Apple patents iOS Virtual Keyboard, never-released iPad design, Cover Flow, and more

“The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 16 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The notables within this group include patents for iLife’s iDVD application, a method for creating Web Clip Widgets for iOS devices, Cover Flow and iOS’s virtual keyboard,” Purcher reports. “Yet the one granted patent that really stood out this morning was that of an iPad design that never came to market.”

Purcher reports, “Apple has been granted a design patent for what appears to be the original iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model that just happened to have a landscape USB slot.”

MacDailyNews Take: Or a landscape Dock Connector; which would make sense if you’d rather dock your iPad in landscape mode.

Full article, with Apple patent application illustrations, here.


  1. The guy makes a great point about wireless charging. Apple skipped the extra usb port knowing they’d be going to wireless charging. If HP will have it in June with their TouchPad, then Apple can’t be far behind.

  2. “The notables within this group include patents for . . . Cover Flow…”

    Fascinating! Cover Flow is one of the GUI technologies in the Mirror World LLC lawsuit against Apple, recently overturned in Apple’s favor. Mirror World must be hyper-ticked-off today!!! Clearly Mirror World’s patent wasn’t considered prior art. 😥

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