RUMOR: Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ to employ Sharp’s next-gen p-Si LCDs in spring 2012

“Apple has reportedly selected Sharp to create next-generation low-temperature poly-silicon LCD displays, which will allow a thinner and lighter design for the anticipated sixth-generation iPhone in 2012,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Sharp will begin manufacturing of the displays in the spring of next year according to Japanese newspaper Nikkan,” Hughes reports. “The company is said to have already begun preparing equipment at its Kameyama Plant No. 1, which is primarily used for building LCD TVs.”

Hughes reports, “The liquid crystal display on the anticipated “iPhone 6” is said to feature “low-temperature poly-silicon” technology, a next-generation display format that allows for thinner and lighter screens that consume less power than traditional LCD screens.”

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    1. Bored, so they are possibly taking rumours from the past.

      Because since iPad-2 Apple already uses IPS-displays with less layers in it (2 layers comparing to 3 from iPad-1 display), with elements already done on a substrate glass.

  1. In other news, Apple also is thought to be testing conductive electrical recharging for the iPhone 15, which will recharge its battery using conductive touch with a person’s skin and draws electricity directly from the skin. Apple is contracting with either Sharp, Samsung, or Toshiba for this development, but certainly it’s an Asian company.

    1. Don’t forget the new QualComm aX3000 brain-implantable chip for the iPhone 20 that makes your brain 20G LTE compatable for true retina display as your brain interprets radio waves as images. Twitch your left nostril to access iTunes. twitch your right nostril for exposé.

  2. The 4G iPod touch is already so thin I can hardly use it without a case of some kind. The volume buttons ARE unusable without a case. Why don’t they leave things “thick” and put in massive batteries?

    1. We already know about the iPhone 8. The only question is, “Will Apple negotiate and then file for the trademark for the ‘Global’ design and naming rights.”

  3. In related news, an engineer working on the prototypes of the iPhone 8 has endured a severe string of paper cuts.

    “All I was doing was holding the unit, when it slipped in my hand,” said the erstwhile tech from his Stanford U hospital bed. “This really smarts.”

    An Apple official declined to comment except to say that the recently released line of iBand-Aids were “designed exactly for this purpose.”

  4. Unfortunately it looks like iPhone 5 will be a small incremental update to iPhone 4. Super yawn- just an A5, 64 gigs, and maybe a smidgeon more screen space. I wonder if they will at least have fixed the antenna issue…

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