RUMOR: Apple to release Sandy Bridge Thunderbolt-equipped iMacs on May 3

Apple “will deliver a much-needed refresh to its iMac line of all-in-one desktops, adopting Intel’s newest family of Core processors and the latest in personal computing I/O technology, AppleInsider has learned,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“More specifically, people familiar with the matter say Apple plans to introduce the new models on Tuesday, May 3, swapping out the systems’ first-gen Core i processors and miniDisplay ports for second-generation Core i chips and the company’s new high-speed Thunderbolt port,” Jade reports. “However, rumors that 2011 would see changes to the iMacs’ display panel size and the inclusion of 6000-series AMD Radeon HD chips, could not be confirmed with any degree of certainty.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re ready and waiting to place our orders!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. The intel iMac has been great for me. My only real problem was with the Apple mouse – the darn trackball gummed up and is not designed to be cleaned. One of Apple’s rare design flaws, IMO. My only other “problem” is that I have filled up my HDD. Thinking about cracking it open to jack in a 1TB to 2TB drive. Anyone have any advice/recommendations?

      1. I think kingmel means the Mighty Mouse. The small trackball is indeed highly prone to gumming up, but one of the suggested cleaning methods has always worked for me. Invert the mouse and vigourously roll the trackball around on a clean sheet of paper for about 3 minutes. Then carefully wipe around the trackball with a clean cloth. I’ve no idea exactly how this method could clean the tiny rollers inside, but it has kept my Mighty Mouse going for years.

        The Magic Mouse is my preferred choice for daily use, but I find it too sensitive when, for example, using Google Maps; a single inadvertent touch can wildly zoom the map. In that case, I revert to the Mighty Mouse.

        1. My Intel iMac 24″ came with a wireless Mighty Mouse (upgrade). The one that I had at work lasted for close to two years without gumming up. However, with four kids at home, that Mighty Mouse lasted only a few months before starting to exhibit scrolling problems. Ya gotta be able to easily clean your ball, Apple.

          I bought a third party corded mouse – Logitech – and am quite satisfied with it. They came out with the Magic Mouse later.

      2. 1998 doesn’t really seem like all that long ago to me. But contrast a 1998 bondi blue G3 iMac (CRT) to the Apple hardware that is available today!

        I did not attach an old Apple mouse – you could clean those. It was a cordless Mighty Mouse and the trackball gummed up. Apple is great, but that design was a mistake. Perhaps I will try a Magic Mouse next…

  2. They should stop making that stupid wireless keyboard the default choice with the iMac. It doesn’t have a numeric keyboard and the ONLY 3rd party Bluetooth numeric keyboard made is all but useless because the “clear” key is not recognized by the Mac’s calculator. The only way to get a decent keyboard with numeric keys is to do a build to order. You can’t buy a refurb iMac because it comes with the stupid wireless keyboard. It’s so irritating when Apple dumbs down their default keyboard options like this.

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