U.S. President Obama confirmed Apple iPad owner (with photo)

U.S. President Barack Obama is a confirmed Apple iPad owner.

On March 28, 2011, at a town hall in Washington, Spanish-language network Univision anchor Jorge Ramos asked Obama, “Do you have an iPad?”

Obama replied, “I do have an iPad.”

Now we have photographic evidence via The White House’s flicker photostream and an official White House photo taken by Pete Souza on April 6, 2011:

Obama and his Apple iPad, April 6, 2011
President Barack Obama salutes as he walks to Marine One following a town hall meeting in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, April 6, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Obama and his Apple iPad, April 6, 2011
President Barack Obama salutes as he walks to Marine One following a town hall meeting in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, April 6, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

[Attribution: TUAW. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. You call that a salute? That’s not a salute, pansy-boy. BO hates the military. Treats it with contempt and disdain. He likes his freedom, but has no idea why he has it.

        1. So, just to make sure…in order to be a proponent of freedom, you have to be a fanboy for the military? I understand the past, but I don’t think you necessarily have to be a decorated war veteran yourself.

        2. I agree with Eric The Red, who agrees with the Colonel.

          For Pete’s sake, the man had two competent Marines showing the proper way to salute. He only had to mimic them, like he does portraying a competent, qualified leader!

          Libs need basic training when they enter politics so they won’t be such idiotic assholes on all things military!




            1. Pretty sure you don’t need any demonstration with regards to being an idiot asshole on all things! That, I believe, you have adeptly accomplished all on your lonesome!!!

          1. All I see is a snapshot of an image of a real Commander in Chief in the process of either raising his arm in salute or finishing the second process of the salute rotation, in any case, his arm is not squashed at his side.

            Nice try Kingmel, and you must of been a happy camper when you saw that photo you could link to after Goggling: “George”, “W”, “Bush” “Dubya”, “W”, “military”, “army”, “salute”, “images”, “photos”… Am I right? Am I right!

            Makes me wonder about all those whiners, whining about us whiners complaining about the image MDN placed on their article. Whereas YOU actually went in search for a image to link to! So if we, who are complaining about O’s salute are judge by others here to “get a life”, I would hate to think where that leaves YOU in their grand scheme.

            Or as Charlie Sheen would say, “Duh, Loser!”

    1. Is that how you talk about your Commander in Chief, Colonel? Your momma should clean your mouth out with soap.

      On what do you base your statement that Obama hates the military? Your stupidity and ignorance of any facts? FoxGarbage channel?

      1. It is the angle of his arm. At no point during a salute, while walking or standing, should your arm be that close to your body. The upper arm should be at a 45 degree angle and his arm is almost vertical. However, a poor salute from the Commander in Chief hardly signifies a hatred of the military. Just means that he has never served before.

    2. I’m an 8 year veteran of the US Army, honorably disharged, held a Top Secret US & NATO clearance, served with everyone from the mosquito wing grunts in the 101st Airborne to the EUCOM/NATO commander during the cold war. Worked as a photographer (Signal Corps not Public Affairs) around everyone including Presidents Reagan & Bush at events. I know about protocol, customs & courtesies and speak from knowledge-not opinion.
      There is not ONE THING wrong with President Obama’s conduct or bearing around the troops. And no-I didn’t vote for him.

    3. Technically speaking, the president, who is a civilian, isn’t required to make a salute to any military. This was an affectation of GWB and BO is just carrying it on.

      I recall seeing BO in some ceremony a year or two ago (somebody’s death?) where he and a couple of military officers made a perfectly synchronized slow salute, the likes of which I had never before seen. I’m sure GWB would have been as perfect as BO had he been in that position.

      Just say’

      1. Actually..
        Reagan was the one that first did it. Look it up.

        I personally am not worried about the form of the salute, it’s more the look on his face and the fact he didn’t even look at the marine.
        And I understand this is a still shot, could have been at any time of the salute. The facial expressions do say a lot.
        Granted… He could just be holding in gas.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far either. Come to think of it… I can’t think of a single politician having a iPad that would make me want to go out and get one (as if I don’t already have one, I do.)

