Apple’s other growing platform, the Mac

“The iPad has taken over the tablet business and the iPhone is among the top three biggest-selling smartphones worldwide, despite Google’s Android competition, but Apple has another platform that’s growing faster than any other and is at last seizing an unexpected place in enterprise markets, the Mac,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

Evans reports, “The Mac has become a viable choice for enterprise users, agrees premium reseller, Square Group chief, Darren King. ‘We see lots of interest from enterprise customers looking to use Apple under employee choice schemes, as part of change management (to enhance the employee IT experience). They use iPads as external sales people aids, iPhones for mobile mail/custom apps. This is one of our focus areas at Square and one in which we see lots of growth potential.'”

Evans reports, “When it comes to the Mac, Apple has enjoyed 20 consecutive quarters of higher than marketshare growth. Mac unit sales grew by 28 percent year-on-year in Q1 2011. The PC market contracted by 3 percent.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. I see a renaissance coming. Traveling yesterday, I saw Mac (and other Apple gear) everywhere.

    And one luckless Dell sufferer. He seemed depressed as he opened his bathroom scale laptop. Almost ashamed to be seen in public.

      1. @24Jan BSL! hilarious. I have a BSL thinkpad T400 Hackintosh, and I also hate carrying it around and being seen with it!! (i leave the Air at home, its too precious to be taken outside!)

    1. … more like a tsunami! Wow I’m hearing a LOT of the same thing. My customers are calling me saying, I just got a Mac and need another license for my digital editions of your resources.

      Really. It happens almost weekly. And in my niche business, that’s saying something.

      The fact that Macs just don’t need virus software to keep up with and slow down the processor is why people are making the switch. They like their iPhone, love their iPad, and decided to get a Mac when their Windoze box got pitifully slow or crashed on them or they got tired of looking at it and wanted something shiny and new (and made of aluminum!)

  2. Windows isn’t going anywhere. The population is filled with cheapskates who only buy the cheapest products they can find and until Apple builds dirt-cheap computers, there will always be plenty of room for Windows PCs. Apple will never build cheap junk so the Windows platform will go on forever in huge numbers.

  3. Something occurred to me the other day, Apple is unlikely to ever license the MacOS until/unless they are unable to make enough computers themselves. I suppose that could happen if a major tipping point is reached and people start abandoning Windows in huge numbers. Then they might have to license it just to avoid monopoly abuse issues (even though I would not say they abuse their position in other near-monopoly situations).

    1. “…..they might have to license it just to avoid monopoly abuse issues”

      Did this revelation occur between bong hits? If MS evaporated tomorrow (that has a nice ring to it), how does one extrapolate that into monopoly abuse for Apple?

    2. how is selling more of your own product because it is becoming more popular in any way monopolistic, let alone potentially an abuse of a monopoly?

      MS is in a monopoly position, which they have then abused, precisely because the license their OS to other companies. NOT because 90 percent of computers that consumers buy run Windows, but because you CANNOT buy 90% of available computer models WITHOUT Windows, whether you like it or not. You can hardly get a Dell or an HP with Linux, BECAUSE MS has abused their hold over the OEMs.

      So, if 90 percent Windows desktop marketshare starts to become 50-50 with Apple, or even if Apple pulls ahead, how is putting OSX on other vendors’ machines going to ALLEVIATE a potential monopoly situation… It wouldn’t, it would help CREATE a potential monopoly situation.

  4. When stopping @ Starbucks only 2 years ago, it was common for me to be the only or 1 of 2 people with Macs. Interestingly, PC users would often ask me rather than PC users to help them solve problems on the PC laptops, which I always thought was very odd.

    Now it has flipped here in So. Cal.

    It is VERY noticeable.

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