Mac OS X dialog box suggests Apple developing wireless backlit keyboard

“One of the features I most appreciate on both my desktop PC and Macbook Pro keyboards is their backlit illumination, and it now looks as if Apple maybe developing their very own wireless illuminated keyboard,” Julian Horsey writes for Geeky Gadgets.

“Details have been uncovered within the System Preferences of the new range of iMacs launched by Apple this week, that point to the possibility of a new illuminated keyboard from Apple in the pipeline,” Horsey writes. “If Apple isn’t developing a wireless keyboard equipped with backlighting, this preference checkbox would obviously has no use whatsoever.”

More in the full article, including a screenshot of the dialog box, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. I’d buy it. Late at night working on my iMac, I need to make sure I have a light shining on the keyboard. My eyes are terrible in dim light and I am not a touch typist.

  2. I just love her misuse of the word “maybe”. It should’ve been “may be”.

    And she can brag all she wants to about the backlit keyboard on her PC, but Apple was the first one to implement this feature. She should have mentioned that instead of acting like the feature is equally creditable to both Macs and PCs.

  3. Having upgraded from my PowerBook G$, which had a backlit keyboard, to a new iMac, which does not; that is one thing I do miss.

    However, since Apple is bound and determined to cut all cables, I too wonder what it would do to battery life.

    And one more question: Will it work with iSpazz???

    1. Should have been “PowerBook G4”.

      BTW, that PowerBook is still in use. I bought it new 6 years ago, and the backlit keyboard had been in Apple’s laptop keyboards for several years then!

    1. I second that! I’ve never understood why Apple has refused to make a wireless full keyboard, which many of us need. (Entering data by hen-pecking numbers on the top row is just too slow.) I can’t imagine it’s a technological challenge. (It could hold MORE batteries, after all.) I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

  4. I quadruple that request. Have a wireless keyboard for the Mac mini but the lack of the numerical keypad makes no sense. Can’t use a wired keyboard because the mini is 15 ft away.

  5. LED backlighting on the keyboard might not take too much juice, particularly since Apple would likely implement an ambient light sensor to turn it off when it is not needed plus a delay switch to automatically turn it off after an adjustable idle period.

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