Samsung phone sales drop 14%, profit drops 30%

“Samsung saw a rare downturn in its mobile business after posting results for the winter,” Electronista reports.

“The Korean company’s phone sales sank 14 percent year over year to 70 million devices,” Electronista reports. “Most of its comfort was from its greater dependence on smartphones, which went from just four percent of Samsung’s phone mix to 18 percent and helped it make about $1.34 billion in operating profit from the one group.”

Electronista reports, “Outlook for the spring was mixed and showed an uncharacteristic level of doubt.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Knockoff biz not so good lately?


  1. “Its memory division grew its revenue just five percent, to $5.48 billion, as slow traditional PC sales cut its ability to sell RAM. The drop would have been worse if not for an offset from mobile RAM and flash used in smartphones and tablets. Samsung uses its own memory for its phones, but Apple is still its largest customer and uses flash across nearly its entire range.”

    so…. Apple kept Samsung afloat? 🙂

    1. “They are basically financing a company that is copying its IP.”

      Well yeah, but don’t worry. Apple is suing and SamSung will settle or lose and Apple will get all their money back either by getting cash, licensing, or dying.

      Sounds like a good plan to me….. WINNING!

  2. This is the problem all these “competitors” are having — the accusation “Apple gear is fine, but you pay SOO MUCH EXTRA for it” is INCREDIBLY NOT TRUE for the iPhone.

    And in a market where so much of the cost is tied up in the 2-year contract, I can’t see how they are going to beat Apple on perceived price.

    Once the iPhone is on every carrier, they are really going to be in trouble.

    They may even have to … make quality, original, innovative stuff?!

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