Research in Motion’s half-CEO admits to being clueless

“Research in Motion co-CEO Mike Laziridis can’t understand. He just doesn’t get it,” Mike Schuster writes for Minyanville. “‘Why is it that people don’t appreciate our profits?’ he asked in an interview with The New York Times.

“Laziridis’ fellow CEO Jim Balsillie echoed his sentiments — specifically underscoring how difficult it’s been for RIM to adjust its mobile platform. ‘No other technology company other than Apple has successfully transitioned their platform. It’s almost never done, and it’s way harder than you realize. This transition is where tech companies go to die,'” Schuster writes. “But in RIM’s case, it’s absolutely necessary.”

Schuster writes, “The BlackBerry Storm bombed, as did the BlackBerry Torch. Lazidiris is pinning his and the company’s hopes on the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet — launching this month with a new BlackBerry tablet OS, powered by QNX and able to play select Android apps. Of course, going toe-to-toe with the iPad got the best of the Motorola Xoom, and that had a significantly larger marketing push than the PlayBook.”

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MacDailyNews Take: RIM CEOs. There is no better half.

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  1. Um, maybe I’m missing something, but wasn’t RIM’s platform a mobile platform to begin with? What are they transitioning to?

    RIM isn’t having trouble “transitioning” to a mobile platform, it’s having trouble developing a successor OS that actually works and isn’t just email-focused. Proving that once again, it’s the OS and user experience that leads the way, not the hardware.

    RIM should just be extremely thankful that it had all those corporate accounts locked into its ecosystem before the iPhone came out, otherwise they would have dried up and blown away long ago. At least RIM has a chance to develop a new OS.

      1. That doesn’t ring true, because Apple didn’t make any such transition. I’d say he’s referring to the transition from the archaic BlackBerry OS to the new QNX kernel that is driving the PlayBook, with phones transitioning slowly over time to QNX. There are substantial parallels to Apple’s transition from MacOS 9 to Mac OS X.

  2. I think over the next year it’s going to get really bad for RIM. People will ween themselves off BBs in favour of iPhones and flagship Android devices. These platforms are just too far ahead of RIM…

    And the PlayBook vs. the iPad 2? Ya, no contest.

    RIM is done.

  3. Well as another Canadian I can safely say that Blackberry had it’s day. I am so happy with my iPhone that I can not imagine myself owning a Blackberry. After having owned a Blackberry and having had nothing but problems for months on end, ie dropped calls, missed emails, complex email setup, you name it. I have heard other Canadians say that Blackberries are great…they probably work for someone who owns a Blackberry infrastructure and offers them support when things go wrong. So these people are clueless when it comes to managing your own business affairs where simplicity, ease of use and reliability are key to running a business and not losing calls, having to wonder if you have received emails and so on. I can safely say that I will use an iPhone for a very long time.

  4. I used to wonder where Hollywood got their movie ideas.
    After seeing Laziridis and Balsillie in action, I know where they got the inspiration for “Dumb and Dumber.”

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