Apple unveils revolutionary Final Cut Pro X at NAB 2011: $299 In June

“It’s NAB (the National Association of Broadcasters conference) in Las Vegas, that means lots of new camera and video stuff,” Devin Coldewey repots for CrunchGear. “It’s more pro gear than consumer stuff, which is probably why Apple took over the Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet there to unveil the newest version of their professional video editing software. They’re calling it as revolutionary as the original Final Cut released back in ’99.”

Final Cut Pro X has been rebuilt from the ground up. Features include:

• Now 64-bit, with OpenCL support
• All editing native – no transcoding (for supported formats incl. H264, I assume)
• New U with “magnetic timeline” and new clip sync method
• Resolution independent playback system
• Handles up to 4K
• Uses Grand Central Dispatch to utilize all your cores
• Fully color-managed (ColorSync)
• Media ready for editing immediately – but stabilization, audio and shutter correction, shot detection and preliminary color balancing automatically applied during ingest
• Timecode-based keywording within clips
• Collections and “smart” collections of media based on metadata and analysis, presented in iMovie filmstrip style
• Auto-syncing clips via audio waveform analysis
• Automated color-matching between clips

Full article, with shot of the new UI, here.

Notes from the event via Photography Bay here.

MacRumors also has more info here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “James W.,” “GRANDxADMIRAL,” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


      1. Yeah, thus my “blind follower” comment. By your account, nothing exists but Apple products and crap. Nice to see that intelligence is a rare commodity around here.

          1. Really??? You name yourself “king” and I’M egotistical? Wow, can I live in your world of hypocrisy too?

            My 7 figure income will buy plenty of those “revolutionary” products. My legend will out last even the guy below who is only man enough to go by “JM”. Poor sap, I’ll throw him a few bones. Apparently he doesn’t live in TX

            1. Well, you emphatically proved beyond all shadow of doubt my suspicions that you are pathetic beyond words by bringing your “7 figure income” into the discussion.

              The good news though is that you are at least not the biggest loser.. The person you conned into paying your salary is. This is of course assuming you aren’t lying, which you likely are. Pathological lying can be a symptom of some conditions that you can easily contract when living in a basement.

            2. When someone’s last name is King and first name Mel (or Melvin), I don’t think one should read anything into the ‘KingMel’ handle.

              Stopping and thinking before writing is always good…

        1. So you come here to talk trash on Apple users to what end? Does it make you feel somehow smart to belittle and insult people? Are you so completely pathetic that this is the way you choose to entertain yourself?

          Look, son… It isn’t blind fanaticism at work here. It is more than obvious to anyone with even the tiniest sliver of intellect that Apple is leading the pack in almost every area. As evidence of this, I submit the deluge of copied Apple designs from virtually every single tech company on the planet.

          The only blindness I see here is your own blind, irrational hatred of what is clearly a superior company. Let me guess, you probably rail against anything deemed cool or popular just so you can perpetuate the illusion that you are not a conformist. Grow up.

          Oh and for what it’s worth, every company in existence uses hyperbolic language when announcing new products. It’s called marketing 101. Fortunately, Apple does more than talk the talk.

          Thanks for playing….

          1. Mr. Stranger,

            First of all, you gave me pause to think about my past transgressions. I thank you for that.

            Secondly, I admit that I love everything apple has produced in the past twenty years (save the hockey puck mouse).

            Your insight into my bad behavior shall force me to reexamine my intentions and check my hubris at the door.

            I will no longer rail against mindless praise on Apple products and shall forever bless the low lifes that believe that Apple is the only company that matters.


            1. Only one low life here, and he lives in your mirror. Your patronizing condescention isn’t winning you any points either. If you’ve ever typed a single word of truth, may it be the “farewell” you chose to end with.

    1. What poor …TX (and others like him) always fail to notice, is that Apple users are the most scrutinizing critics of Apple products. Apple haters just reproduce the same old rubbish while bragging about their intelligence, not forgetting to emphasize the “fact” that they do not use anything from Apple not because they cannot afford it but because they don’t need it. On second thought he is not that clever, he should rather spend his time promoting Apple’s rival products instead of provoking flame in MDN.