      2. McCain can’t type due to injuries from his POW time.
        This was explained when liberals laughed at him not owning a computer of any kind, and not having email, as being technologically ignorant.

        I highly doubt he would even consider an iPad.

        The man needs to learn how to use that iPad cover though… He needs to watch that video on how it’s used.

    1. No, his arm would have still been out to his side and the hand salute would have been coming down the front of his body. I actuality, he would have pushed his hand out several inches to give the one giving the salute time to drop theirs. So no, he just doesn’t know how to salute.

    2. Considering his hand during his “salute” is still at the top, yet his arm is folded in by his torso unlike the Marine with the arm extended outward… Your surmising is highly doubtful, but nice try! However, I’ll stick with “a dolt on military nuances”!

    1. Come back when America gets a competent leader and Commander in Chief who can really, REALLY, unite all Americans. Things probably won’t be as political then!

      1. If the posts you have made on MDN in any way accurately describe your worldview, there is literally no one on earth who could “REALLY, unite all Americans.” The only way the Tea Party faux-conservatives won’t be political is if the Democratic Party is ended and dissent (with them) is outlawed.

        1. It’s not my world view. It’s my Obama view! Just as those had their Bush view.

          Bush was made fun of, all his terms long regarding when he said he was a “uniter not a divider” after the Democrats tried to steal the Florida election by vote shopping. See, the Left’s world view is that they should be in power at all times, because they, like elitists everywhere, know more than you and need to run your life!

          With regards to my posts, Hilary Clinton defends me…

          And the only way the Union thug astroturphers called out by the libtard politicians, like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, to faux a ground swell of grass root activism, versus the 1-800-rent-a-mob like the Coffee party, Acorn, Al Sharpton, bussing in union protestors from other states won’t be political, is if the Republican Party is ended and dissent (with them) is outlawed.

          You know, two can play that game!

  2. right, curiosity has got the better of me. Can someone tell me at what point in life you become so utterly boring that you become concerned about the quality of politicians salutes?

    1. About the same time someone gets to that point in life where you become so utterly boring that you become concerned about being concerned about the quality of politicians salutes!

  3. Whatever you are reading into that picture, please remember all the times you got caught by a camera that might misrepresent your gestures and expressions. The camera catches nothing but a tiny slice of a constantly moving world. All you perceived was a reflection of your own hateful ignorance, and perhaps something worse, about a man who was chosen by a majority of American voters.

    1. So my opinion that differs from yours is “hateful ignorance”?
      You know, it’s possible to be so open minded that your brain falls out.

      I have no trust of a man who has not released his high school. College, law school, standardized test, or other records for such an important post as a leader of our nation.

      What an epic disgrace this man is to the Office.

        1. Did I say birth certificate? No I did not… But you read that anyway.

          Playing the racist card I see.

          How predictable…

          “it doesn’t matter what this sign says, you’ll say it’s racist anyway.”

  4. As a non-American, I haven’t seen as many American military personnel salute as others here may have, but I have to say, among those that I’ve seen, even among professional, career military personnel, I did see a wide variety of military salute gestures, some of which were no better than what we see in this picture. Having served in an army (not in America), I know that, although the salute is always fairly precisely defined by the service rules book, the execution is more often than not rather sloppy (depending on the circumstances).

    The more important point to this discussion, however, is that fact that iPad got fast-tracked into the White House. Considering how much time and effort government agencies tend to spend in determining suitability of anything (any product) for presidential use, it is remarkable that he is allowed to use iPad 2 (out for barely a month).

        1. Yes I do. He could start a bonfire in the front yard of the white house with it. It’s his money to do as he pleases. Just like your paycheck is yours.

          His actual job of being president is where the accountability to the tax payers applies. Compensation is his.

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