one.”

“At least in Western Europe, that is,” Brownlee reports. “There, Context found that more than half of all buyers would choose either the 64GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G or the 16GB iPad 2 WiFi. You’d think the entry-level WiFi model would be the most popular, but the data doesn’t support that: 33% of all the sales Context tracked were for the 64GB 3G version.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. On the first release day, I got the top end iPad. When the 3G came out, I got the top end iPad 3G. Later this summer, I will get my wife the top end iPad 2 with 3G also. The family will get my mom a top end iPad 2 with 3G for her 80th birthday.

    That is the way I get my iPhones and when I pass them on to others in the family, they are still great devices years later.

  2. I’m a 32GB WiFi kinda guy. It’s no surprise really seeing I’m a total cheapskate and all. Can’t see the need for 3G. What will I do with 64GB? Haven’t got that much porn in my hard drive.

  3. i bought my iPad 16gb wifi late last year.
    picked up the 16 thinking i’d never use all that space (my music library is 4.5gb..) and since i have played with an iPad only in a store, i was not 100% sure i’d really use it once i actually dropped all the money on it..
    and i wanted to be able to sell it easier when the iPad 2 came out.

    quickly learned my lesson…

    iPad 2 3G 64gb black, sits on my desk right now. Next to my brand new 27″ iMac 🙂
    i definitely am glad i bought the 64 now.
    and not for the 3G, its nice to have but i still only use less than 100mb of 3G data a month. everywhere i go i have wifi..

    guess i went from cheapskate to sheik.

    1. Why don’t you just order from It really blows my mind when I keep hearing about people checking day in and day out with physical stores such as Target and Apple and Best Buy. Weird!

  4. I assume of course that in Western Europe they were given equal supplies of all models? If one of the lower versions was more popular in the States might Apple not increase supply levels there to cope, this reducing numbers available elsewhere and effectively forcing people into buying a more expensive model because that’s all there is?

    Not to say that the top one wouldn’t genuinely be more popular, but I can see how these results could be skewed if they’re based on a survey of people who actually bought an iPad.

  5. Bought a 64GB WiFi v1 last April. Bought a 32 GB v2 a couple if weeks ago & sold the first one for almost the price if the new one. WiFi again.

    I have an affinity discount MiFi through Verizon (grandfathered w unlimited data from Alltel) with no contract ( I bought the hotspot ) for $50 or a month. It will drive up to 5 devices with no additional fee.

    Recently, when the drowning storms that dropped between 2-3 FEET of rain in my area in about 2 weeks, caused massive flooding, spawned a massive tornado outbreak ( one came within about a football field of my home ), and knocked out power, cable, landline phone & Internet- my hotspot was able to supply Internet to my iPad and other’s laptops. No tethering charges or other BS. A recharge was as close as the driveway.
    Why would I want a captive 3G, subject to tethering limits, etc.
    Maybe it works for you, but I’ll keep my MiFi

  6. I bought the 3G iPad v1 for the GPS, and plan do to the same with v2. I have no need for mobile data (can tether easily enough with smartphones these days or even a sim swap). GPS is worth the extra $130 IMO.

  7. Why is this surprising news? Almost every Apple product launch or equipment refresh over the past 20 years has a disproportionate amount of sales going towards the high-end model in their product offerings. And almost every time, there is a shortage of the highest end model shortly after product launch. What is notable is that the waiting time between running out of stock and replenishment is becoming much shorter. Possibly this is due to the less amount of time it takes to build an iPad or an iPhone, compared to a Mac.

  8. I just ordered 32GB wifi. For me this is entry level – just an extra 16GB of “insurance” as I convert more reference documents to digital.

    My iPhone provides adequate 3G / GPS functionality that a 3G iPad would duplicate, plus we may see multi-carrier LTE when iPad 3 comes out sometime in the next year.

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