South Park season premiere features Steve Jobs (with video)

The season premiere of South Park features Apple CEO Steve Jobs (or, more accurately, a digital facsimile intended to mimic animated construction paper cutouts) introducing something called the HumancentiPad:

MacDailyNews Take: That could’ve been much better (and much worse) than just having Jobs intro a disjointed reference to The Human Centipede.

MacDailyNews Note: If you can’t see the video on your device, blame South Park Studios, not us. We can only use the embed code they offer.

[Attribution: The Huffington Post via Deadline. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. I don’t think so. Wouldn’t surprise me if Trey Parker and Matt Stone are iPad users themselves. I think this will be more gentle ribbing rather than the brutal satire we see sometimes from SP.

  1. Complaining to South Park Studios about the video codec won’t do any good. MTV Networks, which includes comedy central, requires all their websites use a horrible proprietary flash video player (which doesn’t work on any mobile device, even android with flash). If you are going to complain to anyone, complain to MTVN Digital.

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