Knight-Ridder video predicted iPad-like tablet in 1994 (with video)

In the following video, Knight-Ridder predicted an iPad-like tablet in 1994 (of course, with iPad, the stylus is not included, but available if you’d like).

Also, check out the “news” list shown at the 6:59 mark:

[Attribution: TUAW, 9 to 5 Mac, paleofuture. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


      1. Actually, released Newton was the smallest of three designs that were planned and designed since 1987.

        So yes, while Newton is the first actual PDA in contemporary meaning, it is also the first tablet.

  1. Looks like they all have PowerBook Duo with Duo Dock on their desks. Wow, 1994 was when the very first PowerPC Macs were released; most Macs in use were still “68k.” Pretty good speculation from 17 years ago.

    1. I would call this more than speculation. They do have a working prototype. They were a bit optimistic about customer loyalty to newspaper vendors. This story didn’t only predate iPads, it predates Google and their ad model. You can see that they were anticipating both in this story. This is fascinating.

  2. That was amazing how not far off they were. The concept of something close to printing but not a PC, post PC. Of course the iPad is much more, however the video almost sounds like iBooks. It is sad that the concept fell apart. MS’s inability to see a tablet as nothing more than a add on to a laptop stifled us for over a decade. Apple had all the vision and knowledge to get it done. I liked seeing all the old Mac’s in the background.

    Sad that the “news” is almost the same, those were headlines from that time.

  3. a few points of interest to me:

    – i wonder if steve new about this
    – despite this being mid 90’s and supposedly he says they were working with newspapers, newspapers did not see it coming when the ipad appeared

  4. Am I the only that saw the headline and thought ‘holy smokes, Knight Rider. I loved that show’. Of course I was much, much younger when it first aired. 🙂

    1. I have a Dell monitor that rotates, attached to my iMac as a second monitor. You have to manually set the rotation settings in system preferences – no sensors in the monitor to tell the OS which way it’s oriented. But at least you can say – I have given up trying that trick with XP!

  5. Saw another vision of the future in 1966 on a show I think called “Star Trek” a communications device eerily similar to today’s cell phones. And the Pad that was used for Kirk’s daily report, although he did use a pen to sign it.

  6. Makes me wonder if Jobs of someone in Apple had seen this before work started on the iPad. Apple isn’t the only ones trying to bring us a great digital future, but they seem to be the leading edge.

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