Apple releases iOS 4.2.7 Software Update for CDMA iPhone

Apple today released iOS 4.2.7 Software Update which contains improvements and other bug fixes including the latest security updates.

Products compatible with this software update:
• iPhone 4 (CDMA model)

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

This update is available via iTunes.

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    1. Calm down. The same thing happened with the iPad. Us Verizon users will be on our own dev path for a bit before the merge it all together, probably in iOS 5. iPad users had to wait like 6 months to get 4.2. There is precedent here.

  1. Verizon users should not really be all that surprised to find themselves second class citizens. After all, there are infinitely more GSM devices worldwide than the few million CDMA ones on Verizon. Apple needs to take care of priorities, and when time permits, tie up the loose ends.

    Those on Verizon should take comfort in the (perceived or real?) superior reliability of their network coverage…

  2. The network benefits are real. I don’t care what people say, my phone works far better on Verizon than many of my friends who have ATT in the same areas. I have had 0 problems with my phone or my provider. Most people I know on AT&T can’t say that.

  3. They are real. I never knew dropped calls before I switched to AT&T. Switched back to Verizon and no more dropped calls. Plus I save $40/month. No brainer. So I’ll wait for 4.3 Small price to pay.

  4. First, Verizon’s service blows away AT&T, a topic not even up for debate. Second, one annoying thing w/ the iPhone 4 is that I did a restore from my iPod Touch 4th Gen, w/ the thinking that it would decrease the time required to get my iPhone configuration similar to how I wanted it. Big mistake, though shame on Apple for not warning that if I did this, it would disable my Facetime app. I have two choices now, a) do a factory restore on my phone and lose my progress on games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, etc. (Game Center will still have the scores captured, but the individual levels will be gone) as well as my camera roll and a bunch of other things, or b) hope that 4.3 comes along and fixes what I consider to be a bug w/ iOS 4.2. Why in the hell would they let us do a restore from a very similar device and then have it wipe away lines of code for a significant app like Facetime. Stupid.

  5. The whole thing is stupid they shouldn’t release anything unless it’s for both networks and won’t all the contacts and texts be erased too? If you did the restore thing suggested above?

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