Apple SVP Schiller and Consumer Reports both insist: White iPhone 4 not thicker than black version

Multiple recent reports have suggested that a slightly thicker case was among the differences between the new white model and the older black iPhone 4 model.

Zach Epstein reports for BGR, ” On Sunday, Apple’s Phil Schiller was quoted by Apple enthusiast blog 9to5 Mac as saying ‘[The white iPhone 4] is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read,’ in a private response to an inquiry on Twitter. Then on Monday, Consumer Reports took a set of calipers to both the white and black iPhone 4 models and found them to be the exact same thickness: 0.37 inches.”

“We’ve even verified that one of our own white iPhone 4 models is thicker than its black counterpart,” Epstein reports. “It looks like we can chalk up the differences [in measurements] to Apple’s increasingly poor quality control rather than an amended design.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You know you’re probably wrong when you find yourself agreeing with Consumer Reports.

[Attribution: GottaBeMobile. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Henry C.” for the heads up.]


    1. Well, I don’t know whether the white phone is thicker or not, but at least we now know the answer to the great question— Which will come first: the white iPhone or the updated MDN app?

      Funny that MDN makes a bug deal about the white iPhone delay, but sure doesn’t say much about the time its own app’s retooling is taking.

    1. Actually, the quality of iPhones is as high as possible.

      The steel frame is done on high-precision Japanese equipment, and the protective glass also comes from Japan (Apple’s task was to set technical specification for the needed optical qualities for the white glass).

  1. I’m not yet convinced that Mr. Schiller had actually DM that twit to someone. It certainly didn’t warrant an official response as quickly as this. Unless of course, Apple knows that they’re talking about. But I have a feeling, remaining mum on that, most consumers would have moved on from this soon after reading about it.

    1. I just would like to add this (while ignoring my typos on the initial post):

      “Bottom line: Consumer Reports still recommends that you get a case with your iPhone 4 to mitigate an reception issue our labs confirmed for both the AT&T and Verizon versions of the iPhone 4. But at least you don’t have to worry about it not fitting.”
      And no, I won’t post a link to this Jackassery.

  2. Who is using Microsoft branded calipers? (which are sold at any fine establishment carrying Microsoft’s Zune line of media players)

  3. “…Epstein reports. “It looks like we can chalk up the differences [in measurements] to Apple’s increasingly poor quality control…”

    How did this alleged “slight increase in thickness” become a quality control issue? Any what is the basis for stating that Apple’s QC is on some sort of long term decline? I have not observed any increase in the background level of griping.

    1. Not just poor quality control, but “increasingly” poor quality control. When did Apple’s quality control become “increasingly” poor? It has not even shown signs of becoming “poor” yet.

  4. All phones vary in thickness. This is an issue for the entire industry and we hope to be able to do our part in addressing it.


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