    1. Finally, someone else has noted the most important aspect of the announcement. It’ the GC that cements this product as revolutionary indeed. I certainly hope it lives up to the promises.

    1. Not too bad in the fall, winter, and early spring, Tommy boy. Interestingly enough, if you take “crazy” and “know-nothing” out of your comment, many Texans would likely take it as a fine compliment.

      I am solidly on the side of primate ancestors and real science, so I don’t fit your profile. But there are plenty who do and they don’t all live here in Texass.

    2. No state income taxes (cuz you Yanks buy lots of oil) works well with my 7 figure income. Thank you very much. Will allow me to afford a FCX upgrade very easily. Gots ta git me sum a dat revolutionary sh*t.

  1. hey-how ’bout dat……GEEK UPGRADE!!! Guess I’ll have to wait for the video from the Supermeet to get excited. Maybe if I called Jobs and had him read this article to me I’d be more excited.

    Heck I’d buy the alphabets if steve Jobs delivered the keynote.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen…The iGlyphs”. Then Apple would charge license fees and royalties on every word written and spoken.

      1. I don’t doubt it. I just never get a boner from reading specs. the screenshot looked like a complete overhaul.

        what can I say, I’m more into the craft of editing moreso than the specs of the gear.

        i’ve seen pieces from young students who can put together better stories and content with iMovie than a pro gear-head could with all the latest gear.

        but everyone knows it’s the size of the processor and not the emotion of the piece.

        1. I hear you… But if you watch the video from the event, it should become clear that the focus of this iteration is on allowing editors to focus on making great edits without having to waste time on all of the technical minutae.

          Honestly, this upgrade is right up your alley.

  2. OK, I haven’t even skimmed through all of the hype, so, if this stuff is covered somewhere, flame the living crap out of me!

    What’s happening to Motion and Soundtrack and all those Boris filters I bought? Considering what I (and everyone else) has been paying to keep FCP up-to-date over the last 10 years, the $299 price seems almost insane. Have they got something to put Avid and Adobe out of business or is this just iMovie for folks with 7 figure incomes and let the pros go elsewhere?

    1. According to Apple tonight their share of the NLE market is skyrocketing as both Avid and Adobe’s are in decline. I was there tonight and the new Final Cut Pro X will indeed be a fantastic upgrade. Apple’s representatives were at times overwhelmed by the enthusiastic and happy crowd. Everybody would like it now instead of June but oh well. It’ll be available at at the Mac App Store. The other Suite applications will probably end up as separate apps at the Mac App Store too.

    1. Really? I thought it was also the USER who is the professional using tools to make pro productions? U2 used Garage Band for a soundtrack. And you’ve actually had time to USE FCP X for a valid opinion? Right… leave your judgment elsewhere.

  3. “Professional” doesn’t have to mean “exclusive”. It should mean the best tools for the job, regardless of price. This may ignite the video equivalent of the podcast explosion.

  4. For me, the most intriguing new features re:

    No transcoding, presumably for H.264 too (so many people feel they just MUST edit AVCHD directly, rather than transcode, thinking the generational loss is unacceptable);

    Resolution independence
    4k handling
    Grand Central dispatch for utilizing all cores
    Automatic clip sync by analysing audio
    Automatic colour sync between clips

    This will allow for continuation of that sustained growth of market share for FCP against Avid and Adobe. A lot of people have waited for it and it seems like Apple delivered. In the end, the proof is in the pudding, though. We have yet to see how buggy it will be in the real world (hopefully, nowhere near as buggy as Adobe’s CS products…).

    1. It doesn’t seem likely. When watching the video of the event, the speaker said “We’ve had a lot of confusion in the past with upgrades, studio bundles, and Express. We’re doing away with all of that in an attempt to simplify things for our users. ” Then he announced the $299 price.

      Doesn’t make much sense to continue with Express when Pro is so affordable. iMovie really should satisfy the needs of any hobbyist at this point. If you need more, just go Pro.

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