Will Microsoft buy BlackBerry-maker RIM?

“At this week’s BlackBerry World trade show, everyone expected the top headliner to be the company’s just-released PlayBook tablet and its new software offerings,” Peter Pachal writes for PC Magazine. “As it turned out, the gadget ended up taking second spot to a surprise guest: Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer.”

“Ballmer came out [on stage] during RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis’ keynote to announce a partnership that would bring Microsoft’s Bing search engine to BlackBerries,” Pachal writes. “Does RIM know what it’s in for, though? There’s considerable doubt over whether the company’s strategy and platforms can be successful over the next couple of years. If they’re not, Microsoft could end up owning RIM.”

“‘Will Microsoft buy RIM? That is a possibility and a fast track for Microsoft to gain a foothold in the mobile hardware business,’ says Harry Wang, director of mobile research at Parks Associates,” Pachal reports. “‘RIM’s market capitalization is only $25 billion and Microsoft has $48 billion in cash. If RIM’s value drops to $15 billion, it will become an attractive target for Microsoft. Maybe Steve Ballmer was planting that seed during his keynote appearance at Blackberry World,’ [Wang added.]”

Pachal writes, “Can you imagine Windows Phone 7 in two years, powered by the twin engines of Nokia’s global reach and RIM’s enterprise base? It would be a powerhouse platform, the stuff of dreams for Ballmer—and nightmares for Apple and Google.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ha, ha – good one, Pachal!

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Fabrice Taylor writes for The Globe and Mail, “One of these days, if it hasn’t happened already, Steve Ballmer, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie will gather for a quiet lunch or a pleasant stroll and discuss what seems inevitable: Microsoft buying Research In Motion.”

“Both companies share an irksome problem called Apple. Both companies recently disappointed investors, in part because of this problem. Both companies are struggling because they can’t innovate with the vitality of Steve Jobs and Co. And both companies are desperate for a solution,” Taylor writes. “You could even argue that it’s a matter of life or death.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Two wrongs don’t make an iPhone or an iPad killer.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz,” “Carl H.” and “Harry B.” for the heads up.]


  1. If Micros**t buys RIM, BlackBerry will disappear in a couple of years.

    Mmmm… I think Micros**t wants to get rid of the competitors one company at a time, as usual.

    1. “If RIM’s value drops to $15 billion, it will become an attractive target for Microsoft.”

      No better way to achieve that price point than to announce a partnership with M$.

    1. That’s right. Just like Bing. Just like MSN and Windows Live. Just like Microsoft stores.

      No good reason for any of them. They all hemorrhage cash. So, yes, MS will probably buy RIM.

      Let’s hope so. More money wasted.

  2. Wouldn’t that tick off Nokia just a bit? Not that it would cause MS to stop & think. I mean, MS already has several companies walking around with a blade between their shoulders.

  3. To be honest, this marriage not only is logical, but also highly recommended. RIM is/was truly innovative, have plenty of patents. Their smartphones stood apart from the pack, until dethroned by Apple. When I replaced my BlackBerry with the original iPhone, I could immediately recognise certain RIM influence. Someone at Apple was impressed with what RIM was doing (aluminium brush finish, icons over black background, solid feel etc.) and took it to the next and more advanced level. But the bits of inspiration still lingers, kudos is where the kudos’ due. What the RIM truly lacked was a single CEO with a calmer brain and that vision thingy. Instead they were found lazy like Adobe.

    MS is probably poised to take over RIM, I wish it was Apple though, but maybe RIM doesn’t have much to bring to that table for Apple at that price.

    1. It is a logical marriage. Like two dinosaurs, unfortunately their conjugal union will still be a dinosaur, not one of those fleet footed mammals that are taking over the world.

  4. This is a forgone conclusion.

    Buffoon Ballmer is pre-programmed to make all the wrong moves.

    Google and Apple will be pissing themselves laughing.

    Ballmer’s only strategy is to piss money about like it’s water and hope something happens. Not really a strategy at all…

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