Intermedia: Business professionals overwhelmingly choose Apple iPhone, iPad over Android phones, tablets

Business professionals generally prefer the iPhone, according to Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider. Intermedia, which manages 320,000 premium hosted Exchange email accounts, reviewed the number of ActiveSync-based smartphones its customers activated. Sixty-one percent choose the iPhone, while only 17 percent prefer the Android. Intermedia also finds that the iPad is a business favorite with 99.8 percent of tablet customers picking the Apple brand over the Samsung Galaxy or Motorola Xoom.

Intermedia’s business email and collaboration services support the full range of smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, Android devices, and BlackBerry. Other smartphone stats from Intermedia include:

• Total breakdown of ActiveSync-based smartphone’s activated on Intermedia’s service:
– 61 percent on iPhone
– 22 percent on “Other” (primarily Windows, followed by Symbian and Palm)
– 17 percent on Android

• ActiveSync devices activated in April: iPhone remains number one and increased its share to 64 percent. Android share is also climbing with 33 percent.

• Tablets activated in April: Close to 100 percent of new tablets were iPads, with just a tiny fraction activating the Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Xoom.

• iPad popularity is growing dramatically: Intermedia typically sees approximately 300 new iPads activated in a month. They saw a jump to over 900 in March and over 1,200 in April.

“Professionals want to sync and manage their business email, contacts, and calendars across their computers, smartphones, and tablets,” says Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia, in the press release. “They also want to use the brands of their choice. Supporting these options can strain an IT department accustomed to managing only one type of device — or an entrepreneur with no IT staff to help with set up. Email services like Intermedia’s deliver these productivity capabilities with the click of a mouse and back them up with 24×7 support from certified professionals.”

In addition to hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010, as well as other Microsoft products such as Office Communications Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010, Intermedia offers an integrated suite of cloud communications and collaboration services. These services include Encrypted Email, Online Backup, Hosted PBX, and Conference Bridges. All Intermedia services are set up and managed from Intermedia’s HostPilot® Control Panel.

Source: Intermedia

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  1. Amazingly my boss (CEO of a ~100 employee person) has just got an iPhone. Many sales people have them despite getting stock crackberries. Some even have iPads.
    We’re still a PC-using company – that won’t change but it is interesting how pervasive the iPhone is.

    1. Done deal. Once the boss gets a chance to be digital without the virus riddled spyware infested world of Microsoft Windows, there is no going back.

      Consider, during the next world wide virus hack attack of the Windows PC’s in your office, the only one getting e-mail will be the boss on his iPhone. The next day, the Macs will be arriving in you office and everyone will get back to work without the fear of the Windows unknown attacks!

      1. I guess one down side of going Mac is that you don’t get all the down-time that you’d get in a Windows-based operation. Bummer! As a kid I enjoyed days when it was so foggy the busses couldn’t run their routes and we’d have a day off of school.

        1. “it was so foggy the busses couldn’t run their routes and we’d have a day off of school.”

          In Canada it was called a Snow Day. There was too much snow to get the busses through safely so we got a day off to risk our lives tobogganing, skiing or playing on the lake ice.

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