RUMOR: Apple’s next-generation iPod nano to feature 1.3-megapixel rear camera

“In early April, Taiwanese site posted a photo of what was claimed to be the rear case for the next-generation iPod nano, appearing to reveal that the device will add a rear-facing camera to its recently-reduced form factor,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“While the previous shot showed that rear case from the front, thus showing the interior of the device, has now received a new photo appearing to show the same or similar part from the backside,” Slivka reports. “The photo again clearly shows the camera hole, although there is obviously no camera module included with the case.”

Slivka reports, “Interestingly, the new photo shows no clip attached to the rear of the case, with the Apple logo appearing directly on the case itself. We had pointed out in our earlier report that it was unclear how the camera would function in relation to the clip on the existing model that covers essentially the entire back of the iPod and would thus obscure the camera lens.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ve got the current gen iPod nano…I love the clip and would not use a camera if it had one. The current gen is the perfect device for my purposes.

  2. Sadly, Apple has taken the nano beyond anything I would have any use for. I still have an old one that I use for podcasts in the car. The new one is too difficult to use while trying to watch the road. And if this is the future of the nano, it becomes almost no better than a clip-less shuffle.

    I wouldn’t buy one as a gift, even. And if I needed one for myself, it would be one of the previous generations (any of them are more useful that this).

    Since the advent of the iPod touch, the nano only needed more space to stay relevant. Shame to watch it fade like this.

    But maybe other people have more use for this concept than I.

    1. No, I’m sorry I have to disagree with you there. I absolutely love the 6th generation Nano’s form factor and touchscreen controls. I’d much rather have that than an old fashioned clickwheel. Clickwheels are outdated and I hate them with a passion. That’s the only reason why I bought the new Nano – the clickwheel has disappeared and good riddance too.

  3. I”ve made Hundreds of videos with my 8 GB 5th Generation iPod nano for my Youtube Channel.

    I would love to have the new iPod nano with a 1.3 MP camera to up the video quality. Tho I still love the clickwheel which is so easy to use & you dont even need to look at the thing to control it. I’ve used the new touchscreen nano at the Apple Store & its so cramped & quite tough for me to get used to.

    1. See my comment above. Clickwheels are a drag on fetching information quickly on screen – too many steps to scroll through to get a simple song list or change settings. It’s unintuitive and a bane to Apple’s famed ease of use mantra. Touchscreens are a godsend and point the way forward to the future. Long may Apple persist with the new design.

  4. 1.3MP may not sound like a lot now, but it is about 4 times the VGA photos (640×480) that digital cameras provided in around 1996. How much can you ask from a tiny camera embedded in a small electronic device?

    I don’t think that Apple will remove the clip from the nano in order to add a camera. In addition to clipping the nano onto clothing, it could also be handy for clipping on objects to take stable photos. The nano clip does not need to be the full height of the nano – just trim it to about half its current height and there will be plenty of clearance for the camera FOV.

  5. I use and love my iPod nano.

    I bought a wristwatch holder for $15 and it gets a lot of looks for sure at the gym, not that I care… ahem.

    If it had a camera I would not use it mounted on a wrist band which is a very popular way to use it, so I doubt this “rumor” is true.

    ONE THING: Steve talked about having to have fingers sharpened down to pencil points in order to use a smaller tablet?? Well guess what, the nano fits that description. Tiny fingers would be a plus if you don’t want to repeatedly hit the wrong button.

  6. They certainly won’t be out until September, that’s for sure. Still, if that is the case you’d expect the designs to be almost finished by now, so perhaps there is a grain of truth in these… Only time will tell, we’re playing it safe and sitting on the fence!

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