Analyst: Apple to launch video-focused cloud service, new device; NC data center live or soon will be

“Apple ‘is about to launch a new video-focused cloud-based service,’ Jefferies analyst Peter Misek asserts in a research note this morning,” Eric Savitz reports for Forbes. “He thinks that Apple will offer a subscription-based service, and also could benefit from a ‘halo effect that increases units and ASPs for existing products.'”

“Misek thinks Apple is going to offer a ‘new far reaching cloud-based service that is more than just a music or content locker and focused on video,'” Savitz reports. “He adds that Apple’s push into the living room ‘is likely to include a new device,’ although he adds that he isn’t sure what it will be. ‘We would guess a TV or a new set-top box,’ he adds.”

Savitz reports, “The Jefferies analyst adds that he thinks the company’s new data center in North Carolina ‘has gone live or will do so shortly.’ and he adds that there are ‘unconfirmed indications’ that Apple could build another large data center next to the first one. He points out that Apple purchased adjacent land ‘at a high price,’ and that aerial footage shows that Apple has cleared adjacent land. He adds that at the announcement ceremony for the facility ‘a mock-up showed two side-by-side data centers.’ Misek adds that he believes ‘plans for data center builds in other parts of the U.S. and Europe are accelerating meaningfully.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tayster” for the heads up.]


  1. well, the Apple site is down for me so something seems to be in the works. I have been hoping for a new Mac Mini refresh, so I hope that is what it is (as well as some new cloud service).

    1. The Apple site is down for you, so this is an indication that:
      A. A new Mac mini may be introduced; and,

      B. Apple is to launch their cloud service today.

      Congratulations, you have the makings of a fine Wall Street analyst.

      1. Yeah, I know, I know, but it IS a Tuesday.

        And, has the MacMini on no-buy on their buyer’s guide because it has been 301 days since refresh, while the average has been 248 days between Mac Mini updates. There has been speculation for a month since an article about it.

      1. Really? I use MobileMe iDisk all the time and find it much more intuitive and better integrated than dropbox, even with the occasional sync glitches. Also, calendar and contact syncing are pretty flawless and worth it. Web mail app is the weakest link; can’t search message body? WTF? other than that, though, MM is great stuff and can’t understand why more people don’t use it.

        1. iDisk would be nice if it worked, but syncing is unreliable and speed is so glacial as to make it unusable for anything but overnight backups. Dropbox, OTOH, is very quick and reliable. As for integration, developers like Agile (1Password) and Acclivity (AccountEdge) are using Dropbox to sync mobile and desktop versions of their apps. iDisk seems to be not very dev-friendly.

          1. Dropbox is eating Apples lunch….(suddenly, I’m hungry)….but I digress…or is it digest–sos yeah–Dropbox and google cal and docs aaaaaaand I pretty much don nit no stinkin’ MobileMe.

    1. Agreed. All these devices handle video streaming.
      Have to say that the article was simply a collection of rumors that have been floating around for the last 3 months. No real new information.

  2. I’m just glad they have a major facility outside of California. Once the “big one” hits the west coast, and Silicon Valley is filled by a tsunami, One Infinite Loop will become one infinite lake.

    1. I’ve always thought that a hydroelectric dam across the mouth of SF Bay underneath the Golden Gate Bridge would be awesome. Think of the recreational opportunities presented by the resulting 600 by 200 mile fresh water lake! It would also provide power for several states and solve California’s water and population problems at the same time.

  3. In other news, Misek stated that he thinks that GM maybe, possibly could introduce a car with four wheels next year, but only have two doors. He added that the car will be designed to allow people to use their mobile phones inside the car, according to his channel checks.

    Finally, Misek added that his Asian sources informed him very assuredly that Jackie Chan will make another movie, but this one will involve kung fu.

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