RUMOR: Apple to deploy new case design for next-gen MacBook Pro

“MacRumors has heard reliable confirmation that the next revision of Apple’s MacBook Pro line will utilize a new case design for the first time in several years,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“The last time the MacBook Pro was redesigned was in late 2008 with the introduction of the unibody MacBook Pro,” Kim reports. “The unibody MacBook Pro design which remains in use today offers an iMac-inspired design with a black-bezel and aluminum unibody casing.”

Kim reports, “Unfortunately, we have no specifics on what the next MacBook Pro might look like, though many have previously speculated that Apple will take cues from the MacBook Air line.”

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  1. I honestly don’t see any problem with the current MBP design. But then, I’ve thought that before, only to be pleasantly surprised by the next redesign. Even so, Apple have already raised the bar pretty dang high. I guess we’ll find out eventually!

    1. Yep, rumors of carbon fibre and Apple even hiring CF specialists have been swirling around for years.

      The uni-body MBPs are really beautifully designed and built, so Apple would really have to do something pretty spectacular as a follow up! My only worry about a carbon fibre shell would be heat dissipation. The uni-body is one giant heat sink.

  2. “…though many have previously speculated that Apple will take cues from the MacBook Air line.”

    If you know anything about AppleSpeak, then you know Apple has already said as much. Watch the MacBook Air videos and see.

    “We set a really high bar for what people should expect a Mac to be.”

    “You get incredible displays…fast CPUs…great flash storage…great graphic performance. All in something that’s really small and light and really affordable.”

    “All of this amazing value…it’s really the future of the notebook.”

    Way to stick your neck out while “speculating”.

  3. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make a “long in the tooth” comment. Took less time than I thought. I’m glad they’ve slowed down the major form factor revisions.

    Changing the design just for the sake of changing it is not good design, especially when your existing solution is so well done and timeless to begin with.

    1. Agreed – if a design works well, then take great care not to make it worse just for the sake of change. Apple’s MBP is very refined and functional – a sturdy and inspired design. I assume that Apple will attempt to make it even thinner and lighter using MBA tricks. It wouldn’t bother me to lose the SuperDrive. I have only used it twice in the past year – both times at my desk and never on the road.

  4. What they really need is to make a MacBook Pro that has a detachable screen that doubles as an iPad. Similar to the eee pad you have advertised on the top of the page.

    1. That’s the ticket. OS X in the base and iOS in the removable lid.

      Wait a minute, isn’t Asus doing this with Windows in the base and Android in the lid? Didn’t HP say WebOS and Windows in all of their future portables?

      OMFG if Apple doesn’t do the bastard laptop/tablet with 2 OSes they are doomed!

      1. I guess you’re being sarcastic but neither of those operating systems can touch OSX or iOS. The idea Asus and HP have isn’t flawed, but their software is.

      2. At least iOS and Mac OS X are related. The idea is not that crazy. It seems possible that most of the “computer” will eventually be integrated with the display, much like the iPad, and the lower section of the laptop would house additional battery capacity, I/O ports, and, of course, the keyboard. That way you could remove the display (magnetically attached?) and go light like an iPad.

  5. Having owned an early (2006) MacBook Pro that has been damaged and repaired twice because the soft aluminum case did not stand up to moderate transport handling (kept in a nice Wenger briefcase and toppled 3 feet from a baggage cart), I thought the unibody case was a good idea (and Apple Store folks told me it was introduced because of many complaints about the earlier inadequate construction), I hope the new version (which I would like to purchase if it is durable enough), I hope that the design is rigid and damage-resistant.

  6. If they could just smooth out the palm rest edge, it would be about perfect. The Speck shell I have on mine helps quite a bit, but before I had that, it was quite irritating.

    1. I never noticed any sharp edges myself.
      I also have the speck case, has to be the best case ever. I never would have thought i would ever have a case on a laptop either.

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