Bingleberry: Ballmer announces surprise Microsoft-RIM deal; Bing to be default search in BlackBerries

“Microsoft will invest in the BlackBerry platform from Research in Motion, becoming the default search provider in BlackBerry browsers and maps, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said during a surprise keynote appearance at BlackBerry World today,” Matt Hamblen reports for Computerworld.

Hamblen reports, “A video during the keynote showed BlackBerry voice search also using Bing, according to live bloggers. Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg tweeted the news on Bing’s becoming the default search engine on the BlackBerry. Later, Gartenberg tweeted: ‘Wonder how much MSFT paid for that Bing deal?’ Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia, reported in February, cost Microsoft more than $1 billion by comparison, according to reports.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reason not to buy a BlackBerry. So, how much could it cost to be the default search and map provider on a dying platform? Hopefully RIM’s delusional two-headed CEO soaked Monkey Boy to the utmost. NHL teams cost money, you know. Next, Balmy will approach Sony Ericsson to join his kept coalition of Apple roadkill.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “floydpinks” for the heads up.]


    1. I’m sorry Jesus, did you mean that pairing with Microsoft will put the nail in the coffin of RIM, or did you mean that the other way around?

      Never mind – I guess either way works!

  1. This is the first step in a RIM takeover by Microshaft. They arent just satisfied destroying Nokia. Perhaps, there is a backroom deal we don’t know about with the two Steve’s. Have Microsoft systematically destroy an apple competition.

    1. The ‘Money” RIM CEO has tried to buy 2 different NHL teams without the NHL’s permission and move them to Canada. The NHL has shut him down each time.

      I guess the RIM CEO doesn’t understand the road to an NHL franchise goes through Garry Bettman’s Swiss Bank Account.

  2. RIM must be bleeding badly if they are willing sign away the default search engine spot for what amounts to be a band-aid. For Microsoft’s part, they are probably overpaying to put their search engine on a dying platform.

    How is this not lose-lose?

  3. Googles actions certainly opens the door to these kinds of actions. It’s hard to understand Google doing the operating system thing. It will cause a schism that will eventually pit Google and Adroid against everyone else. Funny, it didn’t have to go this way. Google could have simply crushed Microsoft Search aspirations by being a good partner with everyone.

  4. I notice, watching ‘Castle’ last night, that µ$oft paid ’em some big bucks to product-place a Win7Phone- previously it was quite obvious that Richard Castle (and probably Nathan Fillion) was using an iPhone. It’s a hit show. I’d like to know how much they paid….

    1. Dell spends fortunes on this. The first CSI shows had labs full of Macs (which is what the real ones actually use!). Now all you see are Dells, nearly as dead as the victims. If movie/tv art directors could use whatever they wanted, you’d see nothing but Macs.

  5. So does that mean the Playbook finally has an application?

    You can’t read email and you have no applications but by god you can bing all day long baby!

    I think I’d rather be tied to a chair, covered in syrup and fed to a colony of ants.

